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Routes to go by mountain bike in the province of Granada

Routes to go by mountain bike in the province of Granada

Granada is a province that has ideal mountain land for routes of very diverse modalities, from XC or Trail to Enduro or Descent. From the capital itself there are many routes around or even to Sierra Nevada of great slope, but with spectacular views of the city of Granada and its mountains. But not everything is Sierra Nevada in Granada. On the coast of Almuñécar and Motril you can make very attractive routes through the cliffs of the coast and discover the areas of mountain that are near the sea, from which you can enjoy beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea. Nor can you stop visiting villages by bicycle such as the Genil Valley: Santa Fe, Pinos Puente or Fuente Vaqueros.

Route Vereda de Granada

Very funny and easy to complete route, which will also allow us to obtain one of the best views of the city of Granada and its most representative monuments, such as the Alhambra. With departure and arrival in the city, the Cerro de San Miguel and the Vaza Grande, Pinillos, Cuevas de Reverte or El Hornillo villages must begin. Most of the route is done by tracks and trails, many of them frequented by Bikers of the area, with ups and downs Singletrack To enjoy with your mountain bike (better if it is double suspension in this area).
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Modality: XC / Trail
  • Distance: 25 kilometers
  • Elimming: 750 meters
  • Route type: Circular
  • Start end: Grenade
  • More information and track track

Granada coast route

80 kilometers south of the city of Granada we find the coastal area of ​​the province, around the town of Almuñécar. From there part of this circular route of 39 km through the Costa Granadina creek passing through the vicinity of the beaches of the horseshoe, Calaiza or Cantarriján. After this coastal section, it is time to turn in the northeastern direction inwards and start climbing for 7 kilometers along the hill of Aguila, until reaching 750 meters of altitude and contemplating, in southern direction, precious views of the Mediterranean Sea and the Granada coast. It is the ideal point to make a small stop along the way and take the opportunity to recreate with the views. From that point it is time to go back to Almuñécar through alternating track sections alternated with others asphalt to return to the town.

DH Hoya de la Mora Route

Sierra Nevada is not only the territory of skiers, but also RIDERS of de -nod. One of the best known descents is the one that joins La Hoya de la Mora, in the upper part of the ski resort, with the city of Granada. In total there are almost 20 kilometers of descent to the town of the Zubia, with open paths in grassland, Singletracks, tracks and several technical trialera. The first 5 kilometers are links and the last 4 kilometers, until they reach the city, are flat. The emotion and vertigo are concentrated in the central kilometers, where more than 2,000 meters are descended. A claim for lovers of descent, enduro and e-bikes.
  • Difficulty: Difficult
  • Modality: Descent / Enduro
  • Distance: 31.4 kilometers
  • Negative unevenness: 2,276 meters
  • Route type: Linear
  • Start end: Sierra Nevada / Granada station
  • See the track of the route on Wikiloc
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