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Wear underwear when you go by bicycle, success or error?

Wear underwear when you go by bicycle, success or error?

This article is aimed at users who start in cycling, and who often doubt material and equipment, which may not have fallen at this point: should I do without underwear, this is underpants or panties, in practice of cycling? The answer is, as in everything, it depends. Obviously, for the practice of urban cycling, which only contemplates our displacement by city or people to perform any other activity, we can use perfectly underwear. They are short journeys, of less than half an hour, and as we need a clothing according to the activity that we will develop after pedaling (work, shopping, etc.), we usually wear normal street clothes, without the need for a culotte or a jersey. In this case, underwear does not involve a problem at all. The thing changes when we talk about sports cycling. We have a longer pedaling time, greater than one hour in all cases, and it is common to sweat. Therefore, the underwear should be in the closet and help us with a culotte, with its corresponding Badana, to avoid pain and chafing. Cyclists The use of culotte without wearing underwear makes sense for several reasons:
  • It is an elastic garment that adapts to our legs, and that provides us with the freedom of movements necessary to be able to pedal and move on the bicycle comfortably. Thus friction and irritations are avoided.
  • It comes with a Badana that, in addition to offering an elastic base on which to sit, eliminates sweat thanks to its perspiration capacity.
It should be noted that Badanas have small differences between men and women, so when acquiring a culotte, it is necessary to ensure what type and model is the best for us.
  • It lacks seams in the crotch part. This area is normally made of one piece, and although the Badana is sewn, these seams are not a problem since they are interiors, and in areas where we have no probability of rubbing.
The use of more culotte underpants or panties is a big problem in the case of longer routes than the short displacements in the city or town, because the evacuation of sweat hinders the generation of frictions. If we wear underwear between the culotte and the skin, that adjustment provides the culotte is lost, and therefore, beyond the problems derived from sweating and chazaduras, we will not feel the comfort that we achieve only when using the direct culotte to the fur.

Avoid hygiene problems

The Badanas of the Culottes are made with special materials that facilitate perspiration. And thanks to antibacterial treatments we also avoid irritation problems, since humidity is greatly reduced by sweat. This humidity could generate fungi and bacteria that finally derive in chafing and injuries in areas of the body that, being really delicate, would make us have to stop our activity for a few days. It is also worth highlighting the bad smells. The problem of the lack of perspiration of underwear is the material from which these garments are made: cotton. This material absorbs moisture instead of evacuating it.

If professionals do not use it ...

There is another reason why it is not recommended to wear under the culotte. And it is as simple as professionals do not carry it. Many times just look towards the competition to copy behaviors. If professionals do something, it is not by whim or by imposition of their sponsors (or at least not always), but for their convenience. If they don't wear underwear either.

Use of culotte substitute bermuda

Bermuda Many times putting the culotte gives us modesty due to the lack of a good figure, because we have a few kilos, and it gives us some shame to wear tight clothes. This should not be a problem, since there are very economical models of cycling pants with interior Badana, which replace the interior Bermuda-Rapa team that some initiated fans can be using. In these cases, Badana fits the skin and the Bermuda conceals our shame. If this is your case, do not worry. Based on kilometers above the bicycle you will get a modelic figure and you can wear thighs with a culotte appropriate to your size, and thus enjoy 100%cycling.
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