Lapierre is a French manufacturer with more than 3 generations of technological innovation, experience and successes in the world of high accompaniment. In Tuvalum you can get your Lapierre bicycle at the best price with the tranquility and guarantee of our Tuvalum certified label.

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Lapierre: French competition DNA
The last name Lapierre is synonymous with cycling tradition in France. A surname that names, Cycles Lapierre, to one of the European brands of Honda Historia, with more than seventy years of work from the cradle of modern cycling.

Despite their family roots, Cycles Lapierre anticipated phenomena before they arise. In fact, in the 1980s it was one of the first brands that detected the new phenomenon that was coming with the irruption of the mountain bike. With that advance in time he had more time and margin to innovate in his models of Mountain Bike, incorporating very evolved suspension systems that balanced the bicycle at the ideal point of comfort and performance. This allowed him to quickly become market leader.

One of Lapierre's milestones arrived in 2001, when the Maca launched its MTB X-Control model. This bicycle incorporated a new suspension system called FPS that had a shock absorber arranged in vertical position. That year the Frenchman Jerome Chiotti proclaimed himself champion of France of Cross Country with an X-Control lapierre, which meant a milestone for a rear suspension bicycle.

The following year the brand decided to extend its presence in the world of competition entering to sponsor the Française des Jeux to the team, which meant nothing less than introducing lapierre bicycles in the Tour de France.

The triumph of Bradley McGee in the World Counter Ready World Cup helped reinforce the image of Lapierre as a high -performance bicycle builder.

Lapierre would become the bicycle of many of the great French names of the World Elite in all disciplines. To the podiums in BTT competitions or the World Cup won by Bradley McGee, Francis Mourey's successes and Greg Doucende and Loic Bruni were united.

Another great French cyclist, Jean Christophe Péraud, won the Cross Country European Championship for Cycles Lapierre in 2005. And a very young Pauline Ferrand-Prévot won the World Cup with 19 years. Sabrina Enaux (French Champion of XC Marathon) and the triathlete Audrey Cleau (runner -up of the long -distance triathlon World Cup) are other female athletes who have harvested successes with a lapierre bicycle.

What are specially bicycle bicycles?
One of the peculiarities of the bicycles that leave the factory that Lapierre has in Dijon is the manual assembly process. All employees who assemble bicycles fill in a mounting sheet that allows controlling the traceability of how each bicycle has been assembled. It is a frequent practice in the automobile industry to permanently control the quality of this production stage.

In 2006, coinciding with the 60th anniversary of the company, Lapierre presented a new innovation. It was a folding travel MTB.

In addition, it became the first manufacturer to offer its clients the possibility of configuring a road to the letter bike through its website, selecting the different components and assemblies in a personalized way.

In recent years, Lapierre has developed new lines aimed at improving the suspensions of its mountain bicycles, as was the alliance with Rockshox in 2012 from which the E: i shock was born. This electronic shock absorber detects the irregularities of the terrain and, depending on the pedaling cadence of the cyclist, automatically adjusts the suspension in milliseconds. Another of the innovative lines in which Lapierre has the focus is the development of electric bicycles through its Overvolt range.

Lapierre Zesty and Lapierre Aircode, two competition machines
Over the years, Lapierre has created a series of iconic models, each with its own distinctive characteristics and oriented to different types of cyclists. Among its most emblematic models is Lapierre Zesty, a mountain bike that has earned a solid reputation among lovers to Mountain Bike for its versatility and versatility. With its perfect balance between agility and stability, this bicycle is ideal for both technical paths and quick descents.

For the practice of road cycling Lapierre Aircode is the most aerodynamic bicycle of the French brand. Designed to shoot at high speed, it has great rigidity to efficiently transfer the force of each pedaling to the asphalt.

Other models of outstanding bicycles of Lapierre are the Lapierre Xelius, the Pulsium lapierre and the Lapierre Overvolt.