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Four tips to start leaving in a group with your mountain bike

Four tips to start leaving in a group with your mountain bike

Go out with the solo mountain bike is fine. But doing so in a group offers more possibilities to enjoy the route. Sharing a departure in good company can be very rewarding, but we must not forget that we do not depend on ourselves, but that we have to adapt to the group. Therefore, here are a series of tips to be accompanied with the Mountain bike Do not become a bad experience.

Respect the 'Chief of Rows'

When you leave in groups you occupy one of these two roles, or You let yourself take, it has been some partner of the group who has organized the route, or You carry, that is, it is you who organizes the route and guides to the rest. If you are one of those who let yourself take, in the mountain let the guide mark the rhythm and provide the route information. Listen to your advice (it usually happens that is the one who has the most experience). Remember that the goal is to enjoy sports and perform a playful activity, not compete. If you have doubts, ask those who have more kilometers on their wheels or legs. And if you have art to create a good vibes, use it. Good humor and laughs are the best glue. If you are one of those you carry, you have a responsibility, the group trusts you. How much more information and experience you have, the better. Be patient with everyone in the group and always have an eye on the slowest and in the possible incidents that may appear. And don't forget to enjoy the route too! [CAPTION ID = "Attachment_6996" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "900"]Women by mountain bike Image: Pixabay[/caption]

The rhythm marks the slowest

If the group is formed by Bikers That they are starting, the rhythm must always mark the slowest. When someone in the group is missed, it should not be left just because the motivation will not accompany him and that will affect his rhythm. And always wait at crossings. Establish meeting points previously, making sure that everyone knows them. Encourage who more effort will help you maintain the rhythm and not surrender to a good climb or in a somewhat complicated descent. If you have experience, help those who do not have it teaching the technique: how to perform a good braking, how to overcome an obstacle, how to face a climb. Uploading it is normal for the group to stretch, hence it is convenient to have clear regrouping points, but lowering is prudent, this is where our advice becomes a maximum: the rhythm marks the slowest. [Captation id = "Attachment_10601" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "900"]A group of cyclists with their mountain bicycles Image: Luan Gonçalves[/caption]

Find a group of your level

As biker, it is advisable to join a group where the average physical level is like yours, or that they have a more playful than competitive philosophy, where they like to incorporate new people. If you are starting to pedal in the mountain and your physical preparation is not optimal, starting with a very strong group can become a problem, for you and for the group. It is only more than empathy for the character of the group and with their ideas. What in a group is a joke that everyone shares, in others it can be an insult that ends up expelling you. [Captation Id = "Attachment_10602" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "900"]A group of cyclists competing in a cross country test Image: MiDia / Pexels[/caption]

In mountain, share

A group brings many positive things to the experience of pedaling or running in the mountain. Motivation is undoubtedly one of them so sharing encouragement and good words is essential. And feeds the good vibes. Something essential. When an incidence occurs, such as A prick on the mountain, there is always someone who does not have what you need to solve it. Going in a group always solves these specific problems. In addition, the group can agree to distribute the material to repair breakdowns. And if it is a physical health problem you will have people around you who can help out of the situation. Water and minimal route is also something that is shared. There is always someone who runs out of water before reaching a supply point. Or that you need an energy bar to recharge batteries and continue pedaling. In short, you share. Because today it is you who throws a hand, but tomorrow you will need it, because the mountain has that, each route is an absolute and stimulating adventure.
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