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Cycling is fashionable: pedaling trends in style

Cycling is fashionable: pedaling trends in style

We will agree that any important appointment entails attention to Our appearance, ours look. Is there more important appointment than that of a cyclist with his group? For us, few things. That is why it is interesting to know the trends of the moment and shine on the road bike as a pro. You have to avoid at all costs that your cycling reputation collapses. Adopting or not these fashions is yours. ¿Postureo? Marketing? In part, it may be, but we already know that it is part of the game. The interesting thing is that your appearance expresses your personality and, above all, that you spend it wonderful.

Environmental respectful fashion

Cycling and sustainability are, or should be, two sides of the same currency. Today, environmental performance and care are perfectly compatible. Get sustainable garments: it is the best way to combine values ​​and style by bicycle. Signatures like Rapha either Maap They have led this current, but more and more those that bind to this trend. They are not the cheapest, but those that mark trend today. Today you can buy polyester equipment made with recycled plastic bottles, or nylon from fishing networks, or organic cotton. There are even marks that use bamboo or fibers derived from coffee. And all this, with excellent quality and longevity levels.
There are brands that use bamboo or fibers derived from coffee in the design of their cycling equipment.
In any case, when we talk about sustainable garments we do not refer solely to the manufacturing material. It also tells how they are manufactured, how they are sold, how they are maintained and treated, and - of course - how they are recycled. It is a circular process.

Change in design patterns

The diversification of cycling modalities, the female cycling boom, the general growth of our sport ... Cyclist fashion brands have taken note of the changes that the sector lives today. The result: an offer of unprecedented patterns and designs. Today the maillots are imposed second skin well tight, with extralargas and low necks. Care: Some models are especially narrow in the waist area, which tends to exaggerate the slightest excess body fat. A rising trend is the use of designs with geometric and abstract shapes. The objective, the search for depth and the creation of volumes or textures. A concept whose origin dates back to the streetwear of the 90s. Do you remember?
📺 As you can see in this video, Rapha's new Pro Team collection is committed to geometric drawings as well. [embed] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vd4lwvjk_5u[/embed]
You can try some geometric details in the pockets, or in the sleeves. Some touches here and there can make a difference. If you adopt this style, choose a straight black culotte, as well as flat colored socks and shoes. It will be the ideal combination. And what about colors? The stridency is over. Today the gray ranges and terrious tones are trend in all its variants: red -dull reds, dark green yellow ... it is that you whether elegance inside the squad and that you look like a style top, even, when you stop lunch on the route. Within this trend, the meillots with retro touch have made a hole among the most purists. If you aspire to be one of them, your wardrobe should have garments of this type. The use of these pastel colors has detractors. There are those who, thinking about safety, defend fluorescent colors with cape and sword. But it is true that some investigations show that bright colors have no more visibility; What really matters is chromatic contrast. And the lights, of course.
The new trends in colors walk towards pastel and terrible tones.
For example: a black jersey, with a helmet and white socks, generates a contrast that provides security. And besides, it is a trend. Another fashion that today stuck is the introduction of smooth colored contrasts. An example? A Lima green manga in a military -green smooth jersey. That is, it is about spraining with details that stand out, but that are not protagonists. If you adopt this trend, avoid using more color in other parts of your equipment. For example, socks; These should be sober, and always white or black. Finally, a very pro It is dressing a smooth inner t -shirt that contrast with the color of the jersey. When you climb a port, unbutton the jersey and distinguish yourself inside the group. Simply, Top Class.

Beware of accessories

If Culotte and Maillot are garments that define your style, the accessories will give you that definitive class touch you need. That is why they are so important. Possibly, socks are the ones that generate the greatest controversy. Gone are the times when we wore models that barely appeared over the shoes. Do you think that long socks will give you more heat? It doesn't matter. Here it is about going fashionable. 😁 Today, clearly, the trend is to wear half -cane socks. We have gone from the 6 or 7 cm of the old days, to models of 12 to 15 cm. It is not about carrying collegiate socks, but approximately one third of the twin. If you do not, your prestige as a cyclist will lower whole. Let's go with the shoes now. By norm, flee from colors that are not white or black and, of course, always use type closures boa. Discard the straps or any other adjustment system. Nor can you wear shoes shoes with several shades. And neither do you make the mistake of buying them with brightness, since it is extremely difficult to combine them. Always, mate. It is tolerable to use textures, but whenever they are the same color. Try to make you with shoes that have a low profile (well below the ankle bone). In this way, your leg will seem more stylized. Likewise, buy socks have a tone as similar to your shoes, so that both look like one piece when they see them from distance. If you have a spectacular bike and want it to look, the ideal are black shoes with black socks. In this way, they will not interfere with the field of vision and everyone will not only fix on your machine. If you doubt between white and black shoes, choose the latter. White sneakers require greater care. They are more sensitive to dirt and there is no more bleak image than a cyclist with dirty shoes. In addition, with black sneakers you can also wear white sock, provided that it does not have any horizontal logo or stripe. There are now many white socks that include the brand in the form of a differentiated texture, without interfering with color. In winter, you can even take them over the long culotte. It will give you a very professional appearance too. Other accessories to have an account: glasses and helmet. The glasses must be large and enveloping, and the mount should contrast with the rest of the equipment. White is ideal. If you wear clothes in pastel tones, it will be a lot of simple. As for the helmet, security is a priority. But resolved this matter, ensure that the color combines with that of your shoes. Therefore, opt for white helmet or very dark tones, tending to black. Otherwise, it will conflict with your equipment or with the color of your bicycle. You know: in a matter of colors, less is. The way to wear the helmet is also very relevant. Before leaving home, make sure you wear straight and well adjusted. The straps, always in place and without the leftover tape is hanging. And remember: The glasses of the glasses always above.

Classical recommendations

In addition to the trends of the moment, you must have some some Red lines that go beyond fashion: authentic classics that a style cyclist should not overlook. Do we remember some? Of course, wearing the always shaved legs is basic. We do not talk about hygiene, or comfort for massage ... we talk about Postureo Pure and hard. In addition, shaved legs will allow you to wear that strip of brunette ciclist type zebra with perfect sharpness. When they see you, everyone will think; "Hey, here comes a real cyclist!" If your legs do not wear a good hurry, avoid circulating on the busiest routes. Is it possible to make a route with a Tarmac SL7 S-Works of 14,000 euros with the hairy legs than those of a brown bear? Nothing is impossible, but ... Another issue. If you really want to look like a professional cyclist on the roads, you must follow the 16 degree rule. An unwritten rule that says that, unless the temperature is greater than 16 degrees Celsius, you must be careful to cover your entire body on the bicycle. Another recommendation is to avoid at all costs the mailts of professional teams, however follower of the brand you are. Neither do you think to go with a mangaless jersey; unless you have biceps like Popeye's and you want to wear them. As for Culotte, black should be the norm. It is also tolerable to use colors such as navy blue or dark burgundy; provided that the combination with the jersey is perfect. Of course, the white culotte flees: it is easily dirty and you will show more anatomy than necessary to your grupeta companions. Especially, when the garment is moistened with sweat. You know what we are talking about, right? And finally. Underwear? Never. The culottes are designed for a perfect coupling with your most sensitive areas. Adding an extra garment in the middle can cause chafing. And even if you do not suffer problem, the use of underwear is easily detectable. Now is your turn, Tuvalumer. What do you think? Any suggestion to look even more pro About the bicycle?
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