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Tuvalumers' sharing passion for cycling

Tuvalumers' sharing passion for cycling

"Cycling changed my lifestyle ❤️ ". Does this comment of Ismaap_fly? And how does this sound to you Geovanny.m?: "The best of a route, the friends with whom you share it." Or do you identify more with the sentence of Evixenobi?: “We train hard to eat from Post-Entrene A good hub, paella or Madrid cooked. ” Anyway. The cycling community does not cease to surprise us. Do not stop surprising us, rather. And we love it. A few days ago we proposed you a game In our social networks. We were encouraged to share cycling experiences that would have marked you somehow. Experiences, feelings, sensations ... all with the claim to unleash the passion for cycling, in any of its expressions. Well then. The contributions have been so interesting that we have told ourselves: why not share a few in an article? Well, said and done. Next, testimonies of crazy and crazy cycling, all of them collected in Our Instagram account.

Passion for cycling marches

It is clear that cycling marches and events leave their mark. Sports challenges with an epic point for whom we are not bicycle professionals. As Patri_monty, which remembers the MTB test the 10,000 of the 2019 blow, “raining from the beginning of the race to 3 degrees, for the so -called descent of Luis the glasses looked like Yellow humor: mud to the eyebrows. Going up The kitchens, A hell, but wishing to go up to war Finished. Memories to tell my grandchildren. " 😂😂😂 March_la_coliflor Like everything in this life, participation in marches also has its first time. And it is not always 100% satisfactory. This is confirmed Josemiguelmoyacamara: “I remember the first march of BTT in which I participated in Biar (Alicante): shortly before arriving they gave me cramps on both legs. I had to wait 20 minutes to go to finish. ” More experienced cyclists are not fighting either. So, Titron84 He remembers his participation in the Madrid-Segovia MTB 2022. “We saw punctures and falls; My compi and I was saving. But 5 km from Segovia, in a section without apparent difficulty, the front wheel of my compi was stuck in the loose sand and left the air. Nothing happened, a scare ... but in the end it touched us. ” Miserias on the sidelines, events have a something that hooks. It is confirmed by the testimony of Nachobiker66, which tells us about “that feeling, after a very hard cycling march, of wanting to burn the bicycle, but not having spent half an hour and decide to train more to do it better the following year 😂😂😂😂”. Does that feeling sound to you? U.S. too.

Passion for cycling

Beyond the organized cycling marches, the cycling community also transmits passion for cycling. That way of undertaking bike adventures for free. In this context, Danodino1976 He tells us about that day in which he went up to Teide National Park. "I did," he remembered, "with fifteen years, I was left over and there I discovered the meaning of the word Bird; Luckily foreigners who were on vacation took us back, because I don't know how it would have come. ” And of the Canary Islands, north of the Peninsula. There he had to give everything Ralodo22 The first time he went up to Lagos de Covadonga. “I never believed that I would be able to climb those bruise rules that had seen my idols go up so many times. An experience that put chicken skin. Well, and the legs too. ” 😂 The hairs as scarpias must also feel m_g_s_88 on his escape from the roads of the Tour de France. "Well, it will seem nonsense (or a flip 😅) -Seegura- but I remember going to see the tour, upload the ports where the cyclists then pass and that the spectators who are also waiting for you as if you were part of the squad. " 🙌😍 [Captation Id = "Attachment_7281" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]Road cyclists with showers Image: Pavel Danilyuk / Pexels[/caption] Sometimes, cycotourism has another type of, say, Interpretations. Mitoskatua69 Remember the event that happened in the tour stage to which he went with friends. It happened in the LAC of Payolle, in Pyrenees. Eye to data. "The previous day," we remember, "we had a way out and we had a good time: a shower, some beers, and some more ... there was not much atmosphere, so we decided to make a bald When a car will pass. The first was a Renault Clio. We did it ... and stopped. We said: how good someone is encouraged to the party! But 4 gendarmes came out of the car and everything got off. We only understood I pants, so we put it and return to the store. " 🏕

