This is our manifesto, a public declaration of principles and intentions

No one forgets that first moment in which as a child,

After much effort, someone very close told you: "Look at the front, do not look down, or to the pedals, put straight, balances the balancing, do not stop pedaling ...", and I was letting down so you could feel freedom about two wheels. Look, dad! Without hands!

Since then we know that there are no falls or stones that stop us to reach strong sensations. With our bicycle? To the end of the world.

As cyclists we are able to travel amount of kilometers. Because we can do it but above all because we know that fate deserves it well.

Sensations that arrive on two wheels, reach a lake, spend the night sleeping in the mountain with the group. In short, fill our soul with experiences. Discover the value of friendship.

In Tuvalum we look for something much more important than helping cyclists to find their perfect bicycle. We seek to teach, educate and get the challenges and challenges of each cyclist. Advance together. Crossing that stream knowing that what awaits us is much better.

The roads are usually drawn, but we are here to rewrite them and reach incredible destinations together. We travel kilometers.

Put your helmet and take strongly our next great challenge here.

Do we pedal together to discover new goals?

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