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The best electric mountain bicycles for 2019

The best electric mountain bicycles for 2019

Haibike XDuro Flyon E-bikes are no longer conventional bicycles to which an electric motor has been added to be able to climb on slopes and paths more easily pronounced. It is a new discipline with a concept of particular use. So much so that even The UCI has decided to create a cycling World Cup for electric mountain bicycles. E-bikes grow in popularity and sales. The main bicycle manufacturers in the world already have broad ranges of mountain electric bicycles in their catalogs. At first they were conventional models with an coupled engine. But little by little they have evolved to what they are today: A bicycle category. Electric mountain bike Electric mountain bicycles offer more robust paintings, capable of supporting greater tensions and efforts. And fortunately, Both the dimensions of their engines and those of their batteries begin to be reduced, offering cleaner and more integrated designs. They are prettier, more efficient, they offer better benefits and, why not say it, allow more long distance routes and tranches of paths at full speed. [IRP Posts = "3078" Name = "The best road electric bicycles for 2019"] If you are going to buy a mountain electric e-bike in 2019, in Tuvalum we have made a selection with some of the models that we like the most and that you should take into account before deciding. Which one do you prefer?

Specialized Turbo Levo S-Works

Specialized It was one of the first manufacturers to bet on the electric mountain bicycle segment. Now he has also been one of the first to conceive e-bikes as a category of its own bicycle. The new one Specialized Turbo Levo 2019 It is not an electric version of a conventional model. It is a bicycle completely developed for purely e-biker use. It is not an update of the Turbo Levo that the S manufacturer presented in its 2018 range, but is a completely new bicycle. It has a geometry of Trail and All-Mountain reminiscent of the Specialized Stumpjumper.
The Specialized Turbo Levo S-Works is probably the electric mountain bike with double lighter suspension on the market.
The Specialized Turbo LEVO S-WORORS is equipped with 29 "wheels, change SRAM XX1 1x11 and 150mm suspensions both in the front fork and in the central shock absorber. It is designed to make a difference in those paths where a conventional mountain bike would have difficulties in maintaining traction. Specialized Turbo Levo S-Works One of the most outstanding features of the Specialized Turbo Levo S-Works is its weight, less than 20 kilos. It is probably the double light suspension electric mountain bike on the market. This weight reduction is due in large part to mount a smaller and light engine than the one that had the previous range. Weighs approximately 800 grams less. Despite being a more contained engine, it develops a 250W nominal power.
It has Bluetooth to connect the bicycle to a Garmin device or the mobile phone.
Specialized says that this new Turbo Levo has up to 40% more autonomy in electric mode, thanks to the fact that he has a 700WH battery. This battery is fully integrated into the lower tube. In addition, it is removable. There are 2 aspects that stand out from how well integrated the engine and battery are in the bicycle box. The first is your aesthetics. If you do not look at the pedalier, it would virtually go through a conventional mountain bike. The second aspect to value its integrated appearance is that, even carrying with a 700WH battery and central shock absorber, there is more than enough space in the lower tube of the box to attach a bottle rack of standard measures. https://youtu.be/15sI2aopFTQ Because we like it? Because it is not a mountain bike that has been coupled with an engine and battery, but a model conceived since its inception for the practice of e-bike. We also like the connectivity it offers. Through a button the bicycle can be connected via Bluetooth to a garmin or the mobile phone.

Haibike xDuro Alltrail 5.0 Flyon

The Haibike xDuro Alltrail 5.0 Flyon is One of the most advanced mountain electric bicycles on the market. The German brand has not spared efforts to develop avant-garde technology in the field of e-bikes. Fruit of his work at R&D is the Flyon platform, a system with which Haibike It wants to establish a new standard in design, benefits and technology. Haibike XDuro Alltrail 5.0 Haibike XDuro Alltrail 5.0 Flyon incorporates one of the engines with the best relationship between weight, consumption and force of force. It is a 250W engine developed by the brand itself that offers a couple of up to 120 Nm. A Newton Meton (NM) is a unit of torsion effort measurement. It represents the capacity of the engine to produce a job. In other words, it is the measure of motor performance as strength is delivered. Most mountain electric bicycles have a couple of between 70 Nm and 90 nm. The Flyon de Haibike delivers 120 nm. The Haibike XDuro Alltrail 5.0 Flyon bicycle not only has a more powerful electric motor. It also has one of the most capacity batteries, with 630 Wh. It is a removable battery that can be charged to 80% in just 60 minutes. Haibike XDuro Alltrail 5.0 The electrical system has five proofable assistance modes from a remote control located under the handlebar. Also has A screen in the center of the handlebar that shows real -time data: Pulse, calorie consumption, kilometers traveled, cadence, speed, etc. Another of the most remarkable aspects of this bicycle is that it has an lighting system integrated into the painting. The manufacturer calls it Haibike Skybeamer system and It works like the lights of a car to circulate at night. They are automatically activated, since they incorporate a light sensor. It can also be controlled manually from a remote control. https://youtu.be/kx-WZKpsrUU Because we like it? Because what e-bikes of the future will be progress. This bicycle is made to provide electrical assistance on long routes. Very long. Its battery is charged at 80% in just 60 minutes, without having to plug in several hours.

