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Tricks to record and edit videos of your bicycle routes like a youtuber

Tricks to record and edit videos of your bicycle routes like a youtuber

Taking photos or videos of a cycling route and sharing them on social networks has become a custom for a large number of cyclists. The proliferation of fans, as well as the appearance of youtubers who share their own content is growing, even becoming a reference for other cyclists. If you also like to make videos of your bike exits and share them on social networks, but do not have the right equipment or do not know how to improve quality or assembly, with this series of tricks you can produce higher quality content than Cause impact among your followers. In this article we want to show you which are the best cameras, editing software and resources so that your video routes are ten. In addition, we have asked the Bikineros That they add their tips and tricks to record and edit cycling videos like a youtuber.

What camera is better to record cycling videos?

The first thing is to choose the camera. In the market there are numerous camera models and formats to record on motion. We differentiate them in two groups: action chambers (On Board) that we can activate while riding a bike to record in the first person and static cameras to make unemployed videos or record other route partners.


Gopro It is undoubtedly the reference brand in action chambers for years, recommended to record all kinds of adventures from the athlete's optics. It stands out for its great image quality, stability of it in the face of blows, vibrations, multitude of supports and customization options. The current range ranges from 310 euros (Hero8) and 430 euros (Max).


INSTA360 It is a state -of -the -art camera that is reaping sales successes in recent seasons, especially among bikers. Carries the concept of camera further On Board due to its tiny size and its possibility of placing any part of the body (next to a magnetized pendant) or connecting to the mobile. In addition, with it it is possible to charge on the phone itself, upload videos and even make direct in format streaming For YouTube or Facebook. Comparing it with the Gopro, the Insta360 nevertheless has a little less image quality and the battery runs out faster. The price is similar. You can read a complete review of this camera in Xataka. We also recommend these two videos of DanielRace and bikineros problating the Insta360 GO2: https://youtu.be/YHh82TnSi10 https://youtu.be/yDpP5fGUveU


Victure It is one of the best valued brands in quality/price, as an alternative to the most exclusive to Gopro or Insta360. It is able to record videos in 4K at 30 fps and take photos of 20 megapixels, with slow or burst recording options. In addition, it includes several supports and controls to use it, such as a remote control that works 10 meters away.

Static cameras

If you want to make a leap in quality and also make videos outside the bike, stand or record the other cyclists on the route, we recommend using a compact camcorder. Image and resolution quality is greater than in action chambers, although they are also more bulky and difficult to transport. However, there are reduced dimensions that you can put in a backpack next to the accessories (supports, tripods, batteries, etc.). Sony, Panasonic or Canon have some models with good quality/price ratio.

Drones to record routes, are they worth it?

Another recording option that we recommend is that of drone. The aerial plans provide spectacularity and shocking views to the route, either of the best mountain trails or a large port. There are currently on the market options with integrated camera of all kinds, from the most basic of 30 euros to options of great autonomy or HD image quality above 500 euros. As an inconvenience, they are less portable than action cameras and a learning period is necessary to know how to handle it. Also, in certain areas and protected spaces, such as airports or national parks, its use is prohibited. Nor can it fly above 120 meters high.

Tricks to record the best bicycle planes

[Captation Id = "Attachment_6890" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "960"]Gopro Action Chamber Photo: Luis Quintero / Pexels[/caption] When making a video with a camera, filming a landscape, recording the passage of cyclists or conducting an interview it is important to use this type of resources and plans to obtain a better impact:

Chest action

It is a type of plane that increases the sensation of speed and simulates your own vision of the path or the road. Remember that you must get a support attached to a harness, install the camera in the center of your chest and guide it slightly up. To compensate for your own downward inclination when riding a bike.

Casco camera

It is less spectacular and shocking than carrying the camera in the chest, but on the other hand it gives a broader vision of the environment, of the other cyclists, etc. You can grant more spectacularity to the plane by activating the 360º function if the device includes.

Camera near the wheel

The plane approaches the ground and earns a greater sense of movement. It is a very attractive plane for MTB, which captures greater details of the path, obstacles, the slope, speed, etc. It can be achieved with a downward handlebar support. Surely you've seen it a thousand times in the videos of Zugasti.

Senitual and counterpart planes

When recording with the static camcorder, using these planes will give more beauty and spectacularity to the video. For the zenith (from top to bottom), you can place yourself at a higher point - like a rock or a small hill - and thus record the passage of the rest of the cyclists. While the counterpred (oriented from the bottom up) is a great resource to record a descent, a jump, etc.

