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Tips for starting in road cycling

Tips for starting in road cycling

How to start dating road bike? How many kilometers go on your first routes? What is the best bicycle to start in this cycling modality? Start in road cycling, whether you are new and if you come from another cycling modality, it can be intimidating. Many images associate it with speed, high performance or technology. Too often, it is presented as a 100% competitive category, instead of transmitting what it really is: a very funny way of bicycle. Here are some tips or recommendations to enjoy it from the first moment.

Choose the right bicycle

The choice of a road bike is not a trivial matter. It will depend on your budget and your way of understanding cycling. In the market there are models focused on covering different needs, which have diverse abilities and geometries. Some are more focused on performance and speed, others are more climbing and light; There are more comfortable and suitable for long routes. Maybe these last, the so -called bikes endurance, adequate for a first -time road cyclist. Especially, because of its balanced geometry, to which any people can easily adapt. It is true that the position on a racing bicycle is, in itself, more uncomfortable than that of an urban or MTB bike. That is why you have to pay close attention to the stature of the painting. Endless here can have dire consequences. [IRP posts = "87" name = "How to choose the correct bicycle size"] In any case, it is a good idea to go to a experience of experience, where they will give you advice depending on your needs, they will help you choose the correct size, the proper development, etc ... in short, it is a good point of Meeting and advice for your new stage as a road cyclist.
👉 Surely you are interested. In Tuvalum you can find high -end road bikes, but also models like these; For less than 1,500 euros, they offer you a good cost-reference balance for your first pedaling. Enter here and take a look. road bicycles for not started And if you have doubts about which bicycle model is the most suitable for you, try The Tuvalum recommender, where we help you find the one that best fits with your profile.

Do not leave anything to chance

Act with forecast and leave nothing to chance. Before leaving with your brand new road bike, make sure the transmission looks like new. Minimum maintenance should include cleaning and lubrication of the chain regularly. Always in this order, since the attached particles could damage the gears. You will avoid the damn creaks and prolong the life of the transmission Don't even think about new fat on old fat because of the rush. You will only fill the chain of a filthy paste. [IRP posts = "5635" name = "wax or oil to grease the bike chain, what is better?"] Check the pressure of your tires. It is the only thing that keeps you in contact with the road. And with that, few jokes. All covers show on the side the maximum and minimal pressures recommended. But you don't hurry too much. The theory says that the ideal pressure measured in bars should be 10% of the weight of the cycling-bicycle set. The purchase of a standing pump with pressure meter is, therefore, something essential. In any case, the inflation of our tires will also depend on external factors, such as the state of the road. If we talk about wheels, you don't need to spend a child, but you do invest a bit in the shoes From you bicycle. Buy the best tires you can afford.

Find a group

[Captation Id = "Attachment_9281" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]Cyclists greeting Image: Pexels.[/caption] On some occasions, shooting alone is a very pleasant experience. The problem is when we do not have another alternative. Ideally, join a cycling club and have the option to share a route with related people. Not surprisingly, cycling is an activity with a strong social component. It is not, only, to give pedals, but also to change the atmosphere, to joke with the group, etc ... If you commit to a group, go to pedal will cost you less when the conditions are not optimal, or when it touches more than the account. You will learn from your classmates to shoot in a platoon, which is essential. Especially, if you aspire to progress and participate in an event with other cyclists. Inevitably, going out in a group will make it easier for you to refine your preparation because there will be times when you have to press so as not to stay behind. Thanks to the experience of your grupeta companions, you can know mechanics and maintenance issues ... In short, you will progress more and faster. Of course: when integrating into a club, observe and do not do exhibitions Before the account, no matter how strong you feel. Be cautious. [IRP Posts = "8712" Name = "How to roll in a platoon so as not to lite it: 12 practical tips"]

Keep calm on the bicycle

Pedal without fear. You may know cyclists who feel dread when facing the road and motorized traffic. It is quite frequent, for example, in RIDERS that come from the MTB. It is true that road cycling entails a risk. But do not let fear attenace you and prevents you from enjoying your passion for the bicycle. Apply common sense. It is important to be seen, knowing the regulations and anticipating the dangers. On the road, it circulates as close as possible to the shoulder. Always keep a straight and predictable trajectory (especially if group wheels), and always look back if you are going to perform an overtaking maneuver or trajectory change. [IRP posts = "5167" name = "mandatory traffic standards for cyclists (and the most common fines)"] In city, buy yourself like any other vehicle, since the regulations protect you. Occupy your lane and do not circulate next to the curb chip, since it is more dangerous. First of all, make yourself see and respect all traffic signs. It is possible that a driver does not understand it, but you will get home safe and safely. Anticipate and look in the eyes of the drivers to provide their reactions at the wheel.

Let yourself see

A rear light is an element that you should not do without. Always circulate with the rear light on; If possible, in intermittent mode. But do not satisfy yourself with any model or the cheapest, since your security is at stake. It is important that you have an opening angle of 180 degrees. In this way, you will be visible not only from behind but also laterally; It will give you a security plus when driving through the city or in areas planted with intersections and crosses. A recommendation: When you get home on your route by bike, adopt as routine the immediate recharge of your lights. In this way, you will have them ready for your next exit. [IRP posts = "7091" name = "How to choose lights for your bicycle"] Although less than good lights, the color of your clothes also counts, of course. Especially, when you leave without lighting. Therefore, keep a balance between fashion and security. And if you have to choose, opt for the second. Today, many cycling equipment comes in flat and little contrasted colors, which does not favor security. In low light conditions, he flees from the colors off, of the gray, of the black ... various studies ensure that the most visible colors from long distance are, in this order: green (well above the rest), the white and yellow.

