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Ten good reasons to move on to grave

Ten good reasons to move on to grave

We can think of a thousand reasons to explain the enormous popularity that Grave has experienced in recent times. And it is not surprising, since it is a specialty that combines mTB benefits with many of the virtues of road cycling. If you are not yet convinced that the Gravel goes with you, here we give you ten good reasons for you not to have any doubt.

1.- They adapt to any land

A serious bicycle is handled with solvency in any terrain. It has the double capacity to roll in asphalt with ease and devour any track or path that is put in front of it. To some extent, of course. If what you intend is to break the chrono or pick up for trialeras, it may not be your best option. Obvious. But the truth is that a mid -range serious bike is able to cross complicated land more easily than it seems to the naked eye. In short, it is an incredible SUV. Wide tires, a robust geometry and excellent handling are common elements in this type of machines. It is possible that it is not as fast and agile as a racing bicycle, nor as resistant as a mountain, but it is unquestionable that it is the bike that tolerates a greater range of land. Let's say they are bicycles prepared for almost anything. They remind something of the first mountain bicycles, but with the advantage of having a geometry completely focused on the balance between performance and comfort. Serla bicycle

2. They can mount all types of tires

Gravel bikes have a wheel step rather than generous that you will not find in other road models or even cyclocross. You can mount almost any type of tire, no matter how big the ball is. A large tire is decisive in terms of comfort. Let's say it acts as a kind of small shock absorber. In fact, knowing how to handle pressures is particularly important in this cycling modality. What do you want to go on the road? No problem. You can mount some smooth roofs at a 700c wheel to roll quickly, and voila. What do you like to lose yourself on roads and trails? Test with smaller diameter (650b) wheels and MTB covers to obtain plenty of leftover in loose terrain. Since grave bikes can adapt to almost any tire, you will not need a different bicycle for different types of route. With having a pair of wheel games, enough. It will always be more economical than acquiring different bikes for each use.

3. A comfortable geometry

Road bicycles are designed, fundamentally, to go fast. Therefore, its geometry forces you to adopt an aerodynamic position, to a greater or lesser extent. Not everyone is easy to adopt that position for a long time. You may not have flexibility or that simply you want to roll more upright. Therefore, a serious bike may adapt better to your pedaling. In general, the geometry of a Serlal bicycle is a bit more vertical, which requires less back flexibility. The wheelbase is usually a little longer than those of the road bikes. This translates into a little more stability when rolling through injured land. A more closed steering angle also contributes to security. The more open, less thrown is the front and more nervous wheel is the bicycle. On the other hand, the picture of a serious bike is configured to absorb the vibrations of the land, so that the piloting is more comfortable.

4. Versatile development

Grave -specific transmissions are extremely versatile, since they gather characteristics of road groups and groups designed for MTB. The possibilities are enormous and everything depends on the terrain where you want to venture. Large manufacturers have been offered for a long time, such as the GRX series of Shimano, Campagnolo Ekar, SRAM XPR, etc. But assembly options go further, and configuration possibilities are endless. For a lighter serious bike, you may prefer a single plate configuration, with a broader selection of changes in the rear. A unique dish facilitates maintenance and minimizes the risk that the chain will jump when you whether hostile terrain. If your cyclist DNA is more linked to the road and the perfect cadence is an obsession for you, then a group with two dishes can be more appropriate. You could even consider mounting a road group. In fact, if your routes do not go beyond clues in good condition and asphalt, a classic compact 50/34, in combination with a cassette that allows you to a 1: 1 relationship could be the ideal option. In any case, be sure to have a development that allows you to overcome much more pronounced slopes than those normally on the road. You never know how far you can go. Serla bike

5.- A more suffered bike

If you are one of those road cyclists who pamper their bicycles and suffer with the slightest skid, you will be happy to know that a serious bicycle is prepared to receive a Maltrate Extra on roads and trails. Therefore, although it is also good that you treat her with love (especially as regards the transmission), you can be sure that your bicycle will be a winner against mud and mud, as well as against any land, by bachelor or Accident that results. Gravel bicycles can be handled on land similar to that of an XC MTB. Without a doubt, some skills and certain limitations will be necessary. In particular, those derived from the lack of damping, although there are some models that already include it as standard. You will not feel the soft bike like silk, but you can test it.

6.- Comfort and good management

Road bicycles are fast and reactive. This also gives them greater nervousness, due in part to an open direction angle and a short axle distance. A serious bicycle is different. It has a wheelbase longer than a road bike and the steering angle is more closed, which implies a more launched front wheel. The straps are usually curved and with more distance between them, which brings a certain degree of flexion to the whole. To this also contributes a longer pod length. All this, together with the possibility of riding wide tires, allows stable handling that transmits a sense of security. While the covers of a road bike Aero They move around 25 mm, the standard in a grave is usually set at 40 mm, tolerating larger widths. On the other hand, grave bicycles usually mount handlers with a Flare or a more open curve angle. He Flare It is the difference in width of the upper bar with respect to the ends or toe. This configuration allows the cyclist a broader grip, which provides greater stability in irregular terrain.

7.- Ideal for a cycling adventure

If you are looking for a bike adventure, a Serlal model is the ideal solution. An upright posture, the comfortable geometry of the painting and some off -road tires make it the perfect companion for long pedaling days, without worrying the type of land that you will have to survey. Its most stable handling makes them perfect for loading luggage. In this sense, many are prepared with anchor points to mount supports for saddlebags and travel bags. It is possible to find them in different points of the chassis. You can load your bicycle with a handlebar bag, a bag for the upper tube, a lower tube bag, fork bags, saddlebags, and even a cart. In short, you can take whatever you want for your trip, and safely.

8.- Infinite extra options

At present, brands offer serious bicycles with infinite configuration options. Do you come from the MTB and want a grave with telescopic shell to test it on the most demanding land? There is no problem, you have models that mount this component standard. Are you looking for the most versatile electric bicycle? Don't worry. The catalog of grave e-bikes does not stop growing, so you will have that plus of assistance if you wish. Would you like an extra suspension to overcome demanding land? You can also find it in some models. In short, you can adapt your serious bicycle to the type of driving that goes the most with your way of understanding cycling. Serla bicycle cyclist

9.- It makes you better cyclist

One of the best bike things out of the road is that it allows you The stability in pronounced descents, anticipate the braking and inclination of the bike on ground terrain ... Initially, these skills may not arise naturally. Do not hurry: as you make kilometers OFF-ROAD, you will be surprised at your progress and your technical improvement. You will become a better cyclist.

10.- Gravel bikes are funny

Beyond what we have told you, the main reason to get a serious bike is that it promises you fun in abundance. With a Serla Bicycle you can go anywhere, circulate on any way and enjoy almost any adventure you imagine. An enjoyment that is not at odds, of course, with the possibility of filming quickly. In fact, more and more brands that launch serious bicycles with a marked aerodynamic component. You can compete with it, use it in your journeys to work through the city or use it as a way of discovering the territory. Possibly, the type of bicycle that best defines the word freedom applied to the practice of cycling.
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