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These are the rules to practice cycling during the national alert by COVID-19

These are the rules to practice cycling during the national alert by COVID-19

After almost 2 months of confinement, the government has approved the conditions under which sports can be done within the national alarm decreed by the COVID-19. The good news is that it is allowed to go by bicycle, both by road and by mountain, but there are certain restrictions and regulations that need to be fulfilled. These standards are collected in the Ministerial Order SND/380/2020, published today Friday, May 1 in the Official State Gazette. So that you can go out to practice your favorite sport with responsibility and without breaching any rule, we have analyzed the norm published in the B.O.E. To answer the most common questions you can have about how to go by bicycle during the social alarm.

Can I bicycle at any time of the day?

It depends on the population in which you live. In municipalities with less than 5,000 inhabitants you can go by bicycle at any time from 6 in the morning until 11 at night. In municipalities of more than 5,000 inhabitants, two time slots have been established for outdoor sports practice: from 6h to 10h and from 20h to 23h. It is only allowed to leave once a day. That is, you cannot leave on the same day in the morning and in the afternoon.

What is the maximum time that I can dedicate to the routes and bicycle outings?

There is no time limit whenever you perform the exit within the established time stripes. This means that if you want to go out to make a route of 4 hours in the morning you will not be able to start it at 8h and return to 12h.

Can I keep a friend to go by bicycle?

No. Sports practice is only allowed individually and without contact with other people. In the event that you cross another cyclist or runner, you must maintain a minimum of 2 meters away.

Can I take the bicycle in the car to the place where I want to train?

No. The displacements in private vehicles or in public transport are not allowed to perform sports. The BOE is clear in this regard. You must go by bike from home. In case of having to make a break during sports, it must be as short as possible.

Where can I get by bicycle?

Sports practice is only allowed within the limits of the municipal term. That is, you cannot take the bicycle to go from one town to another or make routes of Mountain Bike to cross several municipal terms. You can consult the limits of your municipal term here. If it is curious, the largest municipal term in Spain is that of the city of Cáceres.

Can I go out with the Mountain Bike To make a route through the mountain?

You can go by bicycle in green areas or natural spaces provided that local authorities have authorized it and without abandoning the limits of the municipality. This means that you cannot make a route that crosses the municipal term of other populations other than yours.

Can I go out with my son to make a bicycle route?

The regulations apply to people between 14 and 70 years old. For children under 13, the same conditions are maintained as until now: they can be accompanied once a day, for a maximum of 1 hour and without moving away more than 1 kilometers from the place of residence. This means that if your child is under 14, you cannot go out to make a route of more than 1 kilometer from home. And if you are 14 or more years, you cannot leave together, remember that the regulations establish that the sport has to be done individually and without contact.

Is the use of mask to do sports?

No. The regulations do not force us to wear a mask or to do sports, or to give walks or to go out to make the usual purchase. In any case, these standards may be restricted or expanded in the next few days. We recommend you be attentive to any modification by the authorities.
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