Labyrinth, is a specialized French brand only in the production of quality mountain electric bicycles. In Tuvalum you can get your Labyrinth bicycle reconditioned at the best price with the tranquility and guarantee of our Tuvalum certified label.

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Best security and warranty guaranteed on each bicycle

We do not sell anything, each bicycle sold is carefully reviewed

by expert mechanics. And we also give you 12 months warranty.

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Why choose a Labyrinth bicycle?

Labyrinth Bikes is an exceptional choice for those who value quality, innovation and durability on a bicycle. Founded by an elite mountain cyclist, the company is distinguished by its deep understanding of the needs of cyclists and their commitment to excellence in design and construction. With a range of successful models, significant achievements in high -level races and a recent expansion to high -performance bicycles, Labyrinth represents a safe investment for any cycling enthusiast.

The curious history of Labyrinth bicycles

The origin of Labyrinth dates back to 2001, when Cardric Braconnot, an outstanding French mountain cyclist, decided to design his own bicycle picture due to dissatisfaction with the existing options. This led to the creation of two prototype series in 2003, which became Labyrinth's first paintings.

2004 marked the official start of the Labyrinth company. In 2005, they presented their first model, the Icarus, and a professional team was formed. With a trio of high -level corridors competing at the national and European level, Labyrinth won a 4x France championship and also took the general victory in the European Cup in marathon.

Between 2007 and 2010, Labyrinth added three other models to his line: Altair, Agile and the Minotaur. The Agile soon became an icon of the brand for Enduro enthusiasts, while the impressive results of the Minotaur in the world cup of descent in BTT helped increase the visibility and reputation of the brand.

Labyrinth's development stopped in 2014 due to an accident that resulted in a long recovery for the brand's founder. During this time, the company decided to keep only one bicycle model.

However, 2021 witnessed Labyrinth's revitalization with the development of a series of high performance bicycles, marking an exciting new chapter in the history of the brand.

Labyrinth's most outstanding models

Are you looking for a fast, versatile mountain electric bicycle and at an unbeatable price? Choose the Labyrinth e-Ucrus.

Do you prefer a double suspension mountain electric bicycle to master the most demanding paths? Choose Labyrinth e-Agile.

Advantages of buying a reconditioned Labyrinth bicycle

Buying a reconditioned bicycle is an excellent option fundamentally for three reasons:

The first is economic savings. Buying a second -hand bicycle reconditioned in Tuvalum you get a saving between 20% and up to 60% compared to its new price.

The second reason is mechanical certification. You can buy a second -hand Labyrinth bicycle from an individual, but most websites and apps of used products do not offer any guarantee on the status of the items they sell and you have to trust that a stranger does not sell you a bicycle with hidden damage . In Tuvalum all bicycles are reviewed and reconditioned by our mechanical team with 1 year mechanical guarantee and with 18 -month repurchase guarantee. In addition, our mechanics ensure that each reconditioned bicycle meets the same technical requirements and approval that the European Union requires new bicycles.

Another weight of weight to buy a reconditioned Labyrinth bicycle is its sustainable impact. Being a bicycle that has already been manufactured, you save the environmental footprint that would generate a new bicycle. Did you know that manufacturing a bicycle generates a carbon footprint of 300 kilos of CO2?