Canyon Spectral: On 8.0

The Canyon Spectral: On 8.0 It is an electric bicycle designed for bikers who love to perform technical declines by demanding paths and sections, but those who do not like to have to push the bicycle to upload it up. It is a bicycle designed for the biker that is not formed with the same type of route, but looks for paths and sections of different typologies and technical difficulties, rhyms comfort and maneuverability. Canyon Spectral: On 8.0 Although Canyon It indicates that this bicycle is conceived for the practice of the trail, the truth is that it has all the elements for enduro lovers, including 160mm suspensions of Fox origin. In addition, depending on the type of driving you prefer or the land you are going to squeeze it, You can vary the geometry of your picture to adapt the Canyon Spectral: ON 8.0 to the demands of each route. The support that holds the central shock absorber in the painting has a mechanism that allows you to move forward and backward. In this way, the angles of the armchair tube and the steering tube are modified by up to 0.8 degrees. With the same system you can also vary the pedalier height by up to 11mm.
The Canyon Spectral: On 8.0 sets wheels of different measures: 29 "For the front and 27.5" for the rear.
One of the most striking features that Canyon has incorporated into this electric bicycle is the mixture of measurements in the wheels. Assemble a tire of 29 "on the front wheel and another of 27.5" with a wider tire in the rear. It is a solution that comes from the motocross world to provide greater maneuverability in the descents and more traction in the most steep climbs. As for its electrical system, the Canyon Spectral: On 8.0 is equipped with a 250W engine and a 504 Wh. Both are of Shimano origin and allow to roll between 30 and 80 kilometers. The battery is not integrated into the box. https://youtu.be/YzAqIiVVAa4 Because we like it? Because it provides the same feeling of conducting an conventional enduro and all-mountin bicycle, with the addition that it offers an electrical assistance help for the most steep climbs. The 'invention' of placing wheels of different measures in front and behind really provides better traction and maneuverability.

BMC Trailfox Amp One

The Swiss manufacturer BMC It has also taken it seriously when developing an electric mountain bike with a totally integrated engine and battery design in the box. The result is the Trailfox AMP range. Although he keeps similarities - and not only in the name - with the conventional trailfox, BMC states that it is actually A totally new mountain bike, conceived to roll by sinuous paths at high speeds. BMC Trailfox Amp One The BMC Trailfox Amp One is based to practice a Trail and All Mountain driving style but with The particularities of mountain cycling with electric bicycle. To do this, BMC has adjusted the geometry of the conventional trailfox to adapt it to the needs of an electric bicycle, improving the suspension with larger pivots to compensate for extra loads and torsions. The result It is a very agile bicycle that allows you to rolling comfortably along long distance routes by combining stretches with descent with declines. The BMC Trailfox Amp One is equipped with a carbon box that helps lighten the machine and Fox origin with 150mm travel. The electric transmission is formed by a 250W Shimano Steps engine and a battery integrated in the 500WH box. The assistance system offers 3 electrical propulsion modes:
  • Eco: Recommended for soft driving on a long route.
  • Trail: Delivery up to 60% of the power of the engine, adapting it to the cadence of the pedaling.
  • Boost: Delivery at all times the maximum available power.
https://youtu.be/f5_BrTIPicg Because we like it? Because it offers a great balance between agility and maneuverabity. It is a bicycle with which you can roll very quickly by paths in a comfortable way. It also allows you to attack the most technical descents with the same response as an All-Mountain.

Giant Trance E+ Sx Pro

Giant is one of the world's biggest bicycle manufacturers. It has models that cover all ranges and modalities of use both for the practice of road cycling and for the Mountain Bike. That is why it is not strange that it also has a wide range of electric bicycles for mountain cycling. The latest generation of these offer A totally integrated aesthetic, with the motor and the battery hidden in the picture. So it is difficult to differentiate them from a conventional bicycle. The bet of Giant In the e-bike segment it is based on creating electrical versions of their most characteristic models for each driving style in. The Giant Trance E+ Sx Pro It is the motorized variant of the Giant Trance and, as such, inherits its purely trail spirit, with some touch -ups. Giant Trance E+ SX The Giant Trance E+ SX Pro has a geometry and suspensions aimed at improving its performance by descending paths. It comes equipped with a 160mm Fox origin fork.
The Giant Trance E+ SX Pro allows activating or deactivating the electric mode without separating the hands from the handlebar, thanks to a command called Ride Control One
In this way it covers the demands of bikers looking for an electric assistance bicycle to squeeze the maximum long routes of All Mountain and Enduro, in which before enjoying lowering down you have to undertake steep climbs where an extra dose of power is required. This power provides it An engine of Yamaha origin that offers 5 modes of electrical assistance. The battery is 500Wh, which facilitates programming long outputs of 100km or more. It is charged to 60% of its capacity in an hour. Giant e-bike The different modes of engine assistance are controlled from a command housed in the handlebar that Giant calls Ride Control One. This command incorporates a LED system that visually knows both the way that is activated at all times and the load of the battery. An advantage of this mechanism is that it is not necessary to remove the hand from the handlebar to activate, disable or change the electric mode. It also has Bluetooth connectivity to connect the bicycle to an app or a Garmin device. To favor the comfort of driving on long routes, The Giant Trance E+ Sx Pro has closer clonts than conventional ones. In this way it is achieved that the distance between the pedals is the same as in conventional mountain bicycles, although in the middle it carries an engine. It also comes standard with 27.5 "plus wheels and SRAM X01 EAGLE transmission. https://youtu.be/i1kVSnDSTks Because we like it? Because you can handle the different modes of electrical assistance directly from the handlebar, without having to remove a hand to press any button from the picture. Its engine delivers the power satisfactorily, without at any time giving the feeling that it falls too short or too long.
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