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What is the best time to go by bicycle?

What is the best time to go by bicycle?

You may have already asked yourself this question if you want to improve your state in form and seek to find the ideal time to get by bicycle. We usually go out to train by bike depending on the schedules that mark our daily obligations and routines (work, studies, obligations, etc.). Some prefer to leave very soon in the morning because it is the best moment they have before going to work; Others go by bicycle at the last minute because that is when they have closed their day and have free. But what is the best time to train? Is there a time strip in which training takes advantage of? Several studies have shown that there are certain hours a day better than others to practice cycling. The advantage of shooting during those hours implies benefits on our performance, delaying the appearance of fatigue. We reveal to you what time or moment of the day is better to go by bicycle.

Mornings vs afternoons

There are contradictory scientific theories and studies about whether it is better to do sports in the morning, in the afternoon or at night. But the majority agrees that, beyond the chosen hour, the important thing is that they are common and, to be able to be, within the same time strip. For example, a study of Irvine University (California) defends the first hours of the morning as the best time to do sports. In the morning matabolism is accelerated and so -called happiness hormones (such as dopamine or endorphins) are generated. These will contribute to a better post-exercise recovery. In the opposite line we find another study of the WIEZMANN SCIENCE INSTITUTE Israelí, whose conclusion is that the last hours of the afternoon - among the 7pm and 9pm - are the best to go to train. Either by bicycle, running, go to the gym, etc. In those hours our body temperature is higher, the muscles do not only need prior heating and the burning of calories is greater. In summary, the body is already active and we can gain efficiency and have less risk of injuries when exercising. So which of them do we trust? Next we will expose the proven advantages of rolling by bicycle on each time slot.

Benefits of practicing cycling in the morning

Cycling woman hoping her jersey Several studies, added to the increasingly frequent fasting training programs of many professionals, such as German Sebaskian KienleThey show the advantages of training in the morning. In general, they are the following:

Greater weight loss

Bike bike in the morning is better than in the afternoon if your goal will lose weight. If you train on an empty stomach, even more, since the body will use more fat than glycogen (carbohydrates) to function.

Reduces stress and anxiety

When training in the morning the so -called hormones of happiness are released: dopamine, endorphine and serotonin. This reduces stress and anxiety, later relaxing muscles and joints.

Better recovery

The release of hormones have a positive effect on rest and subsequent recovery. In addition, you will reach the end of the most tired day, which helps sleep better.

Benefits of practicing cycling in the afternoon

cyclist drinking water Other studies, unlike the previous ones, point in the afternoon as the ideal time of the day to obtain maximum performance. Specifically the last hours of the afternoon, already with sunset. These are the advantages of going by bicycle in the afternoon:

More active body

Muscles and joints will take less to get full performance, because the body temperature will be higher. In the morning it is necessary to make a previous warming or roll softer starting, but in the afternoon we will take less to enter the optimal area of ​​activity.

Increase in performance

The most recent studies consulted coincide in an increase in the global athlete of the athlete of 10% or higher with respect to the morning.

Less fatigue

Having more energy will make the appearance of fatigue be delayed, motivate yourself and complete your output with good performance data.

Benefits of practicing cycling at night

Night cyclist Although it is less frequent, there are those who choose the first hours of the night to train, fundamentally because they finish their day at the last minute and it is in this strip when they can take place to go by bicycle. There are several advantages of training once the sun has fallen:

Greater accumulated energy

Something similar to the afternoon outings happens. We still accumulate a large amount of energy, due to the increase in body temperature, which we can take to burn pedaling at the end of the day.

Free more stress

It is possible that after a hard day of work or study, the only thing that you want is to rest. But doing a cardiovascular activity, such as cycling, will help weave muscles and joints of accumulated tension. And it will also release adrenaline, one of the hormones that stimulate the human body and give it an extra energy contribution.

Help better sleep

The general idea is that if you have done a stimulating activity such as sport at the last minute of the day, it will cost to relax the body to sleep again. But several training experts contradict this idea. Especially relevant is an article published in the Washington Post In the several experts in Sports Sciences they explain the advantages of sport in increasing sleep.

Conclusion: Is there an ideal time to go by bicycle?

Cyclist resting There is really no definitive and resounding answer to this question. It is shown that Bicycle offers a multitude of benefits at any time of day. Although at one time or another, certain advantages will be emphasized. It will depend on your goals or the idea with which you go out to ride a bike. If what you want with cycling is to have a good physique, lose weight, etc., without a doubt the best time to leave is the first hours of the morning. On the other hand, if you intend to train at the highest level and increase your performance, the last hours of the afternoon or first of the night seem the best in view of the studies consulted. In any case, choose one hour or another will depend on your work or studies routines. The important thing, above all, is that you are constant in your departures and try to do so at the same time to start having results.
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