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How to prepare to go by bicycle in winter

How to prepare to go by bicycle in winter

Winter is the worst time of the year for those who practice cycling. The cold, the wind, the rain and the darkness of the shortest days become an enemy that invites us to stay at home instead of going to continue enjoying the bicycle. However, continuing to practice cycling in winter is essential to prepare the following season and requires extra perseverance and effort.

Survive the month of November

Jorge de Bikineros Every cyclist identifies November as the month of the break. You have to stop, because otherwise we can Burn us. Mentally, cycling is a very hard sport. There are many hours we spend on the bicycle. Because of this making a stop in November is highly recommended. [IRP posts = "2883" name = "Learn to fight the 'burned cyclist syndrome'"] When I talk about stopping, I do not mean forgetting the bicycle, but to lower the number of cycling sessions in favor of other activities. The famous Zugasti stairs, a little gym, other sports that provide us with a plus in leisure such as surfing, tennis, running ... whatever it is to relax the mind without forgetting what sports is our way of life. In my case I turn on swimming and fitness, as well as a bit of surfing. Thus I get to stay in shape and rest from so much bike. I do about 500 hours a year with more than 10,000 kilometers. And that, want or not, punishes the mind.

From December to February: pedal with cold and rain

Cyclist Once the break has passed, the moment of the base comes. You have to do kilometers. And more. Pulsations around 120 on average and many hours. In my case I made between 10 and 15 hours a week last season, seeking to delay the heart and get a better cardiopulmonary rhythm. These are things that put us in the head Chema Arguedas And they have set. [IRP Posts = "1455" Name = "Exercises for Triathlon Force Training"] At this point we have to talk about the cold, the great differentiating point that makes cycling in winter less appealing. It is unquestionable. The cold does not affect us all equally. In Spain, depending on whether you live in the north, in the south or in the Levante area the weather conditions during these months differ sufficient. It is not the same to go out to make a route in the month of January in the inner area of ​​Guadalajara than on the coast of Cádiz. I live and train in Asturias, so I will refer to the climate we suffer in winter in northern Spain.

What clothes to buy to make cycling in winter

Edu and Jorge, from Bikineros It is time to forget the short culotte, summer mailts and short gloves. It is time to fight against cold, wind and water. Therefore it is highly recommended to invest in quality clothes. This is my equipment for the winter months on the bike:
  • Btwin summer sleeve t -shirt.
  • Santic long -winter -sleeved thermal inner t -shirt.
  • Nalini long -sleeved thermal jersey, combined with the bikineros vest.
  • Mobel Sport Window Thermal Jacket.
  • Long winter culotte (something more chubby than summer) Mobel Sport.
  • Culotte Pirate Nalini.
  • Rifyl winter socks.
  • Waterproof Sealskinz socks.
  • GORE BIKE WEAR GORE Waterproof.
  • Fine gloves nesta.
  • Nalini raincoat.
  • Elastic head tape Sportful.
  • Fine Fine Waterproof shoes from Poc.
Combining this material correctly, I can not expose too much to the cold and fight the luvia without suffering too much. While it is true that rain is a factor that can make us abort the route, in my area it usually appears suddenly, by magic, and therefore it is very important that the clothes we wear is at least something resistant to water. [IRP Posts = "3867" name = "How to dress to go by bicycle in winter"]

Gloves and socks, your best ally

socks Of all the material I use, the key is possibly in gloves and socks. For a minimum investment of about 25 euros in each complement, huge comfort is achieved on winter routes. With cold or wet feet the component "enjoyment" We are going for the sink. [IRP posts = "2770" name = "five things you should know about cycling socks"] The jacket is another strong point when investing in equipment. There are already many options, because depending on the rains and temperature of our area, we can reduce the investment. For example, for temperatures between 8 and 15 degrees, both the brands cited above and some more Premium As Gore Bike Wear, Castelli or Sportful, they have models that bought at the right time can come out for less than 100 euros.

Winter sneakers

MTB shoes There are those who spend a lot of money on having specific cycling shoes for winter. And the truth is that in my view, speaking of road cycling, it is not worth it. With some covers waterproof shoes (although it does not rain on the route, the road is often wet) and great quality socks we have the problem solved. > Cycling Shoes offers If you practice Mountain Bike The situation is different. In mountain cycling, the covers are usually destroyed. And we talk about an investment of about 25 to 50 euros. Therefore it can be more interesting to directly buy specific winter shoes.

Train with roller

Bicycle roller The roller is part of the cyclist, although some call it The torture foal. We all have a roller to train in those days of wind and rain. If we take it with philosophy, it should not be a punishment to use it. A couple of sessions per week, of just over an hour, would not have to assume a great effort, especially in our times, with a multitude of virtual platforms with which we can compete against friends: Bkool, Zwift, etc. We can even see a series, a movie or read while we train at home with the roller! > Bicycle roller offers In March 2016 they operated on a knee and recommended static bike to recover mobility and strength. Well, I signed up for a gym and I saw the HBO series the soprano (yes, on the mobile). To force myself to make static bicycle I promised that the series could only see it while pedaling, that the recovery of the knee did not mean a great effort because the series had me totally hooked. Great series, by the way. Highly recommended. [IRP Posts = "582" name = "Virtual reality reaches cycling to make Indoor training"] more fun

Conclusions about continuing to practice cycling in winter

Winter is hard. And here in northern Spain too long. But if we disconnect the brain in November practicing other sports, we get the necessary equipment and organize to make a base in conditions (adding fitness), the winter will help us to reach the beginning of the following season. And we will enjoy the bicycle more than the previous year, which in the end is what it is.
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