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Sergi López-Egea: "The 2022 tour is a crazy tour"

Sergi López-Egea: "The 2022 tour is a crazy tour"

We present you to a whole institution of cycling information. In particular, the one related to the Tour de France: Sergi López-Egea. Editor in The newspaper and author of various books about cycling. The most recent, The Tourmalet, where it includes part of the intrahistory of the Tour de France. Eye to the fact: he covered his first tour of France in 1991. And he must have been a talisman, since one Miguel Indurain would win the first of his 5 tours. Since then, they have participated as an informant in More than 30 editions.
🔈We chat with Sergi in this podcast. Give the play or download it to enjoy your experience and your impressions for the Tour 2022.
In 2010, Sergi López-Egea received the Medal for the Tour de France's Fidelity, an award granted by the Tour who turns 20 years old fidelity to the race. The journalist and writer remembers his first incursions into the Tour, in the early nineties of the last century. "In 1991, there were no coaches," he remembers - and cyclists sat on the caps of cars to rest and receive massages. There were also no press chiefs, except for the occasional public relations, such as Francis Lafargue in Banesto. It was all closer " [Captation Id = "Attachment_8158" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]THE TOURMALET BOOK OF SERGI LÓPEZ-EGAA "The Tourmalet", the last book by Sergi López-Egea.[/caption] Returning to the present, Sergi tells us about the Great Boucle. "I would say that this 2022 tour is A crazy tour -Afirma-, since most of the stages are practically classic and there are barely quiet days. " "Just as in this year's turn the km counterreloj were testimonial, it seems surprising that they have placed a chrono of 40 km at the end of the race. Otherwise, I really like the first week and the fact that the mountain would be I arrive sooner than usual. " [IRP Posts = "8054" Name = "Tour de France 2022: Tour and stages that you should not miss"] Sergi has lived in France the five Tours of Indurain, the fervor with Pantani, the madness of the seven victories of armosrong lance. "Then I remember that you had to pinch you because one year Pereiro won, another year accountant and another Carlos Sastre." Later came Froome and Pogacar's irruption ... and Sergi always there to tell. His career has allowed him to share moments with cyclists as DELGADO PERICO either Miguel Indurain. Also remember those lived with José Miguel Echávarri (Former Director of Banesto, ancient denomination of the current Movistar structure), "which has been cycling what Di Stéfano or Cruyff went to football: an authentic innovative."
José Miguel Echávarri has been cycling what Di Stéfano or Cruyff went to football: an authentic innovative.
Sergi remembers with special enthusiasm that time he could know and squeeze the hand of Eddy Merckx. "I get chicken skin just remember," he confesses. As for the options of Spanish runners in Tour 2022, López-Egea continues to trust Enric more. "It is still the maximum option," he says, "but seen how Pugačar and Roglič have it complicated. In addition, he will have to overcome, since this year he has fallen too many times, something that already happened to Accountant at a time of his career "
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