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The best Indoor cycling applications

The best Indoor cycling applications

Are you looking for the cycling app Indoor perfect? Well, don't look for more because you're not going to find her. That is, what you can find is the application that best suits your needs. The most important thing is to find the one that keeps you motivated, with which you spend time flying while squeezing your training. Anyway, it is easy to try and jump from platform platform. In general, you will get a free trial period before passing through the box. It is also essential to verify that it is compatible with the operating system of your devices. In general, all these applications work well in Windows and iOS, but some still leave much to be desired on Android, for example. Just a decade ago, cycling Indoor It was a discipline reserved for the most pros. The most advanced rollers were magnetic and without any connectivity. There are still many cyclists who use this model. A cable connected to a magnet, controlled with a lever, was what added greater or lesser friction resistance with the rear wheel. [IRP Posts = '8781 "name =" Advantages of roller training "] But technology has been imposed and what is carried today is interactive or interactive rollers. This means that they can connect to any electronic device (computer, tablet, mobile) through Bluetooth or ant+. Instead of a lever, it is an application executed on the device that controls the level of resistance, among other functionalities. And there we wanted to get there. What are cycling apps Indoor What allow you to live a real immersive experience while pedaling at home? Some recreate in the representation of virtual worlds and gamification. Others focus more on pure and hard performance. Do you want to know the applications that the entire cycling community speaks? Let's go there!

Zwift: fun, community and competition

[Captation Id = "Attachment_8820" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]Zwift Image: Zwift.[/caption] How not to talk about Zwift, the cycling apps pioneer Indoor. It was not the first application of this type, but it is the most popular. An example of how to apply gamification to training Indoor. With an interface inspired by games, it makes each session fun. Zwift has revolutionized the panorama, allowing cyclists to explore virtual worlds, participate in group walks, compete and follow training plans. There are many ways of playing with the application. The calls Powerups They symbolize small awards that you can make up accumulate kilometers and achieve objectives. Awards that translate into experience points, accessories for your avatar and advantages that allow you to go faster or achieve the dream configuration for your bicycle. If you want to forget the real world and immerse yourself in a virtual landscape, you should try ZWIFT. You will enter the environment based on real -world road replicas, such as London or Paris. It does not have a training approach as scientific as apps as Traineroad or Wahoo Systm. Even so, it offers a large catalog of sessions and plans for those who seek to improve their bicycle performance. Zwift stands out for his huge community. There are always thousands of people willing to roll with you and participate in the hundreds of races and tours that are organized in a group. What was said: the application of cycling Indoor reference.

Traineroad: scientific training

[Captation Id = "Attachment_8821" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]Traineroad Image: Traineroad[/caption] We could affirm that Traineroad is located at the opposite end of Zwift, in the sense that the game is not part of its philosophy. It is ideal for cyclists who want to make a qualitative leap, since it focuses on structured training Motivation lies, therefore, in the analysis of your physical progress. The purpose of the application is clear: to make you faster and more resistant. And to help you, Trainerroad puts tons of science, data and innovation at your fingertips, as well as a huge database with all kinds of training. To start with Traineroad, you must share with the app what their goals are and when you plan to achieve them. It is convenient, therefore, to start with some sports challenge in the spotlight. The application plans configurator will ask you some questions: How often would you like to train? What kind of event are you preparing? The final result, a base training plan to follow it as much as possible. But the platform goes further and helps artificial intelligence. If you fail a training, the algorithm will adjust future sessions so that everything is a bit easier. If you perceive that your training is easy for you, the intensity of the following sessions will increase. It is about making the most of training time. Traineroad allows you to integrate your outdoor sessions into your personalized training plan, adjusting them based on fatigue or your physical state. Very remarkable is also the function PowerMatch, Take data from your bike's potentiometer to control the roller resistance. This makes the sessions Indoor are comparable to those performed outside. Although traineroad focus is cycling, its huge database allows you to offer training plans for Runners and for triathletes.

Wahoo Systm: The whole platform in one

[Captation Id = "Attachment_8822" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]Wahoo Systm Image: Wahoo Systm.[/caption] Wahoo Systm is a training platform all in one which serves cyclists and triathletes. An important feature is that it uses its own protocol to calculate your physical capacity with greater precision. To know your strengths and weaknesses, it is the ideal alternative. You forget the classic power threshold (FTP) to use what they call 4DP profile. In short, it is the result of measuring four dimensions: neuromuscular power, maximum aerobic power, FTP itself and anaerobic capacity. It incorporates some elements to maintain attention during training. In the easiest sessions, you can find a motivating documentary, while in the difficult you could find an immersive video from within the professional squad, with real performance data, or audio signals from equipment cars. Amazing. Wahoo Systm and Traineroad have certain similarities, such as a plans generator and an exercise calendar. Traineroad stands out for the size of its training catalog and how it adapts to your progress. For their part, Wahoo's video clips make it more immersive. Another of its advantages is that it incorporates some disciplines so that the preparation of the cyclist is even more comprehensive. Yoga, swimming, strength or mental training are issues that are also addressed on the platform. Another advantage is that you can download the Training Library and use the No connection app. In fact, thanks to the many disciplines he contemplates, you don't even need a roller to enjoy it. You could, for example, strengthen your muscles following their structured videos. It has a practical calendar, where it is easy to check your training sessions.

ROUVY: Augmented reality top

[Captation Id = "Attachment_8824" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]Rouvy Image: Rouvy.[/caption] If you like Zwift's online multiplayer concept, but you miss real world images, then Rouvy can be your perfect choice. The application has a good route catalog around the world. You can enjoy the landscapes in popular tours in Italy, Spain, Switzerland and many more countries. Each of them controls the roller, in tune with the profile you see on the screen, with its ups and downs. It differs from other applications because it offers real recordings of scallets and famous routes. Rouvy uses augmented reality. Superpone avatars, both yours and that of other cyclists, in realistic environments. This allows you to share routes and join races and tours with cyclists around the world. Something similar to Zwift, but without that look and feel How much reminds of video games. It is also interesting the option of touring official racing routes such as the Tour of Spain, Ironman, Tour de Suisse and many others. In addition, it allows to compare your performance with triathletes and cyclists from the WorldTour. The subscription to this app allows you to access thousands of training with interactive video. It also offers tools to design custom training. Rouvy, incidentally, raises a more than reasonable subscription quota.

Bkool: diverse and funny

[Captation Id = "Attachment_8823" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]Bkool Image: Bkool.[/caption] For a while, Bkool was an absolute leader in the panorama of cycling rollers. In parallel, he was developing his own software. With the Boom of the smart rollers, the Spanish platform decided to definitely bet on the creation of the best Indoor cycling applications. The Bkool Cycling simulator offers four types of sessions: routes, workouts (training), velodromo and FTP test. Velodrome sessions are especially fun, since they allow you to compete against other cyclists in persecution or against the chrono. Structured sessions with video exercises are also interesting; The monitors keep you motivated and share information about the benefits of many exercises. Like the other applications that offer immersive experiences, resistance in the roller adapts to what the cyclist contemplates on the screen. The faster you pedal, the faster the animation is reproduced, emulating a route in real life. You can choose different views to monitor your roller session. In the first person, in the third person (represented with a 3D avatar) or in a general map view. With Avatar's view, Bkool Cycling adds the social layer, being able to participate in leagues and challenges throughout the year. It is also possible to contribute to the tours database to enjoy other users. With a camera and a GPX file, you can upload your own routes to the application. This will be the one that replicates the conditions of the route, applying different levels of resistance depending on your profile.
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