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The best aerial bicycles you can buy in 2020

The best aerial bicycles you can buy in 2020

Road cycling is changing. The industry does not stop breaking the head so that the business volume does not fall. A few years ago, bicycles with aerial geometry came to the market, indicated to provide the best performance in terms of speed and acceleration. This year 2020 the cycling engineering industry has given a twist to the concept by introducing a new type of Aero Bicycle: the Modern Aero. We talked about comfortable bikes, fast in the plain, and with good capabilities in the escalation. But how can all this possible in a single bike be? Until recently we would need an endurance, a conventional Racing and Aero to get a good level in each of those virtues. >> See road bikes with aerial geometry The answer is simple, and has given it engineering: lower pedalier, geometry with better response to the wind, and smaller rear triangle. These modifications, added to the covers of 700x28 and, in the most avant -garde models, the absence of cables, present a road bike of the most versatile, and aesthetically a pass. To select the best bicycles of this new typology of Aero bike that have arrived in 2020 I have based on the following factors:
  • Price around € 5000 (yes, are not economical).
  • Grupo Ultegra di2 or Sram Force Ax.
  • Disc brakes.
  • Modern air geometry.
  • 12x100mm intern axes in the fork and 12x142mm in the box.
The models with internal wiring have been left out due to lack of availability in many brands. The Specialized Venge and BMC Timemachine have also been left out because its new price exceeds € 7,000.

Orbea orca Aero

Orbea orca Aero Those of Mallabia have seen their business volume grow exponentially in recent years thanks to two factors: modern bicycles and with a very careful aesthetic, and a most successful marketing work, with their ambassadors of the Orbea Factory Team Ibón Zugasti, Tomi Misser, Sandra Jordá, unstoppable television, and more recently with the signings of Aleix Espargaró and Purito Rodríguez. They currently have two models with aerial geometry, the Orbea orca Aero And the OCA OMX, although the latter could be considered more as a versatile road bike than as purely Aero. The Orca Aero M21team, mounted with 12V ETAP SRAM FORCE AXS, handlebar with Integrated Carbon Power OC (Orbea Components) and 40mm Vision Carbon Wheels, a somewhat scarce profile in Aero Models, has a new PVP price of € 5299, although although You can always climb if we improve some components. The weight is a fact that Orbea has not made public. More info on Orbea orca Aero M21team.

Canyon Aerad

Canyon Aerad CF 8.0 Di2 Canyon's supervants (is exhausted in stocks) is still available with Zapata brakes, but as we focus on disco braking systems we discard this option. >> Test: 2,000 kilometers with an Aerorad canyon The Canyon Aerad has a price to the public of € 4699 if we go to the SL 8.0 model with electronic change Shimano DI2, DT Swiss carbon wheels with 62mm profile, and handlebar with integrated power of the German brand itself. Its weight is 7.70 kg according to the manufacturer. >> See second -hand Canyon Aerad bicycles The Aerad model has not yet been updated in 2020, so units that mount SAM Axs are not available. More info about the Canyon Aerad CF SL Disc 8.0

Scott Foil

Scott Foil Scott Americans have an aerial model with a somewhat bizarre geometry and highly appreciated by the public, the Scott Foil Disc. With a price of € 5499 in the Scott Foil 10, we find a carbon box that mounts Shimano Ultegra Di2, carbon components syncros de la house, Syncros wheels of 50mm carbon profile and the foil disc hmf and Dimensions regarding the thickness of the painting, in my opinion. More info about scott foil 10

Trek Madone

Trek Madone The Trek Madone sl 6 disc Mount Bontrager components in a 500 -series OCLV box, of the most rigid in the market, and with curves that you love well, you hate. Aeolus Comp Disc can be chosen with different profiles, and unfortunately the change group is a simple r8000 mechanic Shimano and its Cockpit does not have an integrated carbon power. The market price is € 4499 and its weight is 8.63kg according to the American manufacturer. Of course Trek has enough work to do in its Aero models, although it is good that sales are not going wrong. >> See second -hand Trek Madone bicycles


CUBE LITENING The CUBE LITENING It has a more aerial geometry than in the other models listed, and a color that leaves no one indifferent. The Litening C: 68x It is a good bicycle at somewhat smaller price than its competitors, since it can be found in distributors for less than € 4300. On the Cube website we have not been able to find official price. Mounted a 12V SRAM FORCE AX SAMS GROUP and Newmen SL R38 carbon wheels, as well as integrated handlebars and also carbon in the German brand.

Berria Belador

Berria Belador Another Spanish brand, in this case of Albacete, presents one of the most interesting aerial bicycles of today. Its price in the model Belador 9.1 It is more content than in the previous models, since it does not exceed € 4000, and it should be noted that it mounts a SAMS Axs Force ETAP 12V group, although with 42mm profile carbon wheels of the Vittoria Illusion brand it rises another 600 € (of Ruedas Vision of aluminum wheels) and with an unintegrated cockpit and in aluminum. Likewise, these are components that can be added to the bike over time, or through a price adjustment agreement in the local distributor. The weight is not provided by the brand on its website. >> See Berria Berria Belador of second hand So far my review of the most famous models. I hope you liked my choice of aerial road bicycles by 2020. Which one do you like the most?
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