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This is the new Ultegra R8000 and Di2 Ultegra R8070 group in Shimano

This is the new Ultegra R8000 and Di2 Ultegra R8070 group in Shimano

Ultegra R8000 Shimano has just presented his New range of ultegra change For road bicycles and triathlon. According to the manufacturer, it is a commitment to transfer the technology that apply professional teams and corridors to everyday cyclists. The new Ultegra group consists of two ranges: the so -called R8000 for the version with mechanical change, and the R8070 for the Electronic Di2 variant with brake hydraulic discs. Both versions will replace throughout the summer at 6800 and 6870, which have so successful and excellent performance. What is the main novelty that the new Ultegra shift group brings? Fundamentally the braking system. Shimano has developed hydraulic discs that promise a more powerful braking. They have been tested by professionals and are accompanied by some handles with a new ergonomic design that facilitates braking control. The exchange buttons are also new and offer customization options. Shimano Ultegra brake discs Another novelty of the new Shimano Ultegra change group is that it includes a support for a 34t cassette. There are also new wheels, a connecting rod arm that inherits the performance of the Dura-Ace 9100 group and an update of the Spd-SL carbon model. These pedals reduce the height by 0.7mm and the weight in 12 grams with respect to the previous PD-6800. For the Triathlon and Course segment, Shimano has included a low profile Shadow deviation. Shadow is the denomination with which this manufacturer has been developing more compact deviators that improve aerodynamics.

Four ultegra versions R: 8000

Shimano has a different numbering system for each of the four change versions of the new Ultegra group. They differ between them depending on the type of change drive and the braking system:
  • Ultegra R8000: For mechanical change and conventional brakes from Zapata
  • Ultegra R8020: For mechanical change and disc brakes
  • Ultegra R8050: For electronic change DI2 and conventional brakes from Zapata
  • Ultegra R8070: For electronic change DI2 and disc brakes
Ultegra connecting

Dura-Ace inheritance

A frequent characteristic in Shimano is to use part of the technology of its higher exchange groups to develop the new versions of the ranges that are a step below. This is also observed in the new Ultegra R8000 group, where part of the technology comes from the Dura-Ace line. In fact, many of its components have a notable resemblance to those of the Dura-Ace 9100 series. This is especially noticeable in the ergonomics of mechanical change levers.

Ulttegra disc brakes finally arrived!

Undoubtedly, the main novelty that Shimano has incorporated into his range of Ultegra change with this R8000 series is in the brakes. For the first time a road bike can carry a complete ultegra group that includes disc brakes. Until now the albums that the Japanese manufacturer mounted were those of the RS-ST685 series. This Japanese manufacturer's commitment to include a specific disc braking system for the Ultegra series responds to a growing market demand. More road bicycles equipped with disc brakes and the main brands, such as Specialized, Trek or Giant are sold, are betting on them in their high ranges. Ultegra tweezers If a carbon disk protector also had taken, the new ultegra change would become a real object of desire, since it would present an effective solution to the cutting danger of they have the discs in case of falling or rubbing with the leg of another corridor . It is also true that it would make costs. The disc brakes of the Ultegra R8000 group have been tested by professionals. Shimano has develop a system that increases the ability to dissipate the heat generated in the braking and has taken care of the geometry of the design of the tweezers to make them lighter, more aerodynamic and more versatile, since they are compatible with tires up to 28c. Ultegra button

Programmable electronic change

The Ultegra Di2 shift levers have a programmable button at the top. It is the same that also equips the Dura-Ace group and serves to perform different functions: how to link them to a GPS, control a system of lights or schedule the gear change. These functions can be customized by the Shimano E-Tube application. Through this programming system, different parameters can be customized to adapt the change to our preferences. For example, you can define the speed of change, multiple change options or synchronized change. There is the possibility of programming different transmission developments so that it is not necessary to act the front diversor on the one hand and the rear on the other. A simple movement is enough to have the appropriate gear relationship. The new Shimano Ultegra R8000 group will be available in Europe throughout this month of June for the mechanical version, while the electronic and disc version will arrive from August.
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