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Meet Sergio Cámara's great challenge: "Out by bicycle has helped me to live"

Meet Sergio Cámara's great challenge: "Out by bicycle has helped me to live"

Two years ago I could barely do 5 kilometers above the bicycle, but this month of September it has been proposed to make more than 2,000 crossing Spain from San Fernando (Cádiz) to Bilbao. The objective of his challenge is to "give visibility to what cycling can contribute to people", as he explains. His name is Sergio Cámara and this is the story of his inspiring challenge. Sergio Cámara suffered a severe accident and a series of injuries that were about to leave him in a wheelchair -today it is difficult for him to walk -but through cycling he managed to change his life. "The doctor told me that I was going to lose mobility and that made me fall into a very strong depression, I was involved in a well and what helped me out was the bicycle, it has helped me to live," he says. "I couldn't even be able to bind my cords, but the bicycle has given me my life and with this challenge I want to encourage people to do sports, even little. If I have lowered 43 kilos in two years and I can make routes 90 kilometers by bike when it was evicted, everyone can. "

1 kilometer routes

Sergio Cámara lives in San Fernando (Cádiz), in his youth he was a rugby player and now, with 52 years, he is almost every day by bicycle to make routes of between 40 and 90 kilometers. So far nothing that comes out of the conventional, in Spain there are thousands of cycling fans who enjoy their outings daily. The exceptionality of Sergio's case is that two years ago he was barely able to complete a 1 kilometer route above the bicycle. "The doctor told me that I was going to lose mobility, he cried with pain and was involved in a bottomless well," he recalls. And now it is proposed to cross Spain from end to end in 19 stages. "I want people who are in the same situation that I was seeing that challenges can be marked, that they do not sink." Sergio has trouble walking and suffers continuous back pain. "The only thing that relieves me is to go by bicycle." A few years ago, as a result of an accident, he was detected loss of mobility in the left ankle and degenerative osteoarthritis in the spine. "Then a car ran over me and my kneecap came out. The doctor told me that if I didn't start exercising, I was going to lose mobility. There I entered a depression that led me to a well from which I didn't see exit. I was in 163 Kilos, without being able to be able to bind my cords and feeling a burden for my wife. " What led Sergio to get on the bicycle? "I told my wife that I had been left without a soul, that I no longer believed at anything. But I saw a bicycle that put 'Alma' and my wife told me to buy it, that I had crossed me four times with that bike and which was like a sign of destiny. " This is how the soul orbea was bought with which he has been overcoming its limitations for two years. "At first I did 1 or 2 kilometers with her. I couldn't do more because I was dying of pain, for me it was a triumph to make a 1 kilometer route. Little by little I was doing more and I noticed that when I went by bicycle I sent my pain to me " [Captation id = "Attachment_6317" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "900"]Sergio Cámara Sergio Cámara, on one of his preparatory routes for his inspiring challenge (image assigned by Sergio Cámara)[/caption]

The roller that changed everything

However, Sergio suffered another setback just at the time he began to chain longer and longer outputs. The confinement decreed by the Coronavirus pandemic forced him to park the bicycle. "The legs were missing, I was very swamming. Through Facebook I asked if someone could leave me a roller to continue bicycle at home and a kid from the queen who has a bicycle store saw the photo of how He had his legs and told me that he sent me one. " To Sergio that gift "was very exciting because I was a person who did not know me of anything and who wanted to help me. There I began to think about how I could also help other people and little by little the idea of ​​making this challenge was emerging. I was setting goals until I set out to cross Spain by bicycle. "

THE CHALLENGE: Cross Spain by bicycle

Sergio's inspiring challenge is to complete 2,100 kilometers by bicycle from San Fernando (Cádiz) to Bilbao in 19 stages. "If I get tired and have to be 20, nothing happens, I am not in a hurry and I do not intend to beat any record. All I want is to encourage the people to do sports, even if it is 1 kilometer. If I have lowered 43 kilos In 2 years and I have managed to make 90 kilometers routes when I could barely move out of bed and gave me out of eviction, everyone can. " Sergio will leave San Fernando with his Alma Orbea on September 11 stopping every day in different cities. "I will pass through Mérida, Plasencia, Salamanca, Santiago, San Sebastián, Bilbao ... Of course also for Talavera, to greet the person who gave me the roller and inspired me for this challenge." Sergio will not be alone during his days on the bicycle. "At first I had thought about doing it alone, on my own, in my air, but people from everywhere began to write to me. Chiclana cyclist called Mari Paz and that also had an accident that reduced the mobility that will accompany me to Santiago with her husband. Their purpose is none other than "inspiring people to do sports. Some already tell me that when they feel bad they remember me and that motivates them." You can follow Sergio Cámara and his challenge through their social networks in Instagram and Strava. https://youtu.be/7VQ5RMsE-Tk
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