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Tuvalum full of reconditioned bicycles the empty Spain

Tuvalum full of reconditioned bicycles the empty Spain

One of the main problems of living in rural areas is that access to certain businesses is very limited. This, taken to the case of cycling means that if you live in a provinces town, most likely, the nearest bicycle shop is located tens of kilometers away from your home. This is why Tuvalum has become the main alternative for cyclists in these rural areas for a few years, especially those of the so -called Emptied Spain, when buying a bicycle. Our 100% digital sales model with delivery service in 3-5 days is a considerable saving of time and kilometers for the inhabitants of these populations, which in this way do not need to move from municipality in municipality in search of a bicycle store where to see and compare offers. And as in Tuvalum we sell reconditioned bicycles, savings is double. The price of a reconditioned bicycle is between 20% and up to 70% less compared to the price of that same new bicycle. And as they are reconditioned by our team of mechanics, they have the Tuvalum certified label, which guarantees that all mechanical components meet the same security and homologation requirements that the European Union requires new bicycles, a unique guarantee in the sector.

The new way of buying a bicycle in rural Spain

[Captation Id = "Attachment_10686" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "900"]Cyclist woman with road bike #image_title[/caption] Buying a bicycle is not an easy task in rural Spain. Most villages lack a bicycle store, especially in small towns with less than 5,000 inhabitants and away from urban nuclei or provincial capitals. In addition, even if the nearest store was in the town next door the options to get the bicycle that really fits with your needs, objectives and budget are limited, since it is most likely that this store only distributes one or two brands like a lot.
From Tuvalum we have sold bicycles to villages of less than 1,000 inhabitants in all the provinces of Spain.
That is why Tuvalum has become the main option of emptied Spain when buying a bicycle. “The nearest store has a click away. If you have an Internet connection you have access to the largest catalog of reconditioned bicycles with maximum guarantee of Europe from your mobile, ”explains Alejandro Pons, CEO of Tuvalum. "Our digital store model is revolutionizing the experience of buying a bicycle because we have turned a complex process, full of discomforts and insecurities in a safe, accessible and comfortable experience from any point in Spain."

Online bicycles in villages of less than 100 inhabitants

[Captation Id = "Attachment_6552" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "900"]Mountain bikes (Image: Tom Conway - Unsplash)[/caption] Our formula of digitizing the experience of buying a bicycle from any population has penetrated in recent years in emptied Spain. In 2022 we sold bicycles in more than a thousand towns of less than 5,000 inhabitants. Even in villages with less than 100 inhabitants who found in Tuvalum the perfect solution to access a bicycle saving money, with the best guarantees and without the need to move anywhere. From Tuvalum we have sold bicycles to villages of less than 1,000 inhabitants in all the provinces of Spain. In some municipalities of these characteristics we have sold several units thanks to some clients who have tried our service have recommended us to their neighbors. This was the case of Javier Gallart, resident in the SOS of the Catholic king, a town in Zaragoza that has just over 500 inhabitants. "There is hardly any supermarket and much less a bicycle store, the closest is in Pamplona at 60 kilometers," he explains. Javier has bought two bicycles in Tuvalum in the last two years. “I discovered Tuvalum through a friend and the experience has been very good in the two purchases that I have made, from the advice to the quality of the bicycle upon receiving it. What I like most is the honesty and transparency you give in your service. ” Ana Isabel González is another of the cyclists of empty Spain that bought a bicycle in Tuvalum in 2022. In his case from Villabuena, a town in the province of León with less than 200 registered inhabitants. “I was a little scared to buy a bicycle online because it is a lot of money and in our town there is no store. I was looking for a bicycle for my son and I met Tuvalum on my cousin's recommendation. The attention they gave me was excellent, all my doubts answered, everything came great and my son is delighted with his bicycle. ”
The Tuvalum certified label that accompanies our bicycles is the largest reconditioned bicycle standard in Europe.
Xabier Abrego also looked for a bicycle. He lives in Satrústegi, a population of Navarra of 53 inhabitants. “There is no bike store here, the closest is 10 kilometers. A friend who had bought at Tuvalum recommended me to look on your website and the truth is that the service and attention were very good. I am very satisfied with my decision to buy a bike online. ” Bicycles in villages of less than 1,000 inhabitants, of less than 100 inhabitants ... even numerous orders that reach us from villages, distances and populations of less than 50 inhabitants, such as Arcooncillos (Segovia), Lugones (Asturias), sends it (Almería ), Liencres (Cantabria), Moaña (Pontevedra) or Leioa (Vizcaya), to name some of the dozen small municipalities of rural Spain where cycling is practiced with the reconditioned bicycles of Tuvalum.

The ideal solution for rural Spain

[Captation id = "Attachment_10683" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "900"]Xabier Abrego, a cyclist who bought a bicycle in Tuvalum Image: Xabier Abrego[/caption] There are several reasons why Tuvalum has become one of the main alternatives for cyclists in Spain emptied at the time of purchase a bicycle, although they all have a common element: the customer experience and the comfort and safety it offers our service. All bicycles that make up the Tuvalum catalog have a few years and have been inspected and reconditioned by our team of mechanics following the highest market standards. The Tuvalum certified label that accompanies our bicycles is the largest reconditioned bicycle standard in Europe. In addition, we not only offer the 12 -month commercial guarantee required by the regulations, but we give 30 days of return and 18 months of repurchase. This means that at any time during the 18 months of the purchase you can deliver your bicycle and we replace it so you can change it for another of our catalog. “In Spain, second -hand bicycles have always been sold, but it has never been a comfortable operation and has always been surrounded by fears, insecurities and deceptions. Tuvalum is getting the interest in buying a reconditioned bicycle grows, especially in rural environments, where we already send more than 20 percent of our orders, ”explains Alejandro Pons, CEO of Tuvalum. The experience of accessing a wide stock of bicycles reconditioned from the mobile phone, being advised by a team of experts without moving anywhere, having all the information on each bicycle, buying it in one click and receiving it in 3-5 days in any Point with the maximum guarantees and post-sale service has caused Tuvalum to contribute to filling the emptying of bicycles.
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