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On May 14 we are waiting for you at the VII Carrera Btt Casasimarro

On May 14 we are waiting for you at the VII Carrera Btt Casasimarro

https://vimeo.com/214149266/9586f67d3b The X MTB Circuit Diputación de Cuenca. On this occasion, on May 14 (at ten in the morning) the VII Carrera Btt Casasimarro. There is a single tour for all participants, 38 kilometers of distance. All categories will have to face it, except that of promises and women, which will have to travel another of 20.5 km. The test will run through the municipal terms of Casasimarro (departure and arrival in the municipal sports center), Pozorubielos de la Mancha, Villanueva de la Jara and Alarcón. The complete route is a single round circuit, with two supplies (the first liquid, and the second solid and liquid). In the first six kilometers of the race it will be traveled by clues and roads. Just after the first descent begins, half a kilometer and a very fast path and in which the skill of the runners will have to be tested. After completing this section, a path appears on a rise, with an 8% slope and a length of 1.5 km. After her, the irregular Download of ‘Palet’ It gives way to the climb through the path of ‘Las Calaveras’, which in this edition is faced in the ascending sense, being another very demanding point. When it is overcome, wait for the first supplies. After a breath of about three kilometers, quick pine trees are faced to the crossing between the long and short route. In the second case, the last meters of the event will be faced. The rest of the platoon will complete the race, entering through paths to intermediate control, which will lead to the Bikers to the Second provision. After it they will meet One of the great novelties of this edition: ‘The labyrinth of the rooster’, five kilometers of high technical difficulty.
All participants will receive a gift from Tuvalum in the corridor bag
Finally, the acquaintance and skill will have to be overcome step, and face the last kilometers of track and shorter short paths. The organizers emphasize that it is not a competitive career, but a free -character proof. As for registration, the deadline will be extended until May 11, there is no possibility to register the same day of the event. He Unique registration cost for participants in the circuit is eleven euros. Although there is an exception; The promises category, with a cost of 5 euros. As for those not registered in the circuit, the cost will be 14 euros (8 for promises). In addition, there will be different discounts for participants in the circuit last year, depending on the number of tests that ended. All these prices increase by two euros if the registration is carried out the same week of the test.

Gifts for all participants

Regarding services, in addition to medical assistance, Parking guarded, Bicycle cleaning, or the detail of a snack for runners at the end of the test, there will also be a gift from Tuvalum for all participants in the runner's bag, who will receive the first 350 registered.
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