Bicycles designed for speed and performance. In Tuvalum you can get your bicycle Cervlo reconditioned at the best price with the tranquility and guarantee of our Tuvalum certified label.

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Why choose a Cervelo bicycle?
Cervélo Cycles is a Canadian brand, known for its tireless commitment to innovation and performance. Their bicycles are designed with aerodynamic precision, which makes them the usual choice of elite cyclists and triathletes around the world. Whether you are a professional corridor and a cycling enthusiast, a Cervélo bicycle is designed to offer speed, stability and response capacity, providing a remarkably softer and faster walk. The meticulous attention to detail in the brand design is reflected in the quality of the materials they use, ensuring a long -lasting product.
Investing in a bicycle Cervélo is not just a matter of having a bike; It is about experiencing a world class engineering piece. Known for being a pioneer in aerodynamic paintings without compromising the weight, Cervélo constantly pushes the limits to create bicycles that have been tested in the hardest races in the world, from the cobblestones of Paris-Roubaix to the Ironman World Championship in Kona.
Cervélo: Punta and Technology Engineering, at the service of the most demanding cyclists
In 1995, in Toronto, Canada, Cervélo Cycles was born from the vision of two engineers, Gerard Vroomen and Phil White. They launched Cervélo with the aim of creating faster and faster and aerodynamically efficient bicycles, based on wide scientific research. The company quickly gained reputation for its innovation, as seen in its surprising choice to develop high -end aluminum tables at a time when carbon fiber was dominating the industry. This demonstrated its commitment to extensive R&D and high competition, instead of simply following market trends.
The promotion to Cervélo's prominence was meteoric, thanks to its sponsorship of world-class athletes and racing equipment, which brought significant victories, including victories in Paris-Roubaix and a triumph in the Tour de France with Carlos Sastre in 2008. These successes not only placed Cervélo in the spotlight, but also positioned the brand as a revolutionary in the world of cycling, being the first bicycle manufacturer of the 21st century in having their own professional cycling team. In recent years, Cervélo has maintained a strong presence in professional cycling, contributing significantly to the four stage victories of Mark Cavendish in the Tour de France of 2016. The brand has also played a significant role in track cycling and triathlon , with the British triathlete Chrissie Wellington winning the Ironman World Championship on a Cervélo bicycle.
Keep in mind that this content is based on information available until September 2021, and the company's facts and policies may have changed since then. Always consult the most recent and official sources to obtain the most up -to -date and precise information.
The most prominent models of Cervélo
Cérvelo has different families of bicycles that are labeled according to the letter that accompanies their models based on the benefits.
The R models are road bicycles, some with unique shapes in the pipeline of their paintings, although with the pleasure of rolling as the main incentive. It highlights for example the R5, a high quality climbing bicycle.
On the other hand, the S series of Cérvelo is the range of road dedicated to performance, with a special accent in the integration of its elements. This Aero Type Type in its day came to gain stages and classic cobblestones, something unusual for a bicycle with an aerial geometry of these characteristics. Within this range, we find the very quick Cevelo S5.
The P series is distinguished by the aerodynamic finishes on its lower part, some really striking, although ideal for triathlon practice, while those with TIs tests and improvements in your material.
Advantages of buying a reconditioned cervélo bicycle
Buying a reconditioned bicycle is an excellent option fundamentally for three reasons:
The first is economic savings. Buying a second -hand bicycle reconditioned in Tuvalum you get a saving between 20% and up to 60% compared to its new price.
The second reason is mechanical certification. You can buy a second -hand cervélo bicycle from an individual, but most websites and apps of used products do not offer any guarantee about the state of the items they sell and you have to trust that a stranger does not sell you a bicycle with hidden damage . In Tuvalum all bicycles are reviewed and reconditioned by our mechanical team with 1 year mechanical guarantee and with 18 -month repurchase guarantee. In addition, our mechanics ensure that each reconditioned bicycle meets the same technical requirements and approval that the European Union requires new bicycles.
Another weight of weight to buy a reconditioned cervélo bicycle is its sustainable impact. Being a bicycle that has already been manufactured, you save the environmental footprint that would generate a new bicycle. Did you know that manufacturing a bicycle generates a carbon footprint of 300 kilos of CO2?