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Road cycling marches that you can't miss

Road cycling marches that you can't miss

Cycle -tourist marches in Spain are increasingly numerous and attract countless fans, a consequence of the boom that has lived the cycling practice in recent times. Participating in one of these tests is a highly recommended experience. They are days to share with the group, with the couple, with the family and with other bicycle enthusiasts. It is also the opportunity to meet places that, otherwise, we would hardly travel. In the end, they always leave us an indelible memory, for many hardships that we go to reach the goal. Going out with your road bike to pedal every day is fantastic. However, as your form improves, it is normal for your ambition to increase and look for new stimuli. How to really measure that your performance has grown? How to confirm that all efforts and faintings have been worth it? A good thermometer is to try a cycling march. You will have to pay to participate, of course, but this will allow you to be part of an organized event and discover new routes and places. Here you have a selection of some of the best cycling marches that you can sign up in Spain.

Great background Jaén Paraíso

[embed] https://youtu.be/jviw5kmvtmk[/embed] The Great Fund Jaén Paraíso Interior part of Úbeda and concludes in Baeza, World Heritage Cities, as does the classic professional the next day. The route consists of 90 kilometers, 40 of them corresponding to sections of Sterrato. The journey of the great background is shorter than the classic with an idea of ​​allowing all fans to enjoy it. Participants receive the gift, of course, from a bottle of extra virgin olive oil. In 2023, the test is celebrated on February 12. Place: Úbeda (Jaén). Official website of the Great Fund Jaén Paraíso Interior

Bilbao-Bilbao march

[embed] https://youtu.be/ykmrllbb4u8[/embed] The Bilbao Bilbao International Cycotourist march is possibly the one that best represents the passion for the bicycle in a broad sense. The typology of participants is huge. Hence the five staggered exits every 15 minutes. No classification is established, allowing each corridor to perform Your march depending on their desires and capabilities. Everyone takes a trophy at the end. There are three travel options: 85 km short, 115 km the classic and 125 km nursery. The march runs along the roads of Bizkaia, overlooking the Iberdrola tower (departure), the Bilbao estuary, the Cantabrian Sea, the typical green valleys with their hidden hamlets, the Guggenheim Museum and the Gran Vía de Bilbao (arrival). The registration price is the same for the three routes and you don't even have to communicate to the organization the route you are going to do. You can decide the same day of the march. In 2023, the test is celebrated on March 19 Place: Bilbao Official Bilbao-Bilbao website

The Mussara Reus

[embed] https://youtu.be/vstzizxbamk[/embed] The Mussara Reus Rosa The roads of the province of Tarragona. It is one of the most emblematic cycling marches of the national scene and the one that congregates more women throughout Europe, around 20% of the total partipas. Some tours between the natural parks of the Sierra del Montsant and the mountains of Prades, furrowing the spectacular roads of the Baix Camp and the Priorat. The Mussara offers two distances: the novelty, of 200 km and more than 3,500 m of slope, and the classic of 135 km and 2,500 m. In 2023, the test is celebrated on April 16 Place: Reus (Tarragona) Official Mussara Reus website

The Gamba marches

[embed] https://youtu.be/it_bzpvctdw[/embed] Limited to 1,000 participants, it is a 139 km route with a total slope of 2,600 m that runs through the peoples of the Alicante region of the Marina Alta. A total of six dimensions are exceeded: Coll de la Garga, Pla de Petracos, Port de Tollos, Sa Creueta, Coll de Rates and Font del Gel. The stretch of the full climb to the port of Tollos is timed and has its own classification; An ascent of just over 4 km something below 6%. In 2023, the test is celebrated on April 23. Place: Dénia (Valencia). Official website of the La Gamba march

Mallorca 312

[embed] https://youtu.be/tqmpvriwnic[/embed] A spring cycling event to combine with minivacations in Mallorca. What do you think of the plan? Mallorca 312 has quickly established itself as one of the most pulling tests in Europe. A long journey that surrounds the northwest of the island, with a slope of about 5,000 meters and that runs along roads closed to motorized traffic. A luxury. The route leads to the cyclists by the Serra de Tramuntana and includes the well -known ascents of Puig Major (14 km to 6%) and female cabbage (7 km to 6%). The test is a fantastic way of knowing the island of Mallorca while circulating through impressive viewpoints. As in many other tests, you will find a group of perfectly distinguishable cyclists who will go together as slowly as possible. If they reach you, they are likely to withdraw the dorsal and expel you from the test; Of course, you can continue pedaling, but they will overlook your records. In 2023, the test is celebrated on April 29. Place: Platja de Muro (Mallorca) Official website of Mallorca 312

Eroica Hispania

[embed] https://youtu.be/xgymgtduhcq[/embed] The Rioja of becomes the epicenter of classical cycling. Neither carbon, nor electronics, nor aerodynamics. A return to the origins with four travel options: 25 km, 74 km, 124 km and 184 km. The test is the central act of a weekend with recreational, cultural and folk activities around classical cycling. On the route, not competitive, long sections of gravel roads abound. The registered who wish to participate must do so with historical bicycles or appearance bikes Vintage. Thus, all road bicycles manufactured before 1987 may have a presence in the race, both with changes and unchanged. In addition, participants must be dressed in period cycling clothes, wearing wool and shorts jersey, being able to resort to vintage -style bombings and pants. The use of synthetic meillots is not allowed. Participants are also recommended to resort to all types of classic accessories: leather cycling shoes, traditional cycling caps, aluminum water bottles, etc. In 2023, the test is celebrated on June 4. Place: Haro (La Rioja). Official Website of the Hispania Eroica

