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Ten road bikes to give you this Christmas

Ten road bikes to give you this Christmas

If yours is road cycling, or serious, you are very lucky. Not only for the hours of enjoyment you have ahead, but also for the opportunities you can access through our platform. We share with you some of the most interesting reconditioned bikes that you can buy in Tuvalum in both modalities. So that 2023 laughed. Important: Remember that the information reflected here is published in December 2022, so some model may not be available if it takes a long time to decide. Reason for more to take a look and ask for the bike with which you have been dreaming. [IRP posts = "9083" name = "ten mountain bikes to give you this Christmas"] [embed] https://youtu.be/edvvip6gwqo[/embed] We are there, therefore, with a selection of 10 models with which you will be sure.

Cube Attain Race GTC (2021): € 1,620

Cube Attain Race GTC We start with a all in one Applied to road cycling. I tell you about this Cube Attain of 2021. A bike that combines competitive character with the comfort of a great background for endless pedaling days. Translating: a safe bet not to close doors and have all the fronts open. The model we recommend is the Race GTC in size 53. A carbon bike and mounted with the indestructible Shimano 105 for a price of 1,620 euros. Who gives more?

Ridley Kanzo (2021): € 1,690

Ridley Kanzo We are going with a model to roll both inside and outside the asphalt. For just over 1,600 euros you can get a great serious bike. A Ridley Kanzo of 2021. You know that the Belgian brand has always been linked to Ciclocross, so the performance is guaranteed. It is an aluminum model mounted with Shimano Grx, the specific one for grave with double dish. The bike, topped with good Fulcrum wheels is an excellent choice so that nothing stops you, no doubt.

Orbea Terra (2019): € 2,180

Orbea Terra We climb a little in the ranking of the price range, say, medium. Here another excellent GraveL option, from the Orbea brand in this case. Well yes. The Terra model could not be missing in this list, a classic among the fondness for cycling away from the asphalt. For less than 2,200 euros you can take a car car in carbon mounted with rival SRAM. 11 speed monopath, with 40 teeth in front and a 11-36 behind.

Trek Domane 6 SL (2018): € 2,400

Trek Domane 6 SL We continue with a road model, ideal for long routes. A Trek Domane 6 SL that is not anything, since this range was a pioneer in the Bike Background category. The one we recommend here comes in size 52. A carbon bike (armchair included) mounted with mechanical ultegra shimano, with a compact dish and a development behind 11-36. So that no slope is resist. In short, an ideal bike if you are looking for comfort without giving up performance.

Orbea Orca Omr Team (2020): € 2,770

Orbea Orca Omr Team More models Made in Spain, and one more from Orbea. In this case, we recommend the most versatile bicycle of its Orca range. You already know that Orca has an aerial line and a lighter and easier line. Well, we talk about this second category. For less than 3,000 euros you can access a 2020 range top model, mounted with Dura-Ace Shimano and FSA PowerBox cranks with potentiometer. Without a doubt, one of the best quality-price relations of all this list.

Mendiz F8 SL (2021): € 2,864

MENDIZ F8 SL We continue with another model of 2021. Mendiz's most climbing bicycle, a brand that steps strongly, but without making noise: the F8. You have it in size 50 and it is mounted with SRAM Rival ETAP Ax. Twelve speeds with a 48/35 plate and a 10-30 cassette. Very remarkable wheel game: the DT Swiss P1800. In summary, you will take a reactive bike to rise with agility, manageable when lowering and with excellent absorption capacity. And all this added to a clean aesthetic, thanks to the routing of cables, and super -ratractive.

Pinello Prince (2019): € 3,981

PINARELLO PRINCE Does Pinarello Prince sound to you? Bumper competition, what yes? Well, in Tuvalum you have a 2019 model in size 53 mounted with electronic ultegra shimano, compact dish and 11-28 behind. The prince is luxurious: we can talk about the integrated carbon or wheels of the Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon wheels. What is cool? If you are looking for a competition machine without contemplation, this is your bike.

Trek Emonda (2022): € 4,400

Trek Emonda If we talk about bikes that cool, the one that comes now cool, but very much. The most agile road bike and trek climbing with an excellent rigidity-pepper ratio: Trek Emonda. With a model of the time he won the accountant in the Angliru in that return to Spain of his withdrawal as a professional cyclist. You remember? The one we have in Tuvalum for you is in an unpolluted state. It shows that it is a 2022 model. It is mounted with SRAM FORCE ETAP AX and carries potentiometer. As for the price, 4,400 euros.

Merida Scultura 8000 (2022): € 4,840

Merida Scultura 8000 The thing already puts I would be really. For just over 4,800 euros you can take a machine that has almost everything: light as the wind and competition recorded on fire in its DNA. We talked about this merida sculpture. A light picture with a Racing point. The bike promises many things and the reality is that it complies long with expectations. You have it in size M and mounted with 12-speed electronic ultegra ultegra: 11-30 cassette and semi-pact 52/36 dish. Spectacular.

Specialized Aethos (2022): € 6,280

Specialized Aethos And finally we reach the most exclusive model of this particular list of bicycle -shaped desires. Surely, you will have heard of the Specialized Aethos (2022). One of the most sought -after road bikes on the market. In fact, the brand itself considers it as its technically more advanced model. Therefore, do not get carried away by its deceptively classic appearance. Well, if money is a minor problem for you, we have one at your disposal for 6,740 euros. Of course, in size 58, so you will need a good bearing on the bicycle. The Aethos comes with SRAM Red ETAP AX, the American brand star group. It sets a 48/35 development in front and a 10-28 cassette. But the most extraordinary, possibly, be its weight: 6.7 kg. One hundred grams below, even, of the minimum allowed by the ICU.
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