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Introduction to the world of bicycle saddlebags

Introduction to the world of bicycle saddlebags

The saddlebags are ideal companions to transport your belongings, whether you are an urban cyclist and if you are a bicycle adventure lover. Bikepacking, in fact, is the modality traditionally associated with this accessory. There are various sizes, styles and materials. Let's say there is a perfect saddlebag for every need. It's just a matter of looking a little. [IRP Posts = "8195" Name = "Bikepacking Manual for uninitiated cyclists"] The storage capacity, the type of fixation and the use you want to give them will be questions to take into account before buying any. The criteria vary depending on the cycling modality that you practice. It is not the same to think of displacements to go to work as to perform cycling routes, obviously. Next, we share some issues that you should take into account when deciding on the saddlebags that best adapt to your needs. In general terms, we will distinguish between those with a more urban approach and those that are more linked to cycling or cycling routes in general.
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Waterproofs and bags for urban displacements

The ideal saddlebags for this type of urban transport must be compact. We refer, to a good extent, to those we use to go to work, since it is usually a usual displacement in cities. Or at least it should be. In many cases, a compartment padded for the computer is necessary. We will also look for durable, waterproof and easy -to -hook products on the bicycle. What are the criteria that you should take into account?
  • Good saddlebags to move to work should have the ability to safely transport a volume of modest, but valuable objects, and even fragile. For example, a laptop, some notebook or folder, the classic lunch lunch, and even a simple windbenching in case it refreshes when you return home.
  • These types of saddlebags must be lasting and waterproof, since they will suffer intensive daily use and in various weather conditions.
  • They must firmly hold the bike, but they must also be easy to transport, since the ideal is that we can take them with us when you get off the bike.
For urban use, the ideal is to opt for compact models that do not stand out too much from the bicycle. In this way, you can park it anywhere, without the available space involving a problem. Take into account the visual appearance of your saddlebags. The image you transmit has its importance; especially, if you move in an environment formal OFFICE. A bright colored saddlebag might seem less professional than a discreet and elegant urban saddlebag.
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It is common for many people without experience to move to work with backpack. It is the most economical option, of course. However, he plays at a disadvantage with respect to the saddlebags: it is more than probable that you end up sweating in the back, it can cause you physical discomfort and tend to move from one side to another; Especially, if it is overloaded. If you want to use a bicycle bag or backpack, instead of saddlebags, you should opt for a messenger bag or a backpack designed to expressly bike. But that is another issue. Let's keep going.

Characteristics of saddlebags and urban bike bags

Urban bicycle saddlebags usually have certain characteristics or advantages, some of which we detail below. Accessibility The opening and closing systems of urban saddlebags allow you to quickly access belongings; Sometimes, with a single movement. There are several opening and closing systems that facilitate work. Simplicity An urban cyclist can use a single saddlebag to carry what is necessary: ​​a laptop, a bag, documents, etc. Contrary to what you can think, it does not influence the bicycle balance. According to fashions Urban saddlebags, in general, have a modern design that adapts perfectly to urban transport. Whether with drawings or smooth, they all have a particular appearance.

Stirings and bags for cycotourism: general vision

A bicycle trip of several days along a cycling route such as the Camino de Santiago or a getaway through some European country, for example, requires specific preparation. This includes the choice of adequate saddlebags. The purchase decision should be based on criteria such as resistance, impermeability or size. If you are thinking of making your bike trips a frequent activity, go to brands with good reputation in the market. Not only because of their quality, but for the possibility of finding spare parts in case of breakage. Models such as Ortlieb, Vaude, Apidura or Restrap, are quality guarantee. Another option is rent and, of course, the purchase of second -hand items. They are cheaper and ecological decisions, since the product will have several lives. Up to you. There is another type of cycling, perhaps more common and not so adventurous. Imagine a simple one day or a weekend, as a couple or family, through a perfectly conditioned green road. In this case, a handlebar bag could be an excellent choice. It is a type of saddlebag that allows you to have your personal effects on hand, does not require a car holder and has enough space for mobile, some clothes and a snack. [Captation id = "Attachment_8970" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]Bicycles with saddlebags Image: Getty Images.[/caption] If your bike already has rear -playing holders, you can opt for simple and easy accessibility bags and install them on the grill, instead of the classic saddlebags. If your spirit is a bit more sporty and you are one of the people you like crush For hours, the armchair is a very interesting option. As soon as it alters the behavior of the bicycle and is installed in the seat rails, without the need for a holder. There are several sizes, depending on what you want to transport: from a small repair kit to rain clothes. If yours is mountain cycling or lose by forest tracks with your serious bike, the bags are highly recommended. They are not as simple to open as conventional saddlebags for the handlebar. However, they are waterproof and designed to fully adjust to the painting, without harming the effectiveness of the pedaling.

What are the most common types of saddlebags and bags?

There is a wide range of saddlebags, bags and transport backpacks that allow you to load with your luggage on the bicycle. Let's look at some of them:

Handlebar bags

As we have already anticipated, the handlebar bag is a practical way to store small objects that can be useful during your cycling route. You can quickly access your belongings. In addition, you have the possibility of acquiring it with a shoulder strap, and thus take it with you when you pause your journey.
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On a cycatourist route, the handlebar bag is useful for carrying essential and recurring access objects such as a camera, something to eat, maps, etc. To the urban cyclist, on the other hand, it allows you to monitor your belongings. To hold them safely on the bicycle, the handlebars of the handlebar are usually sold with a mounting support. Buying a second support can serve you to mount the bag on a second bicycle (the support is permanently mounted on the handlebar). Some models have a transparent plastic pocket to introduce the map, a GPS, a mobile, etc.

