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Trek Madone Butterfly: The most quoted bicycle in history

Trek Madone Butterfly: The most quoted bicycle in history

Talking about Lance Armstrong is talking about a fallen myth, a corridor that because of the doping has gone from being an idol of sport and an example for many people to an example of what should not be done. But apart from his sports history, the North American has never hesitated to support beneficial causes, where its Livestrong Foundation came to collect huge amounts for cancer research and other educational projects. One of the shares with which the Livestrong Foundation managed to raise half a million dollars was to auction the Lance Armstrong bicycle at the Sotheby's auction house. Butterfly was the name of the Trek Madone bicycle That, in 2009, after finishing the Tour of France was 'tuned' by the British artist Damien Hirst to turn it into an out of the ordinary bicycle. Hirts adhered the real wings of butterflies that were placed in the frame and tires.

A bicycle with real butterflies

The technical problems that this particular decoration had were great, Hirst himself explained that his decision to use real butterflies and not only butterflies images was because he wanted it to be shone with a light that could only be achieved by real butterflies and also wanted Do not add additional weight. The truth is that it is this hybrid between bicycle and art work was wrapped in the controversy, both for the price and the protests of organizations defending animals rights, which considered the work of a Hirst in bad taste that Today is still news from time to time for his controversial works. Trek Butterfly Madone Bono, the singer of the Irish group U2, spoke with Hirs which was decorated that for the noble reason for his auction. The wings were the symbol of a new takeoff in Armstrong's career, which returned in that 2009 to the Tour de France with 37 years, after being voluntarily away from the road. That year was third, although at the beginning of 2012 the judicial process began that ended as void all the results that the corridor achieved since August 1, 1998 onwards, in addition to a sanction for life that would prevent him from returning to professional sport . In the trial it was ordered to dispossess the 7 tours and the Olympic medal.
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