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The 10 best electricity mountain bicycles on the market

The 10 best electricity mountain bicycles on the market

Electric bicycles have grown exponentially in sales in the last five years. Currently, one in ten bicycles sold in Spain is electric. And a good part of the electric bicycles sold are mountain, with an increase in sales greater than that of conventional MTBs in recent years. The reasons for this boom E-MTB are several, but basically summarized in the characteristics of cycling practiced, more recreational and adventurous. In addition, in disciplines within the Mountain Bike, such as the trail or the enduro, the electrical assistance of the E-MTB is a revulsive for the biker. Especially when it comes to raising large slopes minimizing the effort and avoiding having to use lifts. With a electric mountain bike High mountain access limitations are reduced. An attraction that has not overlooked many users, adding to a type of Mountain Bike different, based on fun and not performance.

Our favorite mountain ebikes

Most of the first brands in the market have electric models to practice mountain cycling, each of them with its characteristics, advantages and limitations. Which to choose? If you are not yet familiar with the offer of mountain electric bicycles of the main brands, we have developed our own ranking from the lowest importance with the reference models. We have valued them depending on the design (especially the level of motor and battery integration), the autonomy and components that assemble, as well as the specific solutions that offer for the practice of E-MTB.

10. Giant Reign E+ Pro

Giant Reign E+Pro The Giant Reign E+ He has had a great reception in the market, especially among the most adventurous and technical riders. The last generation dates from last year and stands out for the greater optimization of the picture, integrate the engine and battery more and offer a greater range of assistance (up to 360%) to overcome any slope or obstacle. Giant continues to trust Aluxx aluminum for the painting, high strength and content weight. Also on the wheels of 27.5 "with a large ball (2.6) and in the 160 mm master rear suspension scheme with Trunnion anchor, which has given the double conventional suspension of the Taiwanese brand. The current range consists of 5 versions, with prices that start at € 4,699 and stop € 7,849. Chart: aluminum. Suspension route: 160 mm. Engine: Giant Syncdrive Pro (Yamaha) 80 Nm. Battery: 625 WH / 500 WH (depending on the version).

9. Merida Eone Sixty

https://youtu.be/KlwvLN1XRx4 The Merida Eone Sixty It is one of those electrical models inspired by the design and geometry of its equivalents without engine, in this case the enduro One-Sixty. For this year 2021 it has been renewed by integrating the New Generation EP8 engine, more compact and efficient and that allows greater integration in the painting, saving weight and improving management sensations. The battery is 630 Wh, extended range and super fast load capacity. For XS sizes, one of more limited range (504 WH) is chosen. The Merida Eone Sixty also stands out for the assembly of its wheels, installing a 29 "with 2.5" width in the front and another of 27.5 "and a slightly larger width, of 2.6". In this way, according to the brand, a balance between the rolling capacity on obstacles and a high traction on the most technical paths is reached. The Eone Sixty Merida range has five models inside its range, carbon/aluminum or only aluminum, with prices ranging from € 4,799 to € 10,999. Chart: carbon/aluminum or only aluminum. Suspension route: 160/150 mm. Engine: SHIMANO EP8 85 NM. Battery: 630 Wh (504 Wh in XS size).

8. Canyon Neuron: ON

Canyon Neuron On The Canyon Neuron: ON has its greatest attraction in an outstanding quality/price ratio. To achieve it, opt for an aluminum manufactured. Its design stands out for reduced thickness tubes and straight sections, leaving a hole in the lower part of the diagonal tube to adhere the Shimano Steps E8000 motor battery with three assistance modes (Eco, Trail and Boost). This engine is one of the elements that also contribute to that balance between quality and price. It is integrated into the picture and is able to triple the pedaling power of the biker through soft and natural assistance, which avoids unnecessary pulls and reactions. For its part, the 504 WH battery offers a wide range autonomy. The Neuron range: On the form of four models, available with 29 "wheels for sizes m, l or xl and in 27.5" for the smallest s and xs. The price range ranges from € 3,699 and € 4,499. Chart: aluminum Suspension route: 130 mm. Engine: SHIMANO E8000 70 NM. Battery: 504 Wh.


Moustache Samedi Moustache is a brand born exclusively to create electric bicycles. In recent years, a prominent hole has been made in the market offering a premium product, not only in MTB, also in other modalities such as road or urban cycling. The Moustache Samedi It is the mountain reference model. Its wide range is divided into more recreational MTB models, such as series 27, and sports, such as 29 trail or 29 game (enduro). It is worth stopping in the trail. A versatile bike manufactured in aluminum but with levels of battery and motor integration very similar to those achieved with a carbon box. It is offered in 29 "and with 150 mm travel on both axes. Like the rest of the brand's electricity, Motor Bosch is mounted, specifically the 85 nm Line CX Performance, accompanied by a 625 Wh. The Same Trail 29 range consists of 5 models and its price starts from € 4,699. Chart: aluminum. Suspension route: 150 mm Engine: Bosch Performance Line Cx 85 Nm. Battery: 625 Wh.

