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What is the best padlock for your bicycle?

What is the best padlock for your bicycle?

We are not going to deceive you. No safety system is infallible, including the best bicycle locks you can imagine. With knowledge and timely tools, a thief can burst it in less than a rooster sings. It's, yes, put it as difficult as possible. One of the best tips we can give you is that you use two locks with locks of different types and brands. It is possible that a friend of others can burst a type of lock, but it will be more difficult to end a completely different padlock. The task is complicated. This measure is preferable to look for a single lock, a priori, inviolable.
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Main types of bicycle locks

On the margin, there are four large categories of bicycle locks: the locks in U, the articulated folding locks, the chain locks and the cable padlock. Next, we analyze some of its peculiarities, so that you choose the one that best suits your requirements.

Locks in U

We could say that the U -lock is the bicycle lock by antonomasia. The design consists of a large shackle and a reinforced crossbar with the built -in block mechanism. It has existed for many years and, in reality, it is a single large lock. U los in U are popular among cyclists because they offer a good balance between portability and weight. Normally, they are sold with a support that allows you to fix them to the bicycle box. They provide a good level of protection.
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In general, the locks in U dissuade the opportunistic thief. It is not easy to end them. In any case (better to prevent than regret) also ensures that the padlock remains away from the ground. In this way, you will hinder the operations of the caco. Fill the shackle as much as you can to avoid attacks by lever. A U U lock with a shorter shackle will help in this regard, although it will make the bike's mooring difficult. If you use two locks in a good quality, your protection level will be excellent. Use one to secure the rear wheel and the frame, and another to secure the front wheel and the frame. The solid metal shackles that make up these devices subtract versatility compared to folding or chain type locks. Therefore, combining them with a second lock is a good idea.

Folding locks

If you want a combination of lightness, portability and resistance in which to trust for prolonged stops, a folding lock can be the ideal solution. Folding locks are the most portable in the market. Saved in their case, they occupy little more than the palm of one hand, so they are easy to transport. The most resistant use 5.5 mm hardened steel plates.
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Due to their reduced thickness, these plates do not provide as much security as the shackle of a lock in U, but their wide and flat shape makes them resistant to almost all attacks.

Chain locks

If you are looking for a lock for a bike that remains a long time, a large and heavy chain with reinforced links is the best option. Combined with a powerful lock, it provides the highest level of security for your bicycle. They are somewhat cumbersome to transport. The weight of the locks and reinforced links make the weight substantially greater than that of other types of lock.
A heavy chain with reinforced links offers an exceptional level of protection.
A chain lock is usually covered by a fabric cover to protect the box. For the same reason, the Us in U that we have seen before have a plastic or rubber coating. An advantage of the chain is that it is adaptable and can reach any corner of your bicycle. Its form also hinders the attack with traditional tools. Try to do lever with a chain and you will see that it is not easy. It is also difficult to attack them with electric tools and impossible to cut when the section of its links measures 16 mm or more.

Cable locks

Light, flexible and cheap. Cable locks are composed of braided metal threads, hidden under plastic coating. Most provide minimum security levels and you should only use them in short stops, where your bicycle is not 100% unattended. It is a fact that bicycle thieves specifically point to these locks. Some reports suggest that up to 90% of bicycles assaulted They have a cable lock as a security measure.
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But not everything is inconvenience; on the contrary. A combination of a U -lock with a cable padlock offers a relatively light solution to secure both bicycle ends. Some of these cables come with their own blocking mechanism, with key opening or by numerical combination. In other cases, they only have one loop at each end, designed to be used in combination with another type of padlock. In this way, we can secure a good part of the bicycle. By ensuring your bike, consider its most valuable components. You can use a cable padlock to secure the front wheel, while you can use a folding or U to safeguard the rear wheel and the frame. In any case, do not use a cable padlock as the only option. Interior metal strands can be cut with a simple shear.

How to fall your bicycle

Well then. Seen the types of locks, we go to action. It is little use to have a bomb -proof device if you do not know some notions before leaving your bike alone and in view of everyone. We share with you good and bad practices that you must take into account for greater security. They are not the panacea, but they help.

Good practices when you fall your bicycle

  • Always choose a crowded place to park your bicycle. Thieves don't like act with public. Look for a place where there are many more bicycles and place it in the middle, never at one of the ends.
  • Always tied your bicycle to a fixed point, such as a parking lot or similar. Make sure neither the bike nor the lock can be released from the mooring point without the use of force.
When you save your bike, try to do it in a busy place where there are more bikes parked.
  • Use a quality lock for your bike and tie the rear wheel and the rear triangle from the box to the mooring point.
  • Whenever you can, use a second padlock to also ensure the front wheel (ideally, also the front of the box). For a thief it is easy to disassemble the wheel and take it.
  • If you use several locks, try to combine them with different types (for example, a U -line padlock; or a key lock with a combination). Vulnerabilities differ and work for the thief is piled up.
  • Try to put on thieves as difficult as possible. When you secure your bicycle, try to keep the locks away from the ground. In this way, they will have it more complicated to make lever for the use of shear or mazes. It also adjusts the locks as firmly that you can around the painting. Leaving too much slack facilitates the work of the caco.

Bad practices to save your bicycle

  • Avoid falling your bicycle, only, with the front wheel. The thief can release it and take the rest of your bike in seconds. A lonely front wheel tied to a portabicis is a too common image.
  • Nor do you sing your bicycle next to another bike.
  • Also avoid falling your bike for the painting only. You will leave too much free space inside the padlock, making it more vulnerable. In addition, your wheels will be unprotected.
  • Finally, before leaving your bike, make sure you have your locks correctly and that they are well tied.
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