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MTB High Mijares Festival, an event for old and small

MTB High Mijares Festival, an event for old and small

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=upADOlUJ894 The town of Montanejos (Castellón) hosts the weekend of May 13 and 14 on MTB High Mijares Festival. It will be the second edition of an event full of activities with the MTB as a common denominator, and in which the whole family can take part. Both most outstanding appointments are the High Mijares Race, and the MTB Family. We are going to tell you what each of them consists of. The High Mijares Race is a MTB march to be played on Saturday, May 14. It can be chosen between a 43 -kilometer circuit (1,340 meters of positive slope) and another of 88 km. In addition, the route of the test combines difficulty and variety, with clues and paths as great protagonists. Six populations will be crossed, Juso where the supplies will be. The short and long march will run through the same itinerary until reaching kilometer 30. During the passage for each locality, children and musical animation are offered.
Children can enjoy races for them, excursions, an inflatable castle and many more activities designed for them
As for the MTB Family, it will be held on Sunday morning and is more focused on children's activities, that the family can face together. In addition to careers for the little ones, you can also enjoy a family lunch or an educational excursion. With regard to inscriptions, they are formalized on the test website. You have until May 10 To do so, whenever the 400 places available are not completed. This is the price table:
  • High Mijares Race 42K (federated): € 23
  • High Mijares Race 42K (not federated): € 27
  • High Mijares Race 88k (federated): € 28
  • High Mijares Race 88k (not federated): € 32
  • MTB Family (Family Price): € 15
The organization has decided that one euro of each registration will be destined to the conservation of the paths through which the march will travel, demonstrating its commitment to the environment. This is an event designed to enjoy the weekend as a family, and that combines cultural, sports and purely playful activities. An opportunity to enjoy nature with the little ones, in addition to instilling the positive values ​​of cycling.
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