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Intratables Desirée Moya and Ismael Hernández at the BTT Pozo Cañada

Intratables Desirée Moya and Ismael Hernández at the BTT Pozo Cañada

The 12th test of the BTT provincial circuit of Albacete, played in the town of Pozo Cañada, crowned the unbeatable Desirée Moya already Ismael Hernández as winners in the female and male categories, respectively. The circuit profile was not especially hard, which accelerated the average speed of the runners, resulting in a frantic race, that the leader completed a average of 28 kilometers per hour and in which almost seven hundred runners took part. In the female category Desirée Moya He completed his plenary. The biker He has won each and every one of the circuit tests in which he has participated, showing extraordinary superiority. Little more than an hour and a half took to complete the route of BTT Pozo Cañada. For its part, Ismael Hernández He won his first triumph in this year's edition of the Albacete Provincial Circuit, being faster than the two rivals that accompanied him in the 'good' escape, and imposed himself in an equal evidence, in which the squad had many members to almost the Ecuador of the race, and then a selection of thirty was made Bikers that toured many kilometers without significant distances between them. The spring climate favored the test being disputed in optimal running conditions. Now, the circuit will travel to Mahora, where the 13th race will take place.
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