Tray your pedaling technique

Cycling shoes If they are starting in road cycling, it is the perfect time to not acquire vices. With the passage of time, unlearning and improving is more complicated, although it is not impossible. Don't take the expression pedal the verbatim. Think about the rods of the plate of a bicycle as if they were the hands of a clock. Instead of filming kicking between 2 and 6, focus on rolling gently. Distributes the effort between 12 and 8 with a pedaling more round. You will work more muscles and notice medium -term improvement. Try to maintain a high and regular pedaling cadence, from 70 to 90 pedaling per minute. [IRP Posts = "7981" Name = "What is the best pedaling cadence on the bicycle?"] If you have no habit, automatic pedals can give you some respect. But don't worry, since you will get used to quite fast. The platform pedals (plans) are, of course, an option, but with the automatic you will be much faster and with maximum security.

Starts little by little

Make the first exits alone, without pressure, and with the aim of gaining confidence. In this way, you will find your own rhythm, change marches when necessary or control the mileage. You can start with 20-30 km two or three times a week. For those who are accustomed to pedaling, it may seem insignificant, but it's not bad to start. The fundamental rule is to start progressivamene. Throughout the years, we have all seen many people overcome after a couple of exits to demand too much from their body and out of love of the bicycle.

Check the time forecast

Plan your outputs taking into account the weather forecast. The cold is not an excuse; But if it rains, it is best to stay at home. See especially wind forecast. The ideal is to return home with air in favor. If you want to have everything under control, you have multiple applications, such as Accuweather, Windfinder and many others. [IRP Posts = "8248" Name = "How to ride a wind against without dying in the attempt"]

Train with head and put goals

Avoid going crazy. There are those who do authentic juggling games to achieve a minimal training routine: studies, family, work ... what happens is that we tend to compensate for the lack of kilometers with excessively demanding exits, which destabilize our body and that they go against a adequate preparation. It also avoids this absurd rule of three: the more hours pedaling, the greater the progress. Mistake. Better the rule of the least is more and respect the breaks. Train with quality. Design tours that force you to rhythm changes and improve quickly, even if you do not do a lot of kilometers. Nor do you forget to make long exits periodically to get used to the body, but do not obsess. [Captation id = "Attachment_6501" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]Cycling woman with long -sleeved jersey (Image: Coen Van de Broek - Unsplash)[/caption] You have many options. A long exit of about 4 hours over the weekend, plus two departures of a couple of hours during the week it can be an adequate formula to achieve a good way and consider the occasional sports challenge, such as participation in sports tests. Remember to consider goals will help you make more effort in your outflows on the road bike. Do not focus your preparation or speed or the number of kilometers. Focus in the pedaling time, in the cadence and in the pulsations. A cyclocomputer will always be a good ally. And if you have a power meter, much better, although it is not usual in the case of beginner cyclists.

Equipate conscientiously

Take care of your equipment, starting with the helmet and good glasses, and following the clothes. Especially, in winter. A typical mistake is to shelter more than the account. When it's cold and leave through the door, you must feel the right heat. No more no less. Being standing, you should have the slight need to pedal to enter a little more heat. If you warm up, you will excessively sweat the first repect, you will feel uncomfortable and your performance will resent. Below 10-11 degrees, we recommend adopting the method of the three layers: a thermal shirt attached to the body, a long jersey and a winter jacket. In this way, you can adjust your warm clothes with more or less thick garments, depending on the temperature. Winter cycling hat   One of the best investments you can make to start in road cycling is a good culotte with braces. Without a doubt, a more appropriate option with adjustment or rubber at the waist (although less is nothing). A culotte with straps guarantees good settings and an absence of seams, which avoids unnecessary friction and irritations. Needless to say, this garment must be used without underwear, since it is expressly designed for it. And if you want to avoid irritations at all costs in your most delicate areas, you can use specific cream to spread in the Badana del Culotte. Solve the question of clothes, you must equip yourself with some basic tools. At least, with those that allow you to repair a puncture on the route. Everything you need to start is an air chamber of the appropriate size, a couple of disassemblies and a small pump. Nor would it be wearing a basic tool for small settings, such as the armchair.

Do not play with food

Take care of your diet, before during and after your routes. You should rule out some topics: get to the top for breakfast, stick to pasta or rice the night before a route. Of course, your deposits must be full before leaving, but putting the body more energy than it can manage can be counterproductive. Instead, follow a daily guideline of healthy eating and do not forget to feed during the route. What happens when we force our body beyond our limits? Well, that birds or fainting, cramps, etc. arrive etc. These are evils caused by lack of training or a lack of food or hydration. As for the first, there is no more solution than training more. As for the intake during your bike exits, there are no exact measures, but a gold law: drink before having thirst and eats before feeling hungry. Cyclist drinking water For efforts that do not pass 60 minutes, with a water drum you would have enough. If your route is around three hours, you should ingest carbohydrates. From there, proteins should also be included. Of course, it limits the fats, since they hinder digestion. Upon getting home, you don't exceed either. In fact, after a demanding effort, you may not even have appetite until after one hour.


As we understand it, road cycling goes more enjoying than suffering. At first, do not worry too much to overcome your limits, compete or update your bicycle with the latest technology available. When you are starting, it is best to limit your team to the essential, without skimming in security. From there you can grow. Train regularly to increase your resistance and look small attainable objectives in the short term. In this way, you will see the results soon and your motivation will grow. It is preferable to go from shorter routes to a shorter than to reduce intensity because we have exceeded our limits. Without a doubt, your first exits will be the most physically difficult. However, you will discover how fast your body is able to adapt to efforts. Now you have to pedal on the roads and have fun. [OPTIN-MONSTER SLUG = "QAPJFYHV5ZVT1ZR0IP1R" FOLLOWRULES = "TRUE"]
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