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The girl from the ports, new ambassador of Tuvalum

The girl from the ports, new ambassador of Tuvalum

How to share with the entire cycling community What are we and what do we want to be? How to advance one step ahead? In Tuvalum we ask ourselves many times these questions. In fact, every brand may be questioned something similar throughout its existence. The proverb says that, if you want to go far, it is essential to walk in company. There is part of the answer. In Tuvalum we were looking for a company, but not only that. We aspired to share the way in the best of companies, with capital letters. Thus it is easier to achieve success. And in full search appeared Ester Iniesta, also known as THE GIRL OF THE PORTS. If you like cycling and you frequent the networks, you know it well. [CAPTION ID = "Attachment_8392" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]THE GIRL OF THE PORTS, UPING MONTOUX Image: The girl from the ports, uploading Mont Ventoux in the summer of 2022.[/caption] From the first videos in Your YouTube channel, we discovered in it values ​​that we share: transparency, sympathy, simplicity, freshness, honesty, closeness and - how do not - an excessive passion by the world of bicycle. With no one to know, neither we nor her, the girl from the ports has embodied our values ​​in each publication: Tuvalum values. Chance or not, fate approached Esther and proposed to continue traveling together. And I accept. Somehow, he must have seen in us, in Tuvalum, equally valuable values. It is something that fills us with pride. It begins, therefore, a new stage together. Tuvalum and Ester, Ester and Tuvalum. The port girl will continue to share her passion for the bicycle, as she has always done. From Tuvalum, we commit ourselves to support her in her cycling adventures and to involve her in our community of crazy and crazy pedal. We are sure that Together we will get very far. As Buzz Lightyear said, "until infinity and beyond." Welcome to the Tuvalum group, Ester!
📺 Do you want more? Well, in this video, we share with you an interview that we do to the girls in the ports for our YouTube channel in May 2022. Surely he will like it. [embed] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yygqeibdqte[/embed]
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