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Should road bicycles carry telescopic berifers? We analyze their pros and cons

Should road bicycles carry telescopic berifers? We analyze their pros and cons

The Telescopic Riper It is one of the most significant advances in the cycling industry in components. It began to be used in the most radical modalities of the Mountain Bike And it has been extending to all types of bicycles, including serious and urban. But few hoped that telescopic shell reached the road cycling. And less, in first level races. It was what happened in the MILÁN SAN REMO 2022. The winner of the test, the Slovenian Matej Mohoric, marked a milestone to be the first professional to win with a telescopic shell. An unprecedented decision he considered very important to set his victory in the final kilometers of the first monument of the cycling season. [IRP posts = "7028" name = "The five monuments of cycling"] Mohoric's shell surprised fans and experts, generating debate about their usefulness in the road bikes, in addition to numerous questions we will try to answer. Is a telescopic shell useful in road cycling? Or simple marketing? First of all, it must be specified that Slovenian is not the first professional who uses this mechanism in the race. The pioneer was Vincenzo Nibali, an equally exceptional downer. The Italian has frequently used telescopic typical. Especially during his first time in Astana (2013-2016).

Telescopic shell, what is it and how does it work?

The first thing is to clarify the concept of telescopic typical, for whom you are not familiar with them. The Telescopic Riper It is a variant of the classic metal fixed shell. He landed to solve a recurring problem of MTB trail or enduro practitioners. When facing a technical and steep decline, many Bikers They were forced to lower the fixed scmip of the armchair to facilitate the movements. A shorter armr stability. In this way, it is easier to control the bike in pronounced negative slopes.
It is activated by a remote control or control installed in the handlebar.
The introduction of the telescopic shell came to solve the cumbersome process of a manual adjustment of this component. A work that until then could only be done. And how did he get it? Well, introducing inside A spring or hydraulic cartridge, similar to a suspension fork. Thanks to this internal cartridge it is possible to lower part of the beal bar down, helping the cyclist's own weight. Telescopic Riper The mechanism is activated by a remote control or control installed in the bicycle handlebar. This can be cams or levers, cable or wireless, or integrated into the fist. By pressing the lever of the control, the shell down until you stop clicking. And to leave the shell in its original position, it is enough to act again the lever, but without supporting the body in the armchair.

Advantages of telescopic typical for road cycling

It is, therefore, a mechanism simple to use, which entails a series of advantages associated with bicycle management, its stability and cyclist's comfort. But also inconveniences, related above all to the greater mechanical complexity. In a previous article we already analyzed Main advantages and disadvantages of this system by mountain bicycles. [IRP Posts = "3421" Name = "Is it worth investing money in buying a telescopic washing?"] In the case of a road bike New nuances are added to the well -known benefits of this type of beal. Among them, the following:

Aerodynamics improvement

Although it is not a very relevant aspect for the mountain bike, on the road it becomes great importance, especially in competition. The telescopic shell allows to lower the position of the cyclist's body and bring it closer to the painting. A change that allows a Lower wind impact and, therefore, an energy saving and watts. Mohoric himself highlighted this improvement after his victory in Milań San Remo. The Slovenian, one of the best downspouts in the platoon, was one of the precure precursors called Superuck either ball bug. The one in which the cyclist bends down, low from the armchair and relies on the upper tube. [Captation id = "Attachment_7250" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "1920"]Mohoric wins Milan San Remo with telescopic shell Image: Gian Mattia d'Alberto/Alapresse/RCS[/caption] This position was prohibited by the ICU in 2021, which opened the door to new formulas to achieve an equally aerodynamic position. And here the telescopic shell comes into play, to imitate this position Aero. In this way, it does not seem one more occurrence of a professional, or a marketing action. exist convincing reasons for use.

Precision in the turns

In the descent of a port, the drawing of the curves is fundamental in two facets: performance and safety. Getting out of her is to disrupt all the progression. Telescopic shell allows the body and arms position to be lowered, bringing them closer to the bike and the handlebar. This allows more control to facilitate any maneuver.

Braking improvement

It is another of the benefits that Mohoric justified to install this type of typical on his bicycle. The lowest posture that allows telescopic provides More control from inertia when braking. Let's say it controls the force that launches the cyclist forward when it reduces the speed in curves, grounding changes, etc. Thus, it manages to modulate the speed better and faster to manage any technical section.


