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BTT Villa de Autol, a test suitable for all

BTT Villa de Autol, a test suitable for all

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A1VXN7wXNDU The sixth will take place on May 7 BTT VILLA DE AUTOL Crossing, in the homonymous town of The Rioja. The march is loaded with novelties. To start, the route layout has been varied, and there will be two supplies. What will not be missing in this edition will be one of the hallmarks of this timed career; he Rear lunch in which participants will replace forces while chatting and have a good time after having earned food with their effort. On the journey, the runners may choose to face either of the two routes. The long route is 50 kilometers, while the cut is 38 kilometers. In the first case, the difficulty is indicated as average+, while in the second it is cataloged on average. The departure and arrival will occur in the young town center, starting both the participants of the long route, as well as the short at the same time, at nine in the morning. At first, the town will be crossed to face an initial ascent through the Soto area, circulating on paths surrounded by vegetation until reaching the neighboring town of Quel. Then it continues to rise until the firewall is achieved as El Mortirolo, where short and long routes are forbidden. Only in the second case will this rise of considerable hardness have to face. After crowning, we will take direction to Villarroya, where he first goes down and then is called by the carrascal. After that, he rises to the fridge of grabal them, and then awaits us a decrease in a fast path and with technical zones. After this point, the two routes come together again. Then a constant but not very demanding ascension appears, and a frantic descent to return to Autol.  

Tuvalum invites you to participate for free in the BTT Villa de Autol

Would you like to participate for free with the friend that you choose in this test? You just have to leave your data to get one of the 2 registration packs that we are raffling until April 28. [sform] 9[/sform] In addition, in the runner's bag, all Bikers to take the exit will receive a gift in the form of discounts from Tuvalum, the safest web for the purchase and sale of mountain bicycles and triathlon.
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