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Virtual reality reaches cycling to make Indoor training more fun

Virtual reality reaches cycling to make Indoor training more fun

In recent years, the popularity of static bicycles and roller to train Indoor has increased. One of its advantages is the Ease to train without leaving home and the low cost of investment in equipment. Indoor cycling gains adherents even among those who like to practice outdoor cycling, as a complement to their training or on occasions when bad weather prevents out with the bicycle. Thanks to virtual reality, it is now possible to recreate outdoor training from a roller inside the house, and even compete with other cyclists located anywhere in the world. This is the experience proposed by the ZWIFT Virtual Platform. Zwift is a multiplayer virtual platform, through which You can establish contact with other cyclists and compete with them, also enjoying the feeling of traveling different routes in the world, and even listen to bicycle noises and some ambient sounds. In other words: it is an interactive video game where each cyclist can dive into a virtual reality race or training from their static or roller bike. The platform is still in the test phase, although any cyclist can be tested by downloading the application from the Zwift website. With this beta version you can evaluate the quality of the simulation program and leave their opinion on the details that the company must adjust before launching its final version.

Measuring performance

One of the most interesting features of this virtual reality platform for cycling is the possibility of measuring the performance that has been had during the tour, whether it is a training or an online race with other users. Record data such as heart rate, speed, distance and power. These data are then encoded by the system and allows, among other things, to establish classifications with the best times and career parameters. Zwift According to the company, To make the measurements it will only be necessary to have a static bicycle or a roller and some speed and cadence sensors, which are compatible with ant+, which is one of the most used wireless communication standards currently in sports for companies such as Garmin and Adidas. A smartphone or any other device that works as a transmitter of the information. This version is available for free for Mac and Windows, and on mobile devices for iOS and Android. https://vimeo.com/107591350
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