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Electric mountain bicycles will have their ICU World Cup in 2019

Electric mountain bicycles will have their ICU World Cup in 2019

mountain electric bicycle Many cyclists consider that e-bikes are not true bicycles, and that the use of electric assistance engines distorts the spirit of cycling when it comes to pedaling on long-distance routes and/or sections with pronounced promotions. But the international cycling union does not think the same. So much so that in 2019 we will have the first Cycling World Cycle for electric mountain bicycles. It will be from August 21 to September 1 in Canada, as the top world cycling agency announced last September. Electric mountain bicycles are experiencing strong market growth in recent years. What seemed a fashion has ended up becoming an upward trend. And not only in sales to the general public, but also in the world of competition. Mountain electric bicycle More and more Mountain Bike tests include their own category for electric bicycles, especially in marathon marches with distances greater than 100 kilometers or several days. The ICU has not been oblivious to this phenomenon and at its annual meeting last September, it decided to include in the calendar of the 2019 World Mountain Cycling Championship a modality for electric bicycles. It is pending to develop how exactly that World Mountain E-Bikes will be. The ICU at the moment has not made any announcement regarding the format, distance or the type of engine admitted. And to you, as a cycling fan, what do you think of the measure? Do you see positive that the UCI guarantees electric bicycles as one more sports category?
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