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IV Memorial Jesús Velencoso, the Ecuador of the X Circuit MTB Diputación de Cuenca arrives

IV Memorial Jesús Velencoso, the Ecuador of the X Circuit MTB Diputación de Cuenca arrives

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKpaUeMxkD8 The IV Memorial Jesus Velencoso It is the ninth of the 17 tests that make up the X MTB Circuit of the Provincial Council of Cuenca and will take place on June 25 (departure at 9:30 am) in the town of Ledaña. The test the organize the City Council and the C.D. The Ledaña Loba. As for the routes, there will be two, as usual. The short is a 19 -kilometer circuit, while the length will cover a total of 38. Or what is the same, two laps to the circuit. You can consult the route profile In Wikiloc. He leaves the municipal pool of Ledaña, to bring almost immediately The hill of the repeater, where we will have to overcome a demanding asphalting rect. After this first difficulty, they expect about seven kilometers of agricultural roads and relatively quiet grass areas. After a wide road, it arrives The first of many paths, among which there will be brief stretches that can be used to advance some position. Finally, the last two kilometers are fast paths. The route has been devised so that any corridor can complete and enjoy (low demand and difficulty). It is varied, with repeches, descents, steps, trialeras and some curves that demand maximum attention. All participants will receive a runner bag With several gifts, in addition to typical products of the area. In addition, for Strava users, a 2.5 -kilometer stretch will be established. Among the fastest twenties of the same a ham will be raffled. Velencoso Memorial There will also be wine cases for those classified in position 50, 100, 150, 200, etc. In short, we are facing a non -competitive route, which offers incentives for all levels and in which the pure and hard enjoyment of the MTB is sought.
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