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What advantages do antipostatic armchairs provide?

What advantages do antipostatic armchairs provide?

Virtually all at some point in our cycling life, especially at the beginning, we have suffered from numbness or discomfort of the genital area. This may be due to several problems. In this article we will try to find the possible causes and solutions, since this problem should not be careless. Although we are willing to suffer from time to time, it is not this type of suffering we are looking for. Using an antiprostatic armchair can solve this problem and avoid future injuries in the area, although before deciding to buy one it is convenient to know the causes that cause the numbness of the genitals when we go by bicycle.

Why do the genitals sleep?

Men have linked the prostate with the genital area through the perineum. When we ride a bicycle, our body exerts pressure on that area with the armchair, closing the blood flow in the perineum. This causes a lack of sensitivity in the genitals. This problem can be more or less accused in some people or others, and also depends on bicycle settings. It is usually given to a greater extent in long increases.

What is the right posture on the bicycle

Cyclist A key point to avoid future injuries, to go comfortable and to get our maximum efficiency on top of the bicycle is to have it perfectly adjusted to us and our way of pedaling. An adequate bicycle size, a handlebar and armchairs placed at the height and in the optimal position for our complexion is essential to release pressure in the saddle and distribute it properly in the three support points of our body with the bicycle, it is of Say, armchair, fists and pedals. If the correct adjustment is not possible or doubts are recommended, it is recommended to go to a biomechanical. >> How to choose the correct bicycle size Sometimes, tilting a tad the head of the armchair down it is possible to release some pressure from the perineal area and solve these problems. Also a very high or delayed armchair, or a very remote handlebar or very underground the pressure in the perineum with the consequent numbness.

Advantages of the antiprostatic armchair

Antiprostatic armchair If after making the appropriate adjustments on our bicycle the problem persists, fortunately there are more alternatives: antiprostatic armchairs. They are armchairs with an oval opening in the central area that avoid body pressure in the perineum when we are sitting on the bicycle. The main benefits provided by an antiprostatic armchair are the following:
  • They release the pressure of the perineal zone, favoring the flow of blood to the genitals.
  • They allow longer routes or spend more time above the bicycle by reducing discomfort.

Do not be wrong with size

Antiprostatic Silín When buying an antiprostatic armchair it is convenient to take into account the size. Not all armchairs adapt to all cyclists. This tamibén component has different carving and widths. Choosing an incorrect size can cause the weight of our body to fall on the perineum instead of the ischions, which are the bones on which we should support ourselves when sitting on the bicycle. If we want to know what our ideal armchair is, we must measure the distance we have between the ischions. The most generalized widths in armchairs are 130 mm, 143 mm and 155 mm, such as those used by Specialized. For example, its S-Worx Power supervants work two measures 143 and 155 mm. Sumle Italy distinguishes its armchairs in 2 families with 3 types in each. The S family corresponds to narrow armchairs with measures between 131 mm and 135 mm wide. The l family corresponds to broader armchairs ranging from 143mm to 150 mm. Each of these families has 3 types of armchairs, numbered from 1 to 3. This number indicates the size of the opening of the perineal zone. Type 1 armchairs lack central opening, those of type 2 have a small opening and those of type 3 have a broader cut. The latter are ideal for cyclists with great pelvic rotation.


At this point you may be thinking if the continued practice of cycling can cause prostate problems over time. In this regard, the doctor François hairstyle, says the following: "There are no data that relate prostate problems with the practice of cycling, but it is advisable to practice it in patients suffering from inflammation of the prostate, to avoid pelvic congestion and discomfort in the pelvic floor." There are many hours that we throw ourselves on the bicycle, and these have to be to enjoy. We cannot afford to be discomfort or numb, because they can have an easy solution with an antiprostatic armchair. This is the most economical way to solve it, and if these discomforts still persist, a visit to a biomechanical will be a successful shot.
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