In theory, a telescopic shell allows a finer adjustment of the cyclist's position on the bicycle, regardless of the terrain. Contribute to fight fatigue that produces the competition; especially in stages. In fact, that was the argument wielded in his day by Vincenzo Nibali, the true pioneer in this field. Also, this device can be a great ally at a time when a fault forces a sudden Bicycle change Among partners. Let us remember, for example, the image of Esteban Chaves on the return of 2019. An almost surreal stamp when trying to adapt to the bicycle of his partner Damien Howson, who took 25 cm.

Disadvantages of telescopic typical for road cycling

As in the rest of the modalities, installing a more complex shell implies assuming a series of counterparts:

More weight

Possibly it is the biggest brake for the generalized implementation of telescopic typical in road cycling. While it is true that lighter and more compact models come to the market, Weight gain is notorious. On average, you can add up to 400 grams to the bicycle with respect to a conventional shell, including remote control.

You need extra maintenance

If a shell with hydraulic cartridge is chosen, it will be necessary to do internal maintenance of the mechanism; at least, once a year. This implies cleaning, replacement of joints and greased. On the other hand, mechanics can mismatch the cable drive with relative ease, causing the roam to rise slowly or fall very quickly. Telescopic Riper

Scarce compatibility with current bicycles

The box must be prepared to house the shell and wiring that connects it with the handlebar. And really, very few bicycles are prepared Even to install this component in a simple way. It is an aspect that can be solved over time if manufacturers see a true potential of these dyes for road cycling. In the Mohoric case, the bike that the Slovenian had been riding for these races was the React, the most model Aero of Merida. But in Milan San Remo 2022 he chose the model Sculpture, more versatile. The reason is that it is a bike adapted to a conventional round -sectional washing, and not in wedge, as the most aerodynamic bikes look.

Mohoric's shell: MTB, light and simple

The Telescopic Riper that Matej Mohoric chose to assault the Milan San Remo is a MTB -oriented model that was launched into the market in 2021. It is about the Fox Transfer SL. A shell that became very popular in the assemblies of the XC World Cup, due to its low weight and mechanics of spring. The Slovenian even chose a mid -range finish: the Performance, with 60 mm travel (standard is 75) and a weight is 353 grams. It is an increase of 200 grams with respect to the fixed carbon washing that it used so far. A figure that in competition ends a lot. Certainly, at the cycling level does not imply an excessive ballast and the benefits that change can justify the change.
Mohoric activated the shell several times, using a Grip Shift integrated in the fist.
To act the shell, Mohoric used a Grip Shift command Integrated in the left fist, thus avoiding adding clamps and extra screws. “Now I think everyone will start using scijes of this type. It will be as in Formula 1, where cars only had a pedal of accelerator and a brake and now have dozens of buttons, ”Mohoric said after winning the test.

And what does the ICU say?

The impact of this matter has led UCI to Confirm legality of telescopic typical in professional cycling. In fact, the approval of this mechanism for road competitions has already been approved in 2014. In this sense, it is enough that the assemblies conform to the normative. This dictates that the tip of the armchair must be at a minimum of 5 cm behind the imaginary vertical line that passes through the pedalier axis. In this sense, the greater or lesser height of the armchair is irrelevant.

Conclusions: Are it worth it for road cycling?

The road opened by Mohoric can have market consequences and it is possible that the first road bikes with series telescopic tile for standard. But it is still a step that brands have not confirmed and it is possible that the decision entails Analysis and studies deepest about your convenience. Therefore, if you have already contemplated following the steps of the Slovenian champion and you consider installing a telescopic on your bike, we recommend that you think about it well before releasing the money. You must also review the your bike compatibility With the system: Check the diameter of the shell, its route and the possibility of carrying a remote control in the handlebar.
Before launching to buy a telescopic shell, check the compatibility of your bicycle with the system.
Finally, it values ​​if the weight gain and greater mechanical complexity, in addition to the greatest investment, will be worse than the extra security and trust that will bring you in the descents. In the end, for the type of tours or for your skills in the descents, you barely use it. Or, on the contrary, it could be a fundamental element to finally take The fear of descent.
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