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Ten mountain bikes to give you this Christmas

Ten mountain bikes to give you this Christmas

Christmas arrives. The perfect excuse to give away, or to give you, that mountain bike you need, yes or yes. But not any bike, but a reconditioned bicycle, of course. The fastest, most economical and sustainable way to continue enjoying your cycling passion in 2023. [IRP posts = "9071" name = "ten road bikes to give you this Christmas"] [embed] https://youtu.be/M1EBBYCOOAS[/embed] Well, what is said, we go with a selection of 10 more than recommended models that you can find in our certified bike catalog. Remember that we publish this article in December 2022, so the information here could vary depending on the availability of bicycles. Therefore, do not even doubt it. If you are thinking of changing bike, your great opportunity has arrived.

Orbea Alma (2017): € 1,304

Orbea Alma We start with a rigid that should never be missing in a top of recommended bikes. One of the reference country cross models: Orbea Alma. In Tuvalum you can find it in various versions, but here we recommend this carbon model and size M. It is from 2017, but you will hallucinate with the general state of the bike. And more, with the price: 1,300 euros for a model mounted with Shimano SLX, the entrance group within high -end transmissions.

Cube Stereo Race (2019): € 1,500

Cube Stereo Race We continue with a double aluminum suspension bike of the year 2019. Specifically, a Cube Stereo Race. A very fast bicycle with which to squeeze the most technical facet of mountain cycling. You can now take it for 1,500 euros nailed. It is mounted with Shimano Deore XT. You know: reliability and upper braking capacity. If we add the 130mm rockshox sektor for this, the result cannot be more balanced. In fact, we talk about one of the damping with the best value for money in the market.

Berria Bravo: € 1,568

Berria Bravo To finish this range of bikes whose price is around 1,500 euros, we bet on another XC model Made in Spain. And also in carbon, eye. For that amount you can get a Bravo Berria in size M. A versatile model like few to shoot without complications for all types of land. Monta Sram Nx Eagle, so you can enjoy the advantages of the monopath.

Megamo Track 10 (2021): € 2,140

Megamo Track 10 Let's go for another Cross country model. For just over 2,100 euros you have a very respectable double carbon, also of Spanish brand. A MEGAMO TRACK 10 of 2021. A size S and mounted with SX SX EAGLE, with 32 teeth monopath and with a 11-50 behind. The bike is mounted with Fox Rhythm 120mm fork. If you are a little placed in suspensions, you will know that we talk about a model with the same technologies as your older sister, the performance SC. Just change the chassis.

Specialized Epic Comp (2019): € 2,300

Specialized Epic Comp For a little more money you can give you another double. In this case, aluminum: the Specialized Epic Comp. It is mounted with SRAM NX Eagle, a step above the SX Eagle of the previous model (of the Megamo Track). 34 and cassette monoplatment of 11-50. Noteable in this model the 100mm Rockx Reba RL. A fork throwing Blandita that swallow Wonderful and with which you will notice a plus of security on your routes.

Orbea Oiz (2020): € 3,200

Orbea Oiz You do not need a presentation. From 3,000 euros, the first bike we recommend is an Oiz orbea. It is the least we can do for a double of XC that has multiple victories in races of the World Cup. It is a size L. Of course, in carbon and mounted with the magnificent Shimano Xtr. The 100mm Fox 32 SC fork responds wonderfully and the weight of the bike barely goes from 10 kg. A detail that we like is that you can have two portabidones in the inner triangle of the picture comfortably, something that not all the double suspension bicycles allow.

Specialized Epic S-Works (2018): € 3,970

Specialized Epic S-Works We now planted at the gates of 4,000 euros. We recommend a bike with a light and rigid driving quality, both in lines and in promotions. Designed to go fast. This Specialized Epic S-Works will love you. Among other things, because the best mechanical group that can be found is currently set up. And, surely, also the most beautiful: SRAM XX1 EAGLE. In carbon, of course, and in size L. endowed with the exclusive smart suspension system Brain, little more can be added. Well yes, it weighs just over 10 kg. Little more can be asked.

Trek Remedy 9.8 (2022): € 4,200

Trek Remedy 9.8 For a little more than the previous model, what do you think about this double? A Trek Remedy 9.8. The bike is new. It is 2022 and comes in size S. mounted with SRAM GX EAGLE, Catza wheels of 27.5 '' which already announces that we find a spirit bike Ratonero. This is confirmed, in fact, the 160mm Fox fork. In short: a bicycle with a hardero character that you can take for 4,200 euros.

XC Land Factor (2022): € 5,928

XC Land Factor What is already older words. Here you have a bicycle with which you will not leave anyone indifferent. An XC 2022 Land Factor for 6,100 euros can take this model mounted with the Leo Messi of transmissions for MTB: the SRAM XX1 Eagle Ax Group. The factor comes with the high -end brakes Magura MT8, with which to stop with a finger is a children's game. An excellent assembly that is completed with a competition fork of 120, the Fox Factory 34 SC.

Specialized Epic Pro (2022): € 7,200

Specialized Epic Pro And to finish off this Top10, in case it was not enough for you, here we show you one of the crown jewels, a beast. A Specialized Epic Pro of 2022. Here you have it in size M, in carbon (only missing) and with telescopic typical. Amazing, right? Well, for just over 7,500 euros, it is yours. To highlight, we can highlight everything the bike offers, starting with the electronic group that mounts: the SRAM X01 Eagle Axs. Special Mention also for Las Raval Control SL. Surely, the most exclusive and light MTB wheels produced in series. We could also talk about the telescopic beach Bikeyoke Divine, one of the lightest in the market as well. The result, a Machine of just over 10 kg. Awesome.  
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