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Do they need women specific bicycles?

Do they need women specific bicycles?

The demand for bicycle customization is increasing and the gender of whom he practices cycling is decisive. The morphology of women and men is different and this influences pedaling. Some brands offer their own range of Specific bikes for women. They are models that are unmie of the Unisex label, with their own characteristics. But here is the big question: are these bikes for women the best choice for cyclists? The debate is served. Javi, our mechanic in Tuvalum, tells us in this video its main characteristics. Do not miss it before continuing to read. [embed] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dnyqy6zh7me[/embed] The reality is that in the professional squad Cyclists use the same bicycles as boys, with some adaptations in contacts and contact components, such as armchair, handlebars and pedals. In the amateur world, there is everything. There are girls who practice cycling with unisex bicycles and others who buy specific women's bikes, with which they roll more comfortable. [CAPTION ID = "Attachment_6996" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]Women by mountain bike Image: Pixabay[/caption]

Women's bicycle pictures vs. Unisex: Where is the difference?

The differences focus, above all, on the size and in the geometry of the painting, with special incidence in the Sloping or inclination of the upper tube.


An option is to go to brands (Canyon, Scott, Giant/Liv, etc ...) that offer a differentiated catalog of specific bikes for women, with the corresponding proposal for sizes focused on the female public (S, M, L and XL) . They are bikes that have more presence in entrance ranges and medium ranges. The other possibility is to acquire unisex bicycles, where there is more variety and bikes and a range of range. In this case, we should think about their smallest sizes (XXS, S, M).


Size is a factor that conditions the design and geometry of the bike. Input, women's bicycles have a Sloping more accused than unisex models. This is obtained a more compact and more manageable front triangle than a bike with the most straight and elongated tube. This feature is even more pronounced on mountain bikes.
Women's bikes usually have greater inclination in the upper tube and a more compact front triangle
Consequently, the measures of the painting are modified. THE STACK AND THE REACH They are smaller and the wheelbase and angles are somewhat more balanced: not so thrown in the direction or so vertical in the armchair tube. In models such as the scott Contessa Scale, these adaptations are well observed, or in the Canyon Grand Canyon WMN. [IRP posts = "3919" name = "What are the Stack and Reach of a bicycle and why they are important"]

Differences in components: handlebars and armchairs

As for the assembly, the main differences are found in the cyclist's contact elements with the bike: The handlebar, the armchair and the pedals. A handlebar Specific for women will always be smaller, both in width and in curvature (in the case of road bikes). The shoulder width and the size of the hands are smaller, so the measures have to be different. As for Sillins, almost all women's bicycles have a specific armchair adapted to female physiognomy. They are wider and with a thicker tip, to better accommodate the pelvis, which in women is wider than in men. [Captation Id = "Attachment_6995" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]Women by road bike Image: Pixabay[/caption]
The armchair is the components that change the most. Women's are wider.
On the other hand, the pressure on the perianal zone is more pronounced in women. Hence many choose to advance it towards the handlebar to reduce it. In addition, there are specific models with softer padding for this area. Finally, we will attend to the pedals and, specifically, to the length of the connecting rods, which will also tend to be somewhat shorter. As for the rest of the assembly, there are no significant differences marked by gender.

Conclusions: Unisex bike or specific woman?

If you are a girl looking for a new bike, you can use the two without problems. Now: if you want an especially comfortable bike and debates between the s and m sizes, we recommend a specific woman. But everything depends on your tastes and aspirations, since the offer in this bike segment is not so wide. If you want a more sports and high -performance bicycle, you should go to Unisex options, where there are more variety of models, with higher quality components oriented to the competition. They are somewhat less comfortable bicycles, but it can be mitigated with adaptations in the armchair, in the handlebar or in the connecting rods.

Specific Women's Road Bicycles: Outstanding Models

Scott Ansssa Addict

The Scott Road Bicycle for High Performance, with adaptations in size, armchair and handlebar for the physiognomy of women. See bike

Canyon Ultimate WMN

Carbon model, light and specific, for quality outputs or training. Good value for money. See bike

Liv Avail

Table, geometry and components adapted to women. A great background with more affordable carbon and aluminum options. See bike

Lapierre Pulsium woman

A good quality/price ratio developed and tested in the competition. Its triple triangle design provides resistance and comfort in the armchair.

MTB of Women: Outstanding models

[Captation Id = "Attachment_6994" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]MTB mountain bike woman Image: Pixabay[/caption]

Scott Ansssa Spark

Women of the double star suspension of the brand, with specific carving (more small sizes) and Syncros celista armchairs for girl. There are four assemblies available, although high price. See bike

Scott Contessa Scale

Rigid model, with specific geometry and sizes, plus sloping and components adapted such as armchairs. See bike

Canyon Grand Canyon WMN

A quality MTB for beginners with adapted geometry, wider armchair and narrower handlebars. It even has versions with telescopic shell. See bike

Juliana Maverick

If you are already an expert with your MTB and you like strong emotions, Juliana, the Women's Bike Book of Santa Cruz, offers this Enduro/All Mountain maverick with 29 ”wheels, carbon box and suspensions of 145/150 mm of travel.

Serlal bikes for women

Canyon Grizl WMN

A new groundbreaking model for all types of serious routes. It has both rigid and front fork of suspension. See bike

Cannondale Topstone Women

Aluminum box, specific sizes and wide armchairs for this grave of Cannondale mid -range. See bike

Liv Devote

LIV Grambo option, with carbon and aluminum versions, picture with Sloping marked, manageable and light. See bike
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