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How to properly clean the carbon picture of your bicycle

How to properly clean the carbon picture of your bicycle

One of the main causes of breakdowns and premature wear of materials on a bicycle is the lack of cleaning. Dust, fat, mud and, in general, dirt, make a dent in mechanical components, suspensions, direction ... The picture is no exception, especially if it is carbon fiber. Ok, so far the importance of keeping the mobile and mechanical parts can be understood, since the dirt can stake these pieces and cause a malfunction. But ... why is it so important to clean your picture of a carbon fiber bicycle? First, a dirty picture can decrease its benefits and affect the performance of the bicycle. Mud, dirt and waste can accumulate in areas that connect the picture with other parts, such as pedalier, typical or suspension, causing friction. In addition, a dirty picture can cause damage to time. If it is not conveniently cleaned, dirt and dust can cause small scratches and scratches that over the months, end up becoming cracks and fissures. Not to mention that dirt and mud penetrate inside the box through the typical tube or wiring holes. Do not clean the carbon affects the useful life of your bicycle. But do it in an inadequate way too. Carbon fiber is a delicate material and if it is not taken properly, it can be damaged and even break. That is why it is crucial to use specific tools and products for the correct washing, cleaning and protection of carbon paintings.

Materials to clean the carbon box

[Captation id = "Attachment_6292" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "900"]Clean bicycle (Image: DepositPhotos)[/caption] So what do you need to clean the carbon bike box properly? Here you have a list of the basic materials and accessories that you should have in your closet:
  • A soft brush.
  • A soft carbon fiber soap.
  • A microfiber cloth.
  • A carbon protector spray with ultraviolet protection (optional).
From the anterior list, maybe the spray care with ultraviolet protection, but if you read our article with the Ten basic tips to protect and take care of your carbon picture You will know that prolonged exposure to the sun can weaken the intertwined carbon fibers. Do not fear, this does not happen to go out with your bicycle to make a 7 -hour route in summer. But it is what can happen if you leave it parked on the terrace for 8 months without covering it and without protecting it from the sun's rays.

Step by Step

Now that we have the materials it is time to start. Here you have a step -by -step guide to clean the carbon box:

Clean the surface with a soft brush

Start by removing any dirt and loose waste from the box using a soft brush. Pay special attention to areas that have moving parts and screws and recesses, since these are the areas where dirt usually accumulate. For example, the connection zone with the connecting rods is one of the parts of the table where it is more frequent that dust accumulates, if it does not retire can accumulate and produce traffic jams and breakdowns in the pedalier.

Apply excess thorough soap

Next, mix a small amount of soft soap with warm water and extend it with a microfiber cloth to finish cleaning the box. Be careful not to exert too much pressure, what it is about is to clean the carbon, not to erode it.

Dry the picture to remove moisture

Once you have finished cleaning the picture, use a clean microfiber cloth to dry it. Be sure to remove any water or soap residue to avoid water spots.

Apply a protective spray

If you want to add an extra layer of protection to your picture, you can use a protective spray with UV filter. This will help protect the picture of damage caused by the sun and other environmental factors. Remember that carbon fiber is a material that degrades over time and the better you protect it longer the useful life of your bicycle.

How often should I clean the picture of my carbon bike?

[Captation id = "Attachment_6863" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]Bicycle washing Photo: Depositphotos[/caption] This question is very recurrent and is one of the main doubts of cyclists who first buy a carbon bicycle. The answer is simple: If you want your bicycle to be well careful after each route. In the event that you go out every day with her you can clean it on alternate days or every 3-4 exits, provided you do not end with the bicycle full of mud. If, for example, you go by bicycle on weekends we recommend you always clean it at the end of the route, even if you do not see excessive signs of dirt in the painting. Keep in mind that regular cleaning and maintenance are essential to keep your carbon fiber bicycle in good condition. Make cleaning after each route a habit and you will be sure to enjoy many years of great performance and optimal performance. You can take a look at our post of Tips for correctly washing your bicycle.


Maintaining the carbon picture of your bicycle clean is not a matter of aesthetics, but of performance. You will avoid premature wear of the material and prolong your useful life. In addition, a clean bicycle is an extra dose of motivation to go out with it, since it is like having a new bicycle every time you plan a route.
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