Passion for the tour and the big turns

Speaking of the Tour, the big laps also occupy their place in the heart of our fans and fans of cycling. Pure fuel to light the flame of cycling passion. TO RALODE2017, for example, that crazy end of the 1989 Tour is not leaving. "It was all a shock -I remember- When Lemond won the Tour to Fignon on the last day in the same Paris for a few seconds in the CRI. France amended. If I remember correctly, it was when Lemond took the triathlon couplings for the chronos first time. It is the history of cycling and I was recorded. ” Our cyclists share memories of all kinds: good, and not so good. As in the case of Tomasibapi. "From the tour," he says, "I have good and bad memories, seeing the end of the stages (good part), but removing a nap time (bad part)." Oh, those glimpses with nap of the Tour de France ...! In any case, the good times are the ones that imperate. Some are even unrepeatable. As lived by anesthesiologiademere in 1991. He still remembers it clearly: “It was the year of my first interrail and the first indurain tour… celebrating it in the Spanish embassy in Paris with a huge Spanish flag made with the fabric we bought in some warehouses, handmade by hand… ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ What times !!! [Captation Id = "Attachment_2708" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]Miguel Induráin Image: Eric Houdas, Creative Commons license.[/caption] Nawerdj He also remembers the Navarrese champion, of course. "The five Indurain Tours fell in love with this sport," he emphasizes. The old days can leave an indelible memory. Like the new ones? Could be. In fact, Joaquin.verdejo It will always be agreed on one of the great stages of the Tour 2022. “This year's Granon stage - it is going to be a difficult memory to forget. The bad thing is that we are going to put the bar very high ☝.” And for memory also some very particular cycling gestures, such as the one who shares Road_Toleon Sympathetic: “The best memory was in that return to Spain in which Mario Cipollini got off the bike because he had an appointment with one of the podium girls; It is a real idol, "he jokes.

Cycling passion and endearing memories

Beyond the competition, fans and fans share more than endearing memories, linked to the most intimate experiences: childhood, family, nostalgia ... Fanivillasante He tells us about when he was a child, of that time he fell in love with the bicycle of a showcase. "My parents made some other sacrifice to buy it," he says, "but they never regretted. I went to it to Toooodas. That feeling of freedom that gives you the bike is not forgotten and I still have it today. ” For its part, to Pep_Serra_planel He loves to remember experiences with his son about the bicycle. Especially, when they toured the Aosta Valley together. Knight by bicycle Family memories have also marked the passion for cycling of Gonzi.jorge. “My parents taught my brother and me to ride a bicycle without wheel in summer inside the campsite we are still going to. My brother learned one day and I piquated with him and learned a while later. In the end, I am the one who keeps riding a bicycle. ” A feel similar to that of Magdalenesolanaperez, which also goes back to its origins. “I remember my first bicycle walks with wheels through the town. The lighter slope made me feel that I was uploading a special category port. ” Also Sergi_Boada_ It recreates on a return to the past of almost four decades: the time in which its love story for the bicycle began. “He was seeing photos of my grandfather running side by side with Miquel Poblet, and later with the great Bahamontes. There the poison of cycling entered me and more than 35 years have passed. Gràcies Avi !! ”. His grandmother also remembers Jacsevilla00. And emotionally. “I remember those summer afternoons of the 90s with my grandmother attached to the TV watching the tour and the mythical duels between Indurain and Pantani. My grandmother did not like it, but she sat next to me gave her heads and I felt very close; There is no longer, but memories will last forever. "

Memories of cycling misery

Bicycle happiness is enjoyed with more intensity when moments of misery have been experienced. Sometimes, the cyclist memories that endure are not the most joyful. At least, a priori. TO anesthesiologiademere Memory transfers to 2019, when everything seemed to go to disgrace. "My memory," he says, "is to lack memories after a fall in BTT in which I fractured a cervical vertebra, a thoracic, ribs, omoplats ... a little of everything, as in apothecary." Without reaching that extreme, Daniyes24team It tells us about that bike exit 🚴🏾 No tools. “It was clicking and making me 10 km up to home on the bike and thinking: I don't go out again without tools. And you know what? 😂 Well, at the next exit I went out without tools 😂”. [CAPTION ID = "Attachment_6539" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]Cyclist resting Image: Munbaik - Unspash[/caption] Another classic of failed cyclists are the encounters with dogs with bad fleas. He lived Ohcanzepol, involved in more than one adventure of this type. Here tells us the worst of those lived. Do not miss it because it has no waste. “He returned home after about 90 km. August, a lot of heat, noon, Torrevieja ... suddenly a dog bricks from a farm. The dog was very big, he throws me and throws me. I fall rolling and burn with the asphalt. The puppy, not happy to have thrown me, keeps barking and trying to bite. I throw the drink boat and the tool holder, and the very ... take the tool holder and take it! Well, at least leave me alone. I lift myself sore. The bicycle, and the wheels are ... punctured! Anyway, I can't fix the punctures. I'm going to call home to come to pick me up and the mobile, the fall, shattered. Terror. So I return home, in socks so as not to load the coves, about 10 kilometers walking, with the bike next to it. Have I said that it was hot? I don't know if there is something more terrifying ...😂😂😂 And despite this, I keep riding a bike! " Awesome.
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