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Have you tried to make a mountain triathlon?

Have you tried to make a mountain triathlon?

For a few years there is a trend that has begun to be established in the Triathlon competition calendar: to transfer this sport to the high mountain. It is enough to observe the reception that the Xterra Spain circuit has had to realize the good reception that the possibility of disputing its sport in full nature has had among Spanish triathletes.

Apart from the great circuits, there are clubs and organizations that bet on this format of bringing the triathlon to the mountain, changing the cycling segment for the Mountain Bike and the race on foot for the trail. One of them is Geo-Planet, which has been unifying the MTB, triathlon and trail running through the different tests that make up the Mitic Challenge circuit in the Valencian Community.

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The most characteristic element of this type of competitions is the natural environment in which they develop: the swimming segment is carried out in a lake, the cycling sections run through roads and mountain paths and the race on foot culminates in villages of great value artistic and cultural. Thus, for example, in the Cross Triathlon of Guadalest -one of the tests that make up the Mitic Challenge circuit -the route passed through the urban caco and inside a museum.

Participants who usually compete in this modality are mostly triathletes and mountain cyclists. Last year the circuit had just over 100 competitors in each of the tests that make up the Mitic Challenge, and the 2015 edition is on its way to overcoming these figures. Four of them have already been played in Sierra Calderona, Benageber, Jerica and Guadalest. In September, the Road Trinença triathlon will take place (the only one that takes place on the mountain -paved road) and in October the Cross Chera triathlon and the Cross Navarrés triathlon.

In the following video you can see a summary of the Guadalest Cross Triathlon last year:

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