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Test: 2,000 kilometers with the Canyon Aerad de Alejandro Valverde

Test: 2,000 kilometers with the Canyon Aerad de Alejandro Valverde

It has always been said that an Aero bicycle is not to climb ports. The Canyon Aerad breaks this myth. From the multitude of road bicycles that I have tried, none has generated the feeling of happiness that this. And, literally, we are talking about a plane. It is a bicycle that, while still being comfortable, is fast, agile in the change of rhythm and, in addition, very beautiful. The Canyon Aerad is the bicycle with which Alejandro Valverde was proclaimed world champion on a route in 2018. [IRP Posts = "3333" Name = "Test: 15,000 kilometers with the Canyon Indourace CF SL 8.0 Aero"] Canyon Aerad

Racing, but not uncomfortable

I have more than 2000km with her in two months, and every day I feel more comfortable and I like it more, although colors can get tired. Aesthetically I opt for the matt black version without a doubt, although gray has its appeal. The first thing I felt when riding for the first time is that it is the horizontal bar of the painting is longer than that of the versatile Canyon harden that I used previously. It also has shorter pods that generate a posture Racing quite strange initially. But it is not uncomfortable for those who are accustomed to shoot on the road. Yes it is true that I do not think that its use would have been so pleasant when I started with road cycling, since the position is much more inclined than on a great background bike, and therefore it can be more uncomfortable if you do not have the body adapted to the road.

An aer that do not get tired

The Canyon Aerad It has an Aer type box. You can remember a bit of other super sales bicycles of this type such as Merida Reacto, the BMC TIMEMACHINE, or even a hybrid between Specialized Tarmac And avenge. But always with more elegant lines, and without abrupt edges or straps too fine. This picture is designed, in addition to being aerodynamic, for enjoyment. When we talk about the user's enjoyment, we don't talk about going fast, beating PRS in Strava or catch some kom. We talk about enjoying it, and without getting tired of its appearance. Bikes like the Trek Madone They can get tired to their owner, given the aggressive of their design. In this sense, the designs of Pinarello, which generate as many fans as detractors. For tastes ... bike pictures.

Sensations rolling with wind

The painting, as a good air, reduces its thickness in the transverse axis, to carry the material in the vertical axis, and thus face the resistance to the wind with greater solvency. Precisely this behavior against the wind was something that surprised me. I had never tried an Aero bike with a lot of wind. And the truth is that with gusts of more than 25km/h the sensation produced by the air on the picture and the high profile wheels is to go to the ground. It is true that soon you get used to rolling in this circumstance and does not imply a big problem when you wear a few routes made, but it is still a sensation that impresses at the beginning, and especially when the wind is lateral and appears by surprise (for example When a wall is over).

Putting an air by mountain ports

The model I have tried is the Canyon Aerad CF 8.0 DI2. It is assembled as standard with the complete group Shimano Ultegra 8000 and brakes 8010. The change has a 52-36 development in the dishes and 11-28 in the cassette. The truth is that I find very comfortable, although the 28 -teeth pinion can fall short on ramps greater than 10%. With this bicycle I have uploaded hard ports in summer, such as holly, connity, bandujo, etc. They are mountain roads that require power in specific moments of the ascent, but above all cadence, and here the assembly of the Aerad falls somewhat short. Nothing that is not solved with an 11-30 cassette, which would not require chain change.

The most comfortable handlebar I've tried

A component that I did not like is the closure of the S27 model shell. Being honest, it generates problems when it comes to setting reliability, since it goes down a bit if we do not reach the tightening torque of the closure of 5nm indicated by the manufacturer. Let's never forget special fat for carbon bews, as it will help us avoid sliding as well as annoying crunch. Those who have really fallen in love with this model is the handlebar with integrated power Canyon H36. The grip both down and on handles is simply sensational Although you can miss a larger grip surface on the cross. In any case, it seems to me the most comfortable handlebar I have tried.

The speed test

If I have to highlight something of this Canyon Aerad, it would be the speed. We talk about increasing the average speed around 2kmh. Until Canyon gave me this model for his test, I set up a Canyon Indourace CF 8.0 disc. A few days after performing the change for the Aerad, I decided to do a field test to evaluate how quickly it was. The speed test consitted on a route to an average of 140 pulsations, with about 190W (according to Strava) and 52 kilometers away traveled with 650 meters of accumulated positive slope. The result was as follows:
  • With the Canyon hardship: 26.4 km/h carrying 48mm profile wheels and a total weight of 7.90 kg.
  • With the Canyon Aeroad: 28.1 km/h carrying 62mm profile wheels and a total PSO of 7.30 kg.
An extra point of Aero bicycles is their agility. They are extremely reactive, although not immediately. A climbing bike, such as MMR Adrenaline or the same Canyon Ultimate, it is very very agile. With the Canyon Aerad, according to you go to connects and apply power it is thrown. The Aero do not respond the same. However, they do get a very good speed in the next 5-10 seconds after the start of the rhythm change. It is a strange, really shocking sensation.

Aero, but versatile

It is always said: “An Aero to climb ports? Come now!". Well, nothing is further from reality. Manufacturers know the market and their users. They know that the target audience values ​​the aesthetic factor, but they want bikes for all lands, versatile bikes. It is Canyon Aerad is, except for the exaggeration of the profile of the wheels that mounts as standard (let's be serious, it is not dramatic either). In recent weeks I have uploaded with this model the port of Connium, La Cubilla, El Acebo, San Lorenzo and La Farrapona. Ports with slopes that reach 20%, and I have not been left behind.


If yours is only to upload ports, the Canyon Aerad is probably not your bicycle. But if you are looking for a fast and versatile bike, and the Racing type posture is not uncomfortable, this bike will make you enjoy even more. It is very comfortable and very very rigid, and with the right wheels - as the NESTA Volens 4.0 that we have recently tested - it becomes a bicycle to face any port.
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