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The best road electric bicycles for 2019

The best road electric bicycles for 2019

Although for cycling purists electric bikes They suppose little less than an aberration, the truth is that in recent years they have ceased to be a strange fashion to become a real trend. It is a trend that also covers a real need, that of those cyclists who no longer have time or strength to train and go to roll with the same intensity with which they could do it when they had more free time or a better physical condition. More and more route cyclists are that, overcome the 50 -year -old barrier, they renounce to continue dating their lifetime. And yet, the legs no longer allow them to maintain the same rhythm or perform the same distances. cyclists training That is why in recent years there are more and more manufacturers that have added to their bicycle ranges a road model equipped with electric motor. The first road electric bicycles consisted of a conventional bicycle to which the picture had deformed to add a heavy engine and battery that often forced the cyclist to carry an uncomfortable position.
Are you thinking of buying a road electric bicycle? These are the four models that we recommend
The latest models, on the other hand, are lighter and have electrical systems fully integrated in the geometry of the painting. Some of them even costs them from a conventional bike at the first glance. Are you thinking of buying a road electric bike In 2019? Do not miss this selection with the four models that we like most on the market. [IRP Posts = "3123" name = "The best electric mountain bicycles for 2019"]

Pinarello Nytro

The Pinarello Nytro is possibly the most beautiful road electric bicycle that you can buy in 2019. When the Italian manufacturer began to design what would be its bet for the e-bike segment, it was very clear that its goal was to integrate a powerful engine without giving up the elegance of design that characterizes Pinarello. Pinarello Nytro It is a bicycle conceived for those cyclists who no longer have enough time or health to train intensely, but who want to continue enjoying weekend outings with the friends of a lifetime group. The Pinarello Nytro is not a road bicycle to which an electric motor has been coupled. It is a totally new bicycle. The geometry and angles of the painting are similar to those of the 'mechanical' Dogma and Gan of Pinarello models. But the most remarkable element of this bicycle is not its aesthetics, but the performance of its electrical system. It has a torque meter in the pedalier that detects the force exerted on the pedaling to automatically regulate the power that the engine must transmit. Pinarello Nytro No one carries any engine, but a powerful propeller of Fazua Evation capable of delivering up to 400 watts of power in 3 operating modes:
  • Soft assistance: up to 125 watts
  • Moderate assistance: up to 250 watts
  • Intense assistance: up to 400 watios
In addition, it includes an assistance mode with a maximum speed of 6 km/h to facilitate its transfer while we walk. Pinarello Nytro Its declared weight is 13 kilos, but the pedaling assistance system can be removed from the box, so the bike stays in 9 kilos when you want to leave without the electric mode. It is offered in 5 sizes, including 46.5 and 50. It is surprising that a bicycle of these characteristics is offered in such low sizes, although perhaps it is a bet on the part of Pinarello to cover a hole to which the rest of the manufacturers seem be renouncing bicycles of this type. https://vimeo.com/243556982 Because we like it? Because, despite the fact that the purists of the road cycling do not want to know anything about electric bicycles, Pinarello has respected the DNA of its design to launch an e-bike to the market that seen from afar not to distinguish a dogma. All electrical components are perfectly integrated.

