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The stories of 58 cyclist souls who lost their lives on the road

The stories of 58 cyclist souls who lost their lives on the road

https://youtu.be/MUlDrGEjcuA In 2015, 58 cyclists lost their lives and streets. And another 652 were serious injuries. In most cases the abuses were caused by imprudence at the wheel committed by conductors. Precisely to raise awareness of the risk in which they put cyclists when they run into a bicycle on the road, the Ministry of Interior has just presented the campaign Cyclist souls. The initiative collects the last route made by some of those 58 cyclists who lost their lives through a series of family videos and testimonies. The campaign tries to give voice to the victims so that their stories serve to avoid new accidents and reduce the number of abuses and fatal accidents.

Recommendations for drivers

The cyclist souls website collects some tips and remembers the rules that drivers must follow when they meet a cyclist or a cyclist groups on the road:
  • By advancing a cyclist, it reduces speed and always keeps a minimum distance of 1.5 meters. If you pass very fast, the wind could throw to the ground.
  • Vehicles are allowed to invade the opposite direction, even when there is a continuous line, to advance a cyclist.
  • Patience saves lives. When you go ahead of a cyclist, wait for the right time, without reacting compulsively.
  • When you look away in city, look through the rearview mirror before opening the door to make sure there is no bicycle approaching.
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Recommendations for cyclists

Likewise, the Ministry of Interior campaign also directs some messages to the cyclists themselves, urging that they are the first to use security measures and respect the standards:
  • Although the bicycle does not have flashing, do not forget to indicate with the arms that you are going to perform a turn or a lane change maneuver.
  • As with drivers, using the mobile or any other electronic device is prohibited when you are bicycle. Distractions endanger your life.
  • As important as seeing is being seen. That is why it is necessary that you use lights and reflective presses under conditions of low visibility.
  • Do not forget the helmet.
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