Stiring for holders

The saddlebags mounted on the rear bike holders are the most common solution. Let's say it is a classic among cyclists. In this way, it is possible to transport a good amount of belongings. Keep in mind that pedaling with ballast will force you to a more intense effort. Also to your bike, with what you must attend especially to the rear wheel, which is the one that suffers the most, both in a matter of pressures and centered.
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There are two ways to install saddlebags in a light holder, whether it is located in the back and in the front. The most common is usually to place them against their sides. The use of individual bags installed directly on the grill or transport tray is also common. Some are flexible and others are rigid, type Top case. Finally, there is also the option of using a triple saddlebag system, in which two side saddlebons are combined with a third that joins them and that is located on the grill, between them. It is usual that you have an opening/closing system that allows you to separate it from the set and use it as a conventional backpack when we are not en route.

Bags and saddlebags for armchairs and picture

There are small saddlebags that allow you to save essential equipment (a small repair kit, some food, a minimum kit ...). It is the typical basic and small armchair bag that is tied to the armchair. They are generally used in mountain cycling and they are frequent to see them on the road. The fixation to the armchair is usually very basic, through velcro closures. On the opposite side we have expansible armchairs, which usually have oval shape and are equipped with different departments with zippers. You can contain a show, food supplements, anti -infincial material ... One of the most useful is the transport bag that is tied to the armchair thanks to a special clip. A comfortable and easy -to -use system that has good load capacity.
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Another way to transport luggage on our routes are the saddlebags for the front triangle of the painting. They are attached to the horizontal tube by velcro straps. In this case, it is necessary that they are not too wide to avoid wheel in the legs when pedaling. It is an option with good load capacity. There are various sizes. The larger, the more lateral resistance they will offer in front of the wind, which is necessary to take it into account as well. Finally, and although it is not a bag or saddlebag itself, a storage boat placed on the portabidones is an ideal transport complement. Perfectly hermetic, it could contain keys, an air chamber or a mobile phone. Do you want advice? If the boat is not completely full, add bubble plastic or other soft material inside. This will prevent objects from Bailen When you circulate through irregular terrain.

Other specifications and recommendations on saddlebags and bags for cycling

Stirings focused on cyclotourism have qualities and specifications that contribute to your bicycle routes a pleasant experience. These are some of its advantages:

They have a large load capacity.

Making tour while traveling by bicycle requires generous equipment. If you use front saddlebags, rear saddlebags and the handlebar bag, you can take around 70 liters of equipment. In this case, you must take into account some precautions. The front saddlebags should be set up lower than the rear to improve the stability of the bicycle. The rear, on the other hand, are larger and are designed to wear bulky equipment, but not too heavy. Here there is the option of riding triple saddlebag, formed by two side compartments and a upper section that attaches to the rear -holder tray tray. This third element can be transformed into a backpack normal, according to the model, allowing portability at any time


Waterproof saddlebags are important to protect your belongings. The most resistant are those of polyurethane or PVC polyester (similar to a truck canvas). The saddlebags made of softer fabrics, such as nylon, are equally waterproof and more practical to use, since they are less rigid than the previous ones.

Stable fixing system

One aspect that you should take into account is the way your saddlebags and bags fit the bicycle. A simple security issue.
  • The back (the reverse) of the saddlebags must be reinforced to avoid possible damage caused by repeated rubbing with the holder. In this sense, an external plate protects the bag's fabric. A homemade, but practical advice: for greater protection, wraps the grill of the holder with thick adhesive tape or with air cameras to limit friction.
  • The saddlebags must be equipped with a practical and stable fixing system. It should be blocked around the tubes of the holder, so that they cannot be left in case of impact.
The back (the reverse) of the saddlebags must be reinforced to avoid possible damage caused by repeated rubbing with the holder.
The saddlebag system is usually completed with an autobloqueo hook at the bottom of the saddlebags. It is a kind of tongue placed in the raíl of them, which is tied to the luggage holder and prevents the bags from suffering balance.

Different closures to access belongings

In general, the saddlebags have three types of closure: the closing of the flap, the roller closure and the cord closure. It is advisable to choose a model with a combination of closures to provide additional protection (for example, curbing bags, or with rolled cord). [Captation Id = "Attachment_8975" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]Cyclotourism bike with saddlebags and tent Image: Getty Images.[/caption] The rolled closure is usually accompanied by an elastic or similar strip, to ensure that belongings remain safe. This type of closure allows you to adapt the bag to the content in a simple and effective way. However, the handling can be a bit more difficult if the bag is made of a PVC canvas. The airway closure closure allow, for example, to slide a garment below and recover it quickly. Some have pockets so that it is more comfortable to classify belongings. Keep in mind that this type of saddlebags are a bit heavier than those of rolled closure. Finally, saddlebags with cord closure provide additional protection. In general, the load with more force offered than a simple zipper, for example.
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