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How to know the right height to place the armchair of my bicycle

How to know the right height to place the armchair of my bicycle

Measure the armchair height correctly is one of the essential settings when riding a new bicycle. It depends on him that you can pedal comfortably, get maximum performance and avoid muscle overloads and injuries. The armchair is one of the three contact points between bicycle and cyclist, along with the handlebars and pedals. That is why a perfect adjustment of its height is a priority that prevents knee, cervical or back injuries. We anticipate that obtaining the perfect measure is complicated and only a biomechanics specialist, through a detailed study, can find it. However, and approximately but also valid, you can correctly measure the height of your bike's armchair through these simple steps. [IRP posts = "87" name = "How to choose the correct bicycle size"]

1. Find out your crop height

Measuring tape The height of the armchair will be determined by the height of the crotch. To do this, you will first have to measure yours supported by standing and barefoot on a wall, keeping you straight, with the heels attached to the wall. Then, place a book until you stop at the top of the crotch or, if you want to win in precision, use a long level, as you can see in this video Velodrom cycling. Then, with another person's help, it measures the distance in centimeters with a tape of centimeters from the highest part of the book or level to the ground. This distance will be the measure of your crotch.

2. Apply the formula to calculate the height of the armchair

Most biomechanical studies, such as the famous The foundations of the bicycle From the famous physical trainer Christian Vaast, they agree that the height of the correct armchair should be 88% of the length of the crotch. The remaining 12% is, therefore, the margin to get ideal knee flexion. In this way, to obtain your armchair height you must multiply the length of your crop by 0.88.
Armchair height = crop height x 0.88

3. Measure and adjust the armchair correctly

cyclist regulating the height of the ebike washing (1) Once we get the height, it is time to measure it on the bicycle and make the necessary adjustment. The height of the armchair is measured from the center of the pedalier axis to half of the armchair of the armchair, approximately. You can use a measuring tape to measure it precisely. Once you have done it, release the shell clamp and go up or lower the armchair until it matches the measure. Be sure to keep the straight armchair, perpendicular to the handlebar line, before pressing the clamp again. Finally, get on the bike and pedal a few meters to check that you do it comfortably, keeping your hips and correctly performing the pedaling.

4. Point your measure to remember it

Once the adjustment is made, do not forget to point the measure to always have it. There are many situations in which we will have to consult it again, whether you change your bicycle, if you borrow another to perform an output or if you are going to disassemble the saddle to transport it comfortably inside a vehicle.

Other ways to measure the height of the armchair

ROAD TIJE AND SILLING We have already clarified that the most precise way to find the appropriate armchair is to carry out a biomechanical study in a specialized center. In it, a physiotherapist will analyze, through a set of sensors connected to a software, data on your pedaling, the position of the coves, how you feel in the armchair or the length of your legs. With all this data, you will prepare a report for shortly after making the necessary settings in the armchair, pedals and handlebars, in order to improve your posture on the bike, prevent injuries and optimize your performance. The price of these studies usually ranges between 100 euros and 150 euros. [IRP Posts = "3421" Name = "Is it worth investing money in buying a telescopic washing?"] Apart from all this, there are faster but less reliable homemade tricks to approach the right armchair. The best known of all of them is to get on the bike in standing, lower the connecting rod to its maximum and rely on the pedal with the heel. The leg must be completely straight without flexion, in order to find the proper measure.

Consequences of carrying the armchair very high or very low

Cyclist on the road It is important that you try and get sensations before making any adjustment. You will notice that you wear the armchair very high when pedaling notes that sway your hips to give the complete pedal, a movement that, if continued over time, could generate strong pains in the lower back and buttocks. With a well adjusted armchair in height, this balancing should not occur and the hips must be maintained virtually motionless and straight. On the other hand, shooting wearing a lower than normal armchair will force the knee joint, which is crucial when pedaling, causing overloads and injuries that could be serious and durable. With a well -adjusted armchair, the knee is forces the fair, making the full leg when pedaling, flexing it slightly. You can see the correct position you must have sitting on the armchair in this practical tutorial in This Global Cycling Network video. [IRP Posts = "4137" Name = "What advantages do antipostatic armchairs contribute?"]


Measure the armchair height correctly is a previous bicycle adjustment very simple and almost mandatory, especially if you are going to get a new bike for the first time. It depends on him to pedal up comfortably, optimize your performance and speed and prevents, at the same time, the appearance of muscle discomfort and injury. If you are interested in other modifications that you can make to your bicycle to adapt your body, do not miss our guide on How to adjust your bicycle measures.
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