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Light e-bikes vs. Standard: What MTB Electric Buy?

Light e-bikes vs. Standard: What MTB Electric Buy?

The sale of e-bikes or electric bicycles continues to grow. Currently, it is the third best -selling category in Spain, behind MTB and children's bicycles. This is reflected in the latest bicycle sector report of the Ambe manufacturers association (you can download it here). This rapid development has brought with it a rich offer of models and the appearance of subcategories within this segment. Especially demanded are the E-MTBS or electric mountain bikes. Its enormous acceptance has led to new variants: lighter and with an almost total motor and battery integration. They are the calls Light e-bikes. These are electric bicycles whose aesthetic is very similar to Mountain Bikes conventional. In some cases, we could even confuse them at first glance. The weight, a factor that penalizes e-bikes, is substantially reduced. Some models are around 17-18 kg, which brings them closer to conventional enduro or descent MTB. [Captation id = "Attachment_7585" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "900"]Orbea Rise Image: Orbea Rise.[/caption]

Is it worth buying a e-bike light?

Input, and without hesitation, Yeah. If yours are electric mountain bikes, a light e-mtb can fill your aspirations perfectly. Beyond pedaling assistance, their behavior is very similar to that of a conventional bike and its weight is very content. However, you must take into account some limitations. Not everything will be perfect.

Disadvantages of a light e-mtb

  • Its price is very high. Keep in mind that they are e-bikes The latest generation, with the latest in assistance systems, compact batteries to lower weight, etc. The average price, in itself elevated in an electricity, shoots in this case, oscillating between 5,000 and 12,000 euros.
  • Its autonomy is more limited. Although pedaling assistance is natural and the handling is intuitive, a light electric MTB has a reduced size battery. Its capacity is less than those of a standard E-MTB, oscillating between 300 to 600 Wh. Remember that most conventional bikes already exceed 600 WH, even reaching the 900 Wh. However, models such as SPECIALIZED TURBO LEVO SL wave BH ILYNX RACEThey offer the option to install an auxiliary battery in the box or Range extend which allows more autonomy and overcome 600 Wh. At the expense, yes, to add more weight and increase the cost, since it is an accessory that is bought separately.
Some models offer the option to install an auxiliary battery in the box, which allows more autonomy.
  • Power delivery is lower. The majority of E-MTB engines have a power of between 240 and 250 W. It is the limit marked by law for bicycles. Light electric motors offer a motor (power delivery) less than standard. This aspect is perceived by demanding power to raise a slope, or to overcome an obstacle. The motor torque is expressed in NM (Newton per meter). With the latest generation propelars, in the standard bikes it is already set at 85 Nm (for the turbo mode). But in the reduced weight e-MTB, this value remains between 55 and 65 nm.
Why buy a light e-bike If you do not eschatimate in budget, if you make short and not very technical routes, if you are looking for a manageable and very content weight bike, a light e-mtb is your ideal choice. Some outstanding models SPECIALIZED TURBO LEVO SL, Orbea Rise, BH ILYNX RACE and Ilynx Trail, Lapierre Ezesty, etc. [Caption Id = "Attachment_7584" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "900"]BH ATOM X Battery. Image: battery bh atom x.[/caption]

Can I buy a standard e-bike?

The standard electric mountain bike catalog is a lot more extensive than that of light models. A variety that also has a broader price fork. However, each new generation of these bikes looks more lightly. However, here the limitations of space and integration with the table are minor. The ability of the batteries starts from 630 Wh and reaches 900 WH in certain models. In addition, the motor torque rises to 85 nm. Thus, Autonomy can be up to 30% higher, allowing to accumulate more meters of unevenness. But conventional E-MTBs have more advantages. [IRP Posts = "6814" name = "Purchase guide: How to choose a mountain electric bicycle"]

Advantages of a standard e-bike

  • More stable in technical sections. They usually have a more robust, longer and more launched angles. They are usually more suitable for lowering, overcoming large slopes, entering tranches of obstacles, etc.
  • More powerful up. Pedaling in the climbs is more generous, thanks to the increase of the motor torque. This will allow you to overcome with relative ease greater percentages of slope, stretch of rocks, etc.
  • Variety of prices and models. The offer of models is greater and you can find somewhat cheaper versions, from 3,000 euros onwards. There are also more mounting and customization options.
Cyclist regulating armchair

Disadvantages of a standard e-bike

  • Less lightness. A standard E-MTB triggers its weight above 20 kg. The largest battery and aluminum can exceed 25 kg. This has an impact on the bicycle pilot, its transport and parking.
  • Less natural power delivery. In addition to the weight, a more powerful engine delivery can harm the control of the bike in pedaling sections, increases or curves. You will need more energy and more ability to tame That power.
  • More battery expense. Autonomy is greater than a light bike due to the greater battery capacity. However, energy expenditure can be fired in certain circumstances: routes with a lot Turbo.
A conventional E-MTB weighs more and its engine offers a greater delivery, which significantly influences piloting.
  • More wear of the components. A heavier and more powerful e-bike in power delivery generates more friction between components. Especially, in brakes (tweezers) and transmission (chain with plates and cassette, rubbing of the pedalier parts, etc.). Therefore, the trend is to mount these bikes with special chains and more powerful, dosed and resistant brakes, such as four -piston clamp.
Why buy a standard e-bike If you like long and high slope routes, with abundant declines and trialeras, you should guide your buy towards a standard electric MTB. Some outstanding models Specialized Turbo Levo, Trek Powerfly, Scott Patron Eride, Canyon Spectral: ON, Giant Trance X E+. Giant e-bike

Conversion kits: How to turn your MTB into a light e-mtb

The disbursement required by e-bikes Light can be excessive for many pockets. But there is a cheaper alternative. Thanks to conversion kits You can transform your conventional bike into an electric, without adding a lot of extra weight. In the market there are rear wheel options with a bushing engine and portable batteries from € 300. Some, you can even mount them yourself with relative ease. However, keep in mind that power delivery will be more limited than in a standard E-MTB. Nor will it have personalized modes, nor will it be perfectly integrated with the components of your bike. Anyway, it can be a first step if you decide to enter the world of electric bicycles.
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