Irati Xtrem

[embed] https://youtu.be/u-l-fptvywi[/embed] A march to enjoy an incredible landscape. A 128 km circular route that starts in a small town in the Mountain of Navarra called Otsagabia, of just 300 inhabitants. There are no classifications or winners. The tour runs through one of the most unknown corners of the Pyrenees, almost Virgin, turning around the Irati jungle. Throughout it, some almost unknown ports and almost impossible ramps are rising. Whoever wants to compete, can play the chrono -scalled to Larrau, one of the mythical ports of the Pyrenees through which the route runs. There passes the Tour de France in 2023. the cabbage where Miguel Indurain had to surrender to the 1996 Tour, after his five consecutive victories in the Gala Round. In 2023, the test is celebrated on June 10 Place: Otsagabia (Navarra) Official website of Irati Xtrem

Marxa three nacons

[embed] https://youtu.be/r8hflz1cwg[/embed] With departure from Puigcerdà, the Pyrenees will be touring over 140 km. An area that stands out for having a high mountain orography, but without becoming hostile. In total, there are 2,400 m of positive slope. The Marxa 3 Nacons is the only one that crosses three countries, giving a distinctive touch. The Spanish Pyrenees, the Frenchman, and enters Andorra, is traveled through mythical ports such as Upralira (2,407 m), being one of the highest paved mountain steps in Europe. There is also the timed section of the test. In 2023, the test is celebrated on June 10 Place: Puigcerdà (Girona) Official website of the three nacons


[embed] https://youtu.be/uq_hly0-7ac[/embed] One of the most emblematic cycling marches of the national calendar, sponsored by Miguel Indurain, which accompanies fans in each edition. Enjoying a cycling day with a 5 -tours champion and 2 turns is an incredible experience, but doing it - in addition - through the roads, ports and forests where Indurain trains still today represents a unique opportunity. The test offers three routes for the enjoyment of cyclists of all levels (60 km, 100 km, 180 km). The long route presents a hard Altimetry, with an accumulated slope of more than 3,100 m. A route that includes two 3rd category ascents, one of 2nd category and three demanding ascents of 1st. In 2023, the test is celebrated on July 17 Place: Villava (Navarra) Official website of Indurain


[Embed] https://youtu.be/tujpletlh9y[/embed] What to say about the most massive and expected cycling march of how many are celebrated in Spain. The demand is always far superior to the supply and the 11,000 places available are exhausted unusual. It has a short version (85 km), which is celebrated the same day, known as the climbing. The long route begins and ends in Sabiñánigo, at the foot of the Pyrenees of Huesca. The great Quebrantahuesos background is a demanding evidence of more than 200 kilometers and 3,500 meters of unevenness. The tour runs through the mountain steps that border between Spain and France. In total, three ports: Somport, Marie Blanque and Portalet. In 2023, the test is celebrated on June 17 Place: Sabiñánigo (Huesca) Official website

The Purito Andorra

[embed] https://youtu.be/yjhd2lbw5hg[/embed] The most enjoyable, fun and more hard cycling march in Europe. This is presented by the test promoted by Joaquim Rodríguez, a cyclist who has left one of the greatest imprints inside and outside the asphalt. MEMORABLE ITS VICTORIES IN THE TOUR, TURN, THE RETURN, LOMBARDY, VALONA FLOCK, TIRRENO-ADRIATIC OR VOLTA TO CATALUNYA. La Purito Andorra is a challenge that has up to six ports, 115 km and 4,800 meters of unevenness. A march of undoubted difficulty, which allows you to choose between three routes (115 km, 80 km and 30 km). A good opportunity to roll through the Pyrenean cycling territory par excellence, where many elite cyclists usually train. In 2023, the test is celebrated on August 6 Place: Andorra Official website of the Purito Andorra

Pedro Delgado march

[embed] https://youtu.be/1upyw_laezm[/embed] An authentic superclassic of cycling marches in Spain. A route that runs in the surroundings of Segovia and the Sierra de Guadarrama, with two tours that start from the Plaza de la Artilleía, next to the emblematic Roman aqueduct. The main, the great background, has 164 km and 3,200 meters of unevenness. It runs through Guadarrama, Navacerrada, La Morcuera, Canencia and Navafría. The alternative, more affordable route, has 119 kilometers and 2,100 meters of unevenness; It passes through the ports of Navacerrada and Navafría, and then embark on the way back to Segovia. The event is a recognition of the world of cycling and its countrymen to the great Pedro Delgado, winner of the Tour de France in 1988, when he was a member of the Reynolds team. In 2023, the test is celebrated on August 20 Place: Segovia Official website of the Pedro Delgado march

Madrid 7 Picos

[embed] https://youtu.be/fk8wrs6f2uy[/embed] An original two -day format touring the main ports of the Sierra de Madrid, with the added incentive that much of the sections is closed to traffic. On the first day the ports of Morcuera, Canencia, Campadales, Puerto del Cardoso and La Hiruela will be toured, with a total of 160 km and 2,800 m of unevenness. On the second day, the Sunday, awaits the spectacular area of ​​La Puebla. A short stage (70 km), but with two long ports (high of the oak and that of the Puebla) that adds 1,200 m of positive slope. The test offers the possibility of double registration. You can participate in the two stages and thus travel the 7 peaks (240 km and 4,100 m of slope), or participate only in one of the days. In 2023, the test is celebrated on October 7-8 Place: Buitrago del Lozoya (Madrid) Official website of Madrid 7 Picos  
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