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The importance of the basis for your upcoming bike challenges

The importance of the basis for your upcoming bike challenges

If training is part of your relationship with cycling, what we are going to tell you interest. The last months of the year usually coincide with the base. That period away from the competition where you miss the series and that is key in the construction of your aerobic strength. It is the first step of the preparation for the challenges of the next season. There is no time to lose; The sooner you start, the better your performance in the medium term. 🔥🔥🔥 We talk about this issue with Laura Garrido (Laucycle), Cycling coach and grave -lover and ultra -duty tests. What is the base applied to cycling training? The basis of cycling training is the period immediately after the preseason, which comes after concluding the strongest competitions of the year. We start to train with an eye on the calendar. For a high -level cyclist, this preseason can consist of rest weeks. Professionals cannot afford to prolong this period much more, since they need good readjustment. It is not the same for an occasional cyclist or amateur. On a mental level, combining occupations, obligations and training is not easy. Therefore, disconnecting a month from the bicycle without falling into sedentary lifestyle is ideal.
📺 Here you can see the full interview about the base period to the cycling coach Laura Garrido (Laucycle). [embed] https://youtu.be/pvgfexm6q3y[/embed]
I imagine that training during the base should be progressive ... Correct. Imagine that in preseason we have been making hours and a half outings, or little else. Well, as much as we want to accelerate the preparation, you cannot reach the weekend and throw ten hours of bike. You must go little by little. If you do not do so, you will accumulate so much fatigue from the beginning that it will force you to lower the volume almost instantaneously. Let's say that the pillars work for the new season. He would highlight the importance of training our aerobic capacity. As? Well, making exits below the first threshold. I would try, without overcoming that point, keep the watts as high as possible. It is a good time to work aspects such as cadence or fasting training, which will help us in the future. It is also the time to influence aspects of improvement detected during the last campaign. We already know that the day to day of the cycling season does not give these things. For example: if you practice serious and you lack technique, it is time to put volume and combine it with technical work. You talk about low intensities. And what happens to strength work during this base period? It is a good idea interspersed maximum strength remembers during the base and working in the gym. By doing so much aerobic training, including one or two days of strength during the week is very interesting. We have to keep in mind that we cannot space the stimuli of force more than 7-10 days. The strength capacity takes a long time to disappear, but if we exceed this period, we will clearly notice a loss. Imagine that you stop, for example, for two weeks. When you resume the effort, you will raise your pulsations and cost you more to breathe. Even so, your body will fall re -adapts quickly. What happens is that the flow of low blood and less oxygen comes to the muscles. Reversing that situation would be simple. Especially for cyclists accustomed to training. How do we build a good base? It is simple: to leave the more hours the better and progressively. On Saturday or Sunday, make a long run of more than 2-3 hours. That's when we start having aerobic gains. And during the week, intercalants of an hour and a half or two hours with recoveries. In this way, we will gain background, which is one of the physical capabilities that takes longer to disappear. Does an experienced cyclist need more than one more sedentary? A rookie cyclist must prolong the base period more because the foundations are weak. As years of cycling practice are completed, you can cut. That is, the cyclist's organism has memory Definitely. An athlete is much easier to progress in the base period, although he has made a break, since he recovers much faster. In any case, it is important to make reminders during the competitive period. That is: if your challenges of the season are concentrated in April-May and at the end of June-Julio, you can resume a base period between both blocks of one or two weeks. And what happens to the weight during this period? At the end of the base, it is important that we are in our ideal weight and eliminate the fat that we have left over. The point is that during this period we do not need to burn so many calories. Therefore, we can take the opportunity to do fasting or training in Low-Carb And, of course, avoid eating the same as in periods of intensity. Weight management in cycling is important and its performance effects are evident. What could be a base approach for an amateur medium -level cyclist? Let's put a person whose goal is to sign up for a classic cyclist and perform 2-3 bike exits a week, for example. The first recommendation is not to heat your head too much. If you have time, train 10-12 hours per week. It is a good figure. Make a good volume of hours the weekend. That is important: a weekly departure of more than 2-3 hours is key. It also includes a force session a week. I usually do it on Monday or Tuesday because, otherwise, it generates a lot of fatigue for the weekend; Especially, if it is a gym work. Anyway, soil alternate it with Sprints. In this plan you can include a couple of recovery training and one of resistance that lasts about 2 hours. In the latter, add a couple of Sprints. Any recommendation to finish? The most important, avoids putting intensity in this base period. If you do, you will get burned to the construction period; You will not pay and reach your peak before what is necessary. Keep patience and work aspects such as nutrition, Core, the strength, the metabolic flexibility ... do not try to burst in this period because it will not compensate for you.  
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