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Italy Giro 2022: A declaration of "Infinite Amoe"

Italy Giro 2022: A declaration of "Infinite Amoe"

Juan Clavijo He is a young Asturian philologist who as a child wanted to be a narrator. In 2014, he founded The jersey, one of the Podcasts reference cyclists. His work caught the attention of the media and Eurosport knocked on his door. Today is one of the most recognized voices of cycling. Juan reflects on him 2022 Italy turn and about the essence of the Pink Corsa, of which Juan confesses lost in love. The slogan of the test already says it: Infinite amore. [IRP Posts = "7626" name = "The turn according to Juanma Gárate, director of Education First"]
  • Surprise runners. "The turn always hides two or three surprise runners. Among the candidates for victory, names that are not in the pools end. Yates or Thomas options.
  • An open turn "I see an open turn and I think we are going to see war from the first moment. With the feet on the floor, Carapaz is the undisputed favorite. No cyclist can shade. It is the best climber and as a counterrelojista he defends himself well, although there are hardly any counterreloj this year I think With the heart, the Landism He throws me a lot. A corridor like Mikel Landa comes this year's journey that neither painted. In addition, Bahrain presents an incredible team. "

📺 The aura of the turn. Juan Clavijo shares his inexplicable attraction for the Italian race.

A corridor like Mikel Landa comes this year's journey that neither painted.
  • To follow closely "Van der Poel is a huge incentive for the first week. Alejandro Valverde himself, who has always claimed more participation in the turn. I also see options to Iván Ramiro Sosa, who won in Asturias and is a little covered of Movistar. I do not forget Dumolin, who runs with a team, or Chaves, with a broker like Cort Nielsen de Gregario. And then there are those with which everyone counts: the Simon Yates, Bardet, López or Almeida. "
  • Little chrono "For me, the chrono is the faithful reflection of the struggle of the cyclist against the road, against himself and against his rivals. Therefore, the 27 km of counterreloj this year in the turn seems ridiculous to me for a great return for Stages: 9 km on the second day and nothing more until the last stage, in Verona. "
[Captation id = "Attachment_7657" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "900"]2022 Italy turn Image: Brennmick / Pixabay.[/caption]
  • Last week he will issue a sentence "This year's turn has crumb. I am in love with the alpine stages and I am not very objective to say. I really like the last week, in which many emblematic ports are uploaded, starting with the mortirolo. We have the stage with marble And Pedardoi, who was earring In 2021 for bad weather. But it is already in the first stage there may be movement among the favorites because it is a relatively demanding arrival (5 km at 4%). Many dream of seeing Valverde dressed in pink. "

📺 Who will win? In this video, a small analysis of the candidates for triumph in the 2022 Italian turn.

Many dream of seeing Valverde dressed in pink.
  • One before and one after "The turn has the peculiarity of being a test bench for many cyclists. They decide in this test how to face their professional future: if they will opt for great laps, if they will become climbers or if they will adopt a more versatile profile."
  • More international "The turn has grown exponentially in the last 20 years and is much more international. It is no longer the turn in which the Italians copied the top positions. Since 2016 he has not won a local cyclist, and since 2014 only Nibali has succeeded. It has much more capacity to capture very level runners.

📺 Admiration. Juan Clavijo is a companion of Javier Ares; Possibly, the greatest reference of cycling information in Spain. In this video, he tells us about his personal admiration and tells us anecdotes that go beyond journalistic work.

In the last 20 years, the turn has grown exponentially and has become much more international.
  • Unforgettable memories "The day Froome won at Zoncolan (2018), I couldn't believe what I was seeing. An almost defenrated uncle and under suspicion since the return of the previous year. It seems incredible how he was able to evade all that and break the Carrera. To fight victory in the last week. "
  • A matter of love "Without a doubt, the turn is my favorite of the three greats, it is my weakness, the career that has fallen in love most. It has an aura other than all others; it gives off an unmistakable aroma. A kind of irremediable bond is created between the public and Cyclists difficult to explain. Infinite amore".

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