Berria Belador Aero Hybrid

The new Berria Belador Aero Hybrid bicycle advances a new concept of road e-bikes. Not only for the capacity of its electrical assistance system, which provides up to 400 watts. But, above all, by the integration of the engine and the battery in the box respecting a design care to the maximum. Berria Belador Aero Hybrid 2019 The Berria Belador Aero Hybrid is a bicycle with an aero aesthetic and a great background. And it is, at the same time, electrical and conventional, since its battery, located in a compartment of the diagonal tube of the box, can be easily extracted. Like Pinarello Nytro, it offers 3 modes of electrical assistance based on the requirements of each cyclist and the necessary power at all times:
  • Brise mode: up to 125W
  • River mode: up to 250W
  • Rocket mode: up to 400W
In addition, like Pinarello Nytro, it also offers a slow assistance mode to be able to move the bicycle while walking. [video width = "1280" height = "720" mp4 = "https://tuvalum.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/hybrid.mp4"][/video] The Berria Belador Aero Hybrid is equipped with a direct transmission engine to the pedalier. Thanks to this system, it avoids internal transmission trees, allowing greater efficiency and lower battery consumption. Its weight is 12.7 kilograms, although as we pointed out, the battery can be extracted, thus lightening the weight of the bicycle when we do not need the extra power of the electric motor at some output. The joint engine and battery weight is 4.7 kilos. As for their equipment, all its versions set up the SAM Group Red ETAP 2 with disc brakes. Berria Belador Aero Hybrid (3) Because we like it? Because the battery can be extracted in a simple way by driving a tab in the box. In this way it can be easily replaced by a new one. In addition, if you do not need to shoot with electric assistance, you can leave it at home and transform the bicycle into a lighter aer.

Orbea Gain

Manufacturing an electric road bike that has the appearance of a conventional route bike is one of the challenges facing the market. Orbea Gain has succeeded. In a first glance it will cost you to believe that it is an e-bike. Orbea Gain Carbon It is as if you roll with a conventional carbon bicycle, with the difference that it carries an engine on the rear wheel bushing that provides extra help in case you need it. The fact that Orbea Gain 2019 has a carbon version is one of the great novelties with respect to the model launched by the Basque manufacturer last year, whose painting was aluminum. Thanks to this change, the bicycle set does not reach 12 kilos. To maintain a stylized aesthetic, it carries a very fine battery inside the diagonal tube. If you need an extra electricity injection, a second battery similar to a drum can be attached. It carries an engine installed on the rear wheel bushing. Electrical assistance is automatically adjusted through a magnet system that detects pedaling cadence. https://youtu.be/xSAUAVf1uss Because we like it? Because it has no devastating accessory to recharge the aesthetics of the picture or hinders the pedaling. And because the operation of the electrical system is the simplest in the world: there is a single button to activate and deactivate it in the upper tube of the painting.

Cannondale Synapse Neo

Cannondale He has also incorporated an electric road and Grave Bicycle into its models for 2019. It's about the Cannondale Synapse Neo. And, how could it be otherwise, it is accompanied by some innovations and technological elements that distinguish it from its competitors. Cannondale Synapse Neo Cannondale Synapse Neo is equipped as standard with the Save microsuspension system that the North American manufacturer originally integrated into the first Synapse Carbon. This technology allows some areas of the fork, the pods and the shell flex to absorb impacts without losing its lateral and torsional rigidity. Another innovative characteristic of Cannondale Synapse Neo is that it is the only electric bicycle with Bosch motor - at least the only one we know - compatible with double -plate connecting rods. In addition, it is a very silent engine, barely noticeable when it circulates with the mode of electrical assistance activated. The ability of its battery is also significant. It offers no less than 500 w/h, which provides autonomy above 200 kilometers. This detail is really interesting for those looking for an electric bicycle with the intention of making very long routes. Bosch Cannondale Synapse Motor It is marketed in 4 versions:
  • Synapse Neo 1: With Shimano Dura-Ace transmission
  • Synapse Neo 2: With Shimano Transmission
  • Synapse Neo 3: With Shimano Tiagra transmission
  • SYNAPSE NEO SE: With SRAM APEX 1x11 transmission and wheels for gravel
All versions assemble an aluminum picture. According to Cannondale, the reason why it has given up manufacturing a carbon electric bicycle is due to the fact that aluminum provides greater rigidity to withstand tensions and forces produced by its powerful engine and its large capacity battery. Cannondale Synapse Neo Because we like it? Because it is intended for the type of cyclist who really needs a road electric bicycle: the veteran who can no longer endure the same rhythm as the rest of the group and does not want to give up the long routes of each weekend.
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