Edition Software: Free or professionals?

Laptop If the only video editing work in which you are interested is to compress and cut your video clips, there are free video editors and free download programs. If you are looking for a more elaborate result or need more complex editions, the best is to buy professional editing software. Here are some free and payment programs to edit your cycling videos.

YouTube Studio

YouTube includes a video editor with simple cutting functions, union through transitions, text and audio tracks. It also offers resources to customize fragments with special effects. It is an ideal tool for beginners or for fast and simple editions: upload the video, give it a quick edition and publish.


Openshot It is one of the most used and practical free videos editing software you can find. It is multiplatform (for Windows, Linux and Mac), you can cut and chop your clips, add effects and compress its size.


Clipchamp It is a freeemium online editor. You do not need to download it but it is necessary to register to use it. Some compression functions for optimal video formats for social networks need subscription. But to edit simple videos and upload them to your networks without obsessing with quality is more than valid. It is also very easy to use.

Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere It is a very useful payment software and possibly the most used both by video fans and professionals. With it you can quickly perform all essential functions of cutting and compression of video clips, in addition to adding many advanced effects. Another of the great advantages of this adobe program is its compatibility with most video and digital audio formats currently used.

Final cut

Final cut It is a somewhat more advanced editing program that premiere and with an even more complete interface. Final Cut Pro is the payment editing software created by Apple. With it it is possible to edit on video with resolution of up to 6K, join clips or shots without risk of separation or collisions thanks to its magnetic timeline or perform analysis to detect common problems, such as camera movement, balancing or excessive noise. You can also upload videos directly from the program to Facebook or YouTube.

Expert advice: the experience of bikineros

Bikineros So far the theory. From here, we have thought that it is best to close this article with a series of practical tips from the bikineros, who have a long list of videos recorded behind them. His YouTube channel is one of the most active of the Spanish cycling ecosystem. If you still do not follow them, we recommend doing it and enjoying their style showing videos of routes, tutorials, advice and how to enjoy cycling. We have talked to Edu Suárez, one of the two members of this cycling couple.

What camera do you use?

“Depending on the route and what we have thought for the video, we use the camera that best suits the needs. In Mountain Bike, the camera with which we normally recorded is the GoPro Hero 9. The stabilizer it has is essential for this type of videos. From the Hero 7 Black model it already comes with the brand's own Hypersmoth stabilizer, which gives the images very good. We also use the Insta360 One X2, a camera that records in 360º with which you can get very original planes. However, it is better not to abuse it, because it can get dizzy and depending on the plane you can lose the perspective of the route. ” “For road we alternate between the Gopro Hero 9 and the Insta360 GO2. The Insta is the most comfortable chamber: manageable, light and very simple, although it sins in areas of little light. To record in standing and noisy environment, we usually rely on the voice recorder of the phones. In our case, an iPhone ".

Do you recommend using drones to record cycling routes?

"We are very drones. The drone wears videos and drones like the DJI Mavic Mini, with a weight below 250 g, it is easy to carry and you can make very attractive recordings at the user level."

Is it necessary to spend a lot of money to record quality videos?

"The two most important things to consider are comfort and stabilizer. You have to wear a camera that is comfortable to use on top of the bicycle; it is no use for a replex with a bestial quality if it is later very spectacular to use while pedaling while pedaling The camera must always be manageable Range of 200 to 400 euros you can surely find a goopro from model 7, either new or second hand ”.

What moments on the route are the best to record?

"The priority is always to enjoy, for that one riding a bicycle. If you are enjoying to record it leaves alone. You cannot overwhelm you thinking that you have to record this plane or another. Because in the end, unconsciously, what you transmit in the video will be overwhelmed." .

What are your tricks and advice for fans?

"It is essential that the video be dynamic. We are excited and enjoyed a lot with a section of our 30 or 50 minutes route does not mean that you have to record it whole or put the full clip in the video." On the one hand, we have to get home with 4 hours of recording, because we will be choking when edited. And on the other they cannot be done and publish very long clips, because although on the route it seemed spectacular then in the video you will have to print more dynamism so that the viewer is more entertaining. ” “Most likely, let's not be Danny Macaskill, although we have imagined that we were just like him down a trialera at full speed. The action cameras will flatten everything and it will seem that that ravine that you went down by bike in the video will be a plain that a child can make with his wheel -rise bike. "
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