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These are the 10 best -selling second -hand bicycles in 2020

These are the 10 best -selling second -hand bicycles in 2020

2020 has been a great year for bicycle sales. Confinement by Coronavirus seems to have made us value more outdoor sport and cycling has been consolidated as one of the main options for sports practice Outdoor. On the other hand, the Coronavirus has also promoted changes in urban mobility and bicycles have gained ground to cars as an alternative for private transportation within cities. Both factors have led to an increase in the demand for unprecedented bicycles in the market. Many stores exhausted the stock of their programming for this year in a matter of days. In some brands there is waiting list to get a bicycle next season until after the summer. Given this imbalance between supply and demand in 2020, more cyclists have looked towards the second -hand market in search of a bicycle that would meet their expectations. On the other hand, it is true that 2020 has been a record year for the sale of bicycles, but not all have been sold in the same proportion. What have been the best -selling bicycles of the year? What is the average price of a second -hand road bike? And a mountain bike? What brands are the most wanted? In Tuvalum we handle a large volume of data that allow us to analyze the evolution of the market. This is what the numbers say about what has happened with second -hand bicycles in 2020:

Specialized Turbo Levo: The most expensive bicycle

Specialized Turbo Levo There is no doubt that one of the segments that is growing most is that of the electric mountain bikes. A few years ago these bicycles were unattractive because they looked like conventional bicycles to which a monstrous battery had been attached. However, in recent years the main manufacturers are striving to create much more integrated design that provide the Ebikes of their own personality and gives them a great attraction. This increase in technological elements is noted in the price. There are electric bicycle models whose highest ranges exceed 10,000 euros, such as Specialized Turbo Levo. The most expensive second -hand bicycle we have sold in Tuvalum in 2020 has been precisely a Specialized Turbo Levo. Specifically, a unit of the 2019 season whose new price was 11,900 euros and sold on our website for 6,863 euros. It was a bicycle sold by a professional store, with little use and a top level of equipment: Fox Kashima 36 Suspensions in front and behind, change SRAM XX1, Roval carval wheels, piston brakes ... The second most expensive bicycle sold in Tuvalum in 2020 was a 6,351 euros Trek Supercaliber. The third place is for a dogma pinelle sold at 5,820 euros.

The average price of a second -hand bicycle in Spain

For 2020 the average price of a second -hand bike 9 percent has increased compared to the previous year, standing at 1,495 euros. This increase is explained by two phenomena is explained by two phenomena. The first is the increase in the demand for electric bicycles, which are more expensive for the technology they incorporate. The second factor that explains this increase in the average price of a second -hand bicycle is the motivation of buyers. While a few years ago what they were looking for were bargains in medium ranges, in 2020 Spanish cyclists have gone to the second -hand market to buy higher ranges bicycles. For example, on the road the most sought after bicycles have been those that mount disc brakes and ultegra or superior exchange groups. Price table by bicycle category:
Category Half price
Road 1.422 €
Mountain 1.463 €
'Goatlon' 1.657 €
E-MTB 2.877 €
Grave 1.477 €

Orbea, Merida and Giant, the best selling

When buying a second -hand bike, the brand remains a decisive factor, above others such as the price. Thus, in 2020 more than half of the total bicycles sold, four brands have been distributed. Orbea It has led the sales of bicycles used with a market share of 16.05 percent. That is, one in six second -hand bicycles sold for 2020 on the Tuvalum website was an orbea. Merida (12.49%) and Giant (12.3%) complete the podium of the best -selling brands of the year. The fourth place is for Specialized (11,86%).

More road than ever

Do you want to know what the most successful bicycle models have been in the second -hand market during the year 2020? A curiosity of this year with respect to the previous ones is that, for the first time, more road bicycles have been sold than mountain. In each of the last years the Mountain Bikes They represented almost half of sales in Tuvalum. In 2020, instead 51.91% of the total bikes sold was for the road segment. The best selling categories
Category Percentage of sales
Road 51,91%
Mountain 37,89%
E-MTB 3,43%
Grave 2,82%
'Goat' of triathon 2,70%

Ranking of best -selling bicycles in 2020

These are second -hand bicycles that have been sold most in Spain during the last year through the Tuvalum web portal:
Model Percentage of sales
1- Merida sculptura 3,56%
2- Merida Ride 3,11%
2- Orbea orca 3,11%
3- Giant TCR 2,99%
4- Specialized Tarmac 2,43%
5- Orbea Alma 2,09%
6- bh quartz 1,86%
7- Specialized Epic 1,75%
8- Orbea Oiz 1,64%
9- FELT FR 1,58%
10- Giant Defy 1,53%
10- Scott Scale 1,53%
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