6. Lapierre Ezesty

Ezesty Lapierre Bicycle The Ezesty Lapierre is a new generation mountain electric bicycle, whose design is inspired by the conventional Zesty model for All Mountain of Lapierre. It is presented with carbon box, 27.5 "wheels with 2.5 ball, 150 mm travel suspensions behind and 160 mm in front and a compact Motor Fazua with three assistance modes, accompanied by a 250 -WH battery. The engine provides a contained power when attending the pedaling, to avoid the unworthy pulls characteristic of the E-MTBs that can compromise control, especially in the climbs. In addition, the battery has a reserve mode. Upon reaching 20% ​​of its capacity, it will offer less power to save energy and not leave the biker in the middle of the route. Lapierre Ezesty has a contained weight that stays at 18.6 kg (AM LTD model) and is offered in two assemblies: AM 9.0 and the high -end AM LTD, whose prices are € 5,999 and € 7,699, respectively. Chart: carbon. Suspension route: 160/150 mm. Engine: Fazua Evation 1.0 60 Nm. Battery: 250 Wh.

5. Focus Raven2

Focus Raven2 Although less extended in the electrical segment, the CROSS country E-MTB also have highly developed and optimized models to deal with the longest marathon tests or marathon tests. An example of this is the electric focus, which borrows the design and geometry of the conventional Raven of XC with very achieved adaptations of the engine and battery, to achieve a set whose weight stays in the 16 kg. This design and technology show is what has pushed us to include it in our ranking. The range only has two models, both of carbon and with a soft and compact sized engine, whose battery is 250 Wh. Both, motor and battery, can be extracted to lighten the weight below 13 kg and allow pedaling without assistance on a conventional XC bike. Thanks to this, Focus Raven2 can be considered a mountain bike with two uses: XC Electric and conventional XC. The prices of the Focus Raven2 start from € 4,199. Chart: carbon. Suspension route: 100 mm Engine: Fazua Evation 60 Nm. Battery: 250 Wh.

4. Cannondale Moterra Neo

Ebike Cannondale Moterra The Cannondale Moterra Neo is a reference in radical mountain electric bicycles. It was one of the first models in 29 "to adopt an integrated set, battery and engine to resemble as much as possible to a conventional enduro bicycle. The powerful Bosch Performance Line CX engine guarantees sufficient assistance (+340%) to overcome strong slopes in the high mountain. For its part, the 625 WH battery offers an estimated autonomy of up to 108 km with a single load. The Moterra range is offered in two differentiated table versions: those of high -end with the main carbon and rear triangle in aluminum and new versions completely in aluminum, more content price, which presents a lower suspension route (140, by the 160 of carbon) but with more radical modifications of geometry. Prices move between € 3,999 and € 8,499. Chart: Carbon/Aluminum. Suspension route: 160 mm (140 in the aluminum version). Engine: Bosch Performance Line Cx 75 Nm. Battery: 625 Wh.

3. Trek Rail

Trek Rail It is the double long -distance electrical suspension of the American brand. Its optimized wheel tables of 29 "is made with the specific OCLV carbon (although it also has aluminum versions) that integrates a removable battery of up to 625 WH and the Bosch Performance Line CX engine with a power delivery of power CX with a power delivery of power CX with a power delivery with a power delivery 85 nm. The estimated autonomy of the Rail, according to Trek, is 5 hours or 80 km in little technical and 3 hours or 53 km in technical field. On the other hand, the Thrushaft shock absorber incorporates in its assembly, jointly developed between Trek and Rockshox. It offers absorption that adapts instantly depending on the type of land and the amount of obstacles of the road. The 2021 offer of Trek Rail is wide and is currently composed of 10 versions, in carbon or aluminum, with prices between € 4,999 and € 12,499. Chart: carbon or aluminum. Suspension route: 160/150 mm. Engine: Bosch Performance Line Cx 85 Nm. Battery: 625 Wh / 500 Wh

2. Orbea Rise

Ebike Orbea Rise It is one of the latest news that has reached the market. The Orbea Rise It is a double suspension electric mountain bike and 29 "that aims to be revolutionary. Motor and battery integration into the thin diagonal tube is almost perfect. This results in a slight picture that, in combination with an efficient assembly, offers one of the lightest double suspension E-MTB (just over 16 kg in the high-end M-LTD version). In addition, Orbea and Shimano have worked together to design a specific engine for the RISE: the EP8 RS. It has a specific electronics to deliver power depending on the pedaling of the biker. This achieves more natural behavior and save energy at the same time. Autonomy is estimated in 4 and a half hours. The Orbea Rise range consists of four models, all of them carbon, with prices ranging from € 5,999 to € 9,899. Chart: carbon. Suspension route: 140 mm. Engine: SHIMANO EP8 RS 60 NM. Battery: 360 Wh.

1. Specialized Turbo Levo

Specialized Turbo Levo The Specialized Turbo Levo It is an icon of modality and one of the best -selling sporty mountain bikes worldwide. It stands out on the rest of the models due to the level of engine integration and battery until, with the naked eye, a traditional double suspension bicycle. This almost perfect integration between table, assistance system and components can reduce the weight of the bicycle to almost conventional MTB levels (17.3 kg in the high-end version S-works). Likewise, the design of the pipe, the geometry almost listed to that of the mythical trail bicycle of the brand, the stumpjumper, or the soft and optimized engine assistance increases the sensations of rolling with a conventional bicycle, receiving that extra help so necessary so necessary When the terrain gets complicated or the forces are at the limit. The latest generation assembles a 700 WH battery (320 Wh in the SL series) that is loaded in 4 hours and guarantees up to 5 hours of autonomy, The current range Specialized Turbo LEVO part of € 5,599 and the range of range culminates in € 13,999. Chart: carbon. SUSPENSIONS TOUR: 150 mm (160 mm fork in FSR versions). Engine: Specialized 2.1 90 Nm (SL 1.1 of 35 Nm in the SL series). Battery: 700 WH (320 